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I am a very experienced day time trader of over something like 20 years. With all the coming associated with HFT along with other changes, it has been necessary in order to adapt my methodology. Scanning for stocks in perform and trading unknown stocks is an approach I have resisted for my entire career but I consider I have to go there now. I will not do it without the solid method/plan and the hard set of rules. I am not too proud in order to look at a " beginner" book to physique out how to do this. This book is exceptional. It gave me what I needed and am will build about the information using exactly what I already know. Typically the author is an engineer and being of any methodical/mechanical way of thinking myself, I was happy together with the way he set it all out. There is also good details on other subjects with regard to real beginners including the importance of risk management, emotional handle which are important.

I may recommend this book to people who ask me how to begin day trading., This particular was my first read on Day Trading. Five books later (author's: Benjamin Graham, William O'Neil, Warren Vaisselier, Toni Turner, Michelle Cagan), I returned to read it (Aziz's book) again... I, of course, intend on reading many more, but Aziz's book will hold a spot they offer as a everlasting reference for years to come. Not only, because it's a very effective read, but also as a result of author's candor, and willingness to invest time in helping fellow traders. Typically the later as an invaluable feature of this particular writer...

Initially (similar about what We read in one associated with the few negative reviews on this book), We wasn't sure in the event the book was designed to help being a stand-alone text, or perhaps whether it's sole purpose has been to facilitate a entrance for more income avenues (for Aziz) in the future. Inside other words -- the particular information seemed useful, but I wasn't sure OF the author's genuine motives (to write a great book, versus suck people in for long-term profits). Why such feelings a person ask??? Aziz offers his readers a few tips family member to " tools associated with the trade, " and given this was my first experience with this particular sort of text -- I was caught off guard by some associated with what felt like self-promotion through within...

But then We read the other books (author's mentioned above) and EVERY one of these (also) included some sort of odd-feeling, hard to decipher, " tool(s)" of self-promotion. Benjamin Graham's book looks in order to prefer certain brokers (and funds) over others, but nothing near as poor as William O'Neil's book. Yup, as " good" as CANSLIM has (apparently) tested itself over the particular years, IBD not only sucked me in -- nevertheless they continue to annoy the heck out associated with me -- LIKE A PAID SUBSCRIBER -- by constantly inundating me with advertisements... So much so, that I'm considering cancelling my subscription. Even Toni Turner's book, which in all honesty -- was most likely one of my personal favorite books to ever read (she is a very great writer) -- had the fair share of " go visit my website with regard to additional tools of the particular trade... " type advice... Her " tools, " by the way, are usually actually pretty useful...

My point though, is this particular: Though these authors (obviously) have something to get by increasing their follower-ship, they are also simultaneously promoting invaluable resources for ANY " trader" genuinely thinking about succeeding in this business. Aziz, in particular, recommends his chat-room, DAS Trader, and a couple of share screeners (depending on your specific needs). He has also put together a few " lessons, " in which he walks you through a number of the intricacies of the trading platform, and the methodology in his book (I'm in the series now).. Indeed, you read that correct -- The actual writer from the book will stay down along with you and help clear anything up family member to what you read from his text (and beyond). He has previously responded, in a timely manner, to EVERY SINGLE email I've sent, and his responses always offer you nuggets of value. Anyhow.... I've read Aziz's book twice now, and We can tell you -- without a doubt -- that his advice will be solid. I've come in order to recognize that what at first seemed like a revenue pitch (via the text messaging of all authors mentioned), actually proves to end up being very solid advice. Consider it, delete word, the person (Aziz) can be doing his readers a disservice when he didn't recommend (and/or offer) tools for accomplishment...

My experiences so far:

Chat Room: When I very first stumbled into his chatroom, I was caught off guard. I think I was expecting some sort associated with forum-based venue, where newbie's like me could surf subjects of interest, ask redundant questions, and obtain " platinum" membership status for posting 1 billion times... I literally checked out in one day, strung around for a couple of hours, then examined...... and I never believed I'd go back... Then I read the books referenced above, realized that trader chat rooms not necessarily synonymous with forums associated with your chosen hobby, and found myself back in the particular exact same room I gave zero thought to the few weeks prior. And that said -- I think about I'll probably be the member from the chat area for a very lengthy time in the future... If with regard to no other reason, a person get to watch Aziz actually work every morning, inquire abuout along the way, and even view his P&L statements for the particular day. It's like shadowing a Doctor, then discovering the amount on his paystub at the conclusion of the week! In addition to when he (Aziz) manages to lose money on the day time, it speaks volumes toward: 1) Everybody is capable of declining, and even a professional trader has risk/reward considerations, and 2) he's not pretending to have a " secret sauce" that may guarantee vast amounts of dollars over night! He's a normal guy, just like you and me, who else has CHOSEN to set the effort and time into trading successfully; and based about what I'm seeing daily -- he is effective..

