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I am so happy with this New Adult series from Sara Ney - pleased to my fellow reviewers for pimping book 3 and enticing me to pick up the series. With this second book of the series, a standalone with new main character types, we have another d-bag leading man and is so very unlike the hero of book one. He's upset, hurting, frustrated, and just plain not nice. Whenever he meets his exact opposite in, where more?, the library, he's fulfilled his match. The heroine is open, extremely kind, and compassionate. Because of that compassion she finds their self a kindred spirit in the big, surly sportsman that steals her attention and her breath.

Sara Ney's writing is packed with wit and quickly sucks you into college-aged world. This story had a different feel than the first book and the change of pace was nice. It's more broody and dangerous where book one was more whining and lightness. This creator writes in such a way seems like the characters are including you in their story. The girl connections between characters are quick and seamless making you feel it palpably. I still find some follow through things not quite adding up in certain scenarios within the work but overall I greatly enjoyed this story. Fairly sweet and charming romance twisted up in resentment and angst. The author's penchant for nice guys with a d-bag exterior is at expert level. The lady knows how to earn readers hearts. If you love new adult you'll love this., After reading How To Date A new Douchebag: The Studying Hrs, I was not certain how Sara Ney would be able to receive Zeke Daniels or make him at least a lttle bit likable. This guy was a pure jerk. His / her roommates ( who are equally just as bad in their own way ) even thought this individual was an A-hole. He is arrogant, confrontational, selfish, and closed off. He does not discriminate, he treats everyone he touches the same. Unlike his roommate Ounce, he does not have a charming bone in his body. He doesn’t claim to become a women man, he is the exact opposite. He is aware his popularity with women is really because he’s an sportsman. He doesn’t try to charm their pants off nor does he try to make them feel good. Jock groupies are just easy lays in that instant.

Zeke is struggling with school. This individual needs a tutor to help write his Biology paper. His position on the wrestling team is also on the range and it isn’t really because of poor grades. His bad attitude is taking it is toll on the team. The coach has set down the law. He's to become a Large Brother mentor or lose his place on they. It’s time to man up and get with the program. Zeke is not a happy camper. This individual hates the idea of kids.

Violet was designated to be Zeke’s tutor but bailed when the lady saw him in the library. He intimidated the woman. Now she’s forced to own up to ditching him and do the woman job. As she will get to know him, the lady commences to see there are many layers to Zeke Daniels.

Violet and Zeke’s paths cross outside of the library. She babysits a new girl while her parents attend class. They the two are spending time with children in need. The distinction is the way they approach their care. Zeke quickly realizes he needs Violet’s help in the childcare department.

As Zeke’s layers start to peel away, the readers start to see a different side to Zeke. He’s a closet nerd who loves building model planes and reading history books. He is also very observant more and secretly helps the only method he knows how. He's a penchant for betting as well. He takes on bets he cannot earn. His prickly nature is his armor to protect himself from disappointment. This individual has abandonment issues that stem from his childhood.

Violet and Zeke have more in common than they both thought. Because both of their layers start to peel away, they start to find a true friendship. They may even find love. Zeke’s a work in progress but is worth the effort