The simulator: The sim he recommends is on the system called DAS, and regardless of how much research you do, you'll usually come back to DASJENIGE being the 'go-to' strategy to day-traders worldwide. I have actually signed up together with a simulator account together with DAS, and I cannot thank Aziz enough for the recommendation. To be sincere, I never imagined I'd put forth any sort of tangible effort into a sim (it was " under me" ), but now that I have the experience -- I'm soooooooo happy that I humbled myself, and took his advice! There's no doubt to my way of thinking, that had I merely gone into this cool turkey, I'd be the few thousand dollars (okay... maybe a much more! ) in the red previously. Not, because I aren't identify proper set-ups (though that takes experience too), but just getting used to the way points work (trading platforms, different brokers, etc. ) are usually lessons in themselves... In addition to believe me --- " mastering" the technical part of trading may seem to be elementary while perusing different texts on the subject, but when you're really sitting at a office, looking at stocks with regard to hours on conclusion -- suddenly the truth that trading isn't very so cut and dry out comes to light. With regard to example: you could be the prodigy when it comes to recognizing set-ups, but where/how are you heading to find relevant, and trade-able stocks for the particular day??? Maybe reading Aziz's book, and doing thus humbly (unlike my very first read) would be the good start...? I digress...

Last, but not least -- the book: Again, I've read multiple different texts on the subject now, and without question -- Aziz's book is right to the point, easy to read, and most significantly -- EFFECTIVE in supporting the reader determine what kind of FOUNDATION will end up being required to succeed as the day-trader. Of course there will be a lot more to discuss than what he brings up in the slightly over 100 page book, but the particular brevity of the text in no way undermines the content from the messages. That said, I've supplemented my education with the number of other options, and guess what?? Each of them, in essence, say the similar thing, lol... One associated with them, however (Aziz) is shorter, to the level, and EASY to read... Okay, okay.... there are, actually subtle differences, and associated with course -- with a lot more pages comes more fresh fruit -- but Aziz says what needs to end up being said, and provides his readers using a legitimate foundation to build upon. We would also argue that Aziz cuts a lot of unnecessary fluff, and focuses on providing advice that actually works; rather than just including pages associated with theory in an attempt to convince us associated with his acumen. He gives step-by-step templates how to get stocks, how to industry stocks, what to appearance for, etc... And, again -- he does the congrats at leaving the particular clutter out, so a person can concentrate on the basics...

We wouldn't recommend taking this particular book, memorizing it, and not reading another again...., but I would HIGHLY recommend it to any trader looking to dip his feet in the world associated with day-trading. I came directly into this with a major ego, lots of prior schooling, and a feeling associated with invincibility. I'm now thankful that Aziz made it a point to help guys like me look at the " big picture" ---- while holding our hand(s) along the journey ---- before my accounts had been wiped away as an open bag of leaves about a gusty day!

Bring it from a guy who else isn't a major fan associated with online reviews: Aziz becomes 5 stars... read the particular book... you'll certainly be glad a person did..., I am exploring the particular idea of day trading and believe this book helps prepare, or prevent one from doing thus. I do trade. We recognize trends. I could read charts and view the markets daily. Of which does not make myself a day trader and Andrew instills that fact. Drop the emotion and treat it as a occupation. This book is putting myself in the right direction for strategy and planning. What tools are usually necessary to succeed in the enterprise. Some good tips about where you can get more training just before entering the lions den. Overall an easy read and it reinforced many of the ideas I already had, but it's always nice to obtain a confirmation before serving upward some cash to the particular vultures on wall street., I actually own two copies of this book. One virtual version about my Kindle HD and the paperback version. We have read this book twice and am constantly referencing it. This book covers the basics of day time trading stocks. Mcdougal will be an experience day trader who geniunely wants in order to help people learn in order to trade and make money. He has built the community of traders that share tools and help the other person out with day time trading. The best portion of this book will be the fact that this individual does not attempt to w. s. you. He or she is sincere about how difficult day trading will be and tells you it is not a get rich quick scheme. I would purchase this book if you are usually thinking about day trading., I purchased this book being a newby in order to day trading. After reading through the book I has been pleased of how easy the concepts were described, and how tangible the particular information was. It has been some theory but after that it provided practical details on what you needed, what you should anticipate, and recommendations. For anyone starting out, this will be a good destination to commence. I have since joined up with the community of traders and Andrew is the particular real deal and methods what he preaches., Andrew's book is a great! It is a great source associated with valuable information about how in order to get started day trading. I am new to community of traders, and We studied only Fundamental Research and long lasting purchasing college. I have never been introduced to actual technical areas of trading, market movement, and why the costs move up or down. This book breaks the most crucial aspects and indicators associated with trading down, so a person with methodical approach can understand, particularly if you try in order to be part of the talk room, and be serious about it. Day trading is a serious business, just the way Andrew describes it, and find out if it is for you or not really, there is no better destination to start than in order to buy this book!, This particular was my first day time trading book so We appreciate what I understand to be an honest disclosure of the pitfalls from the profession. The technical phrases and strategies are all new to me and may require further research. We will refer to it again as I carry on my education., Well written with lots of functional illustrations and examples. Set up too. Would recommend to a trader that has some understanding some basic trading knowledge but still excellent with regard to all levels. Among the best books I've read on trading.

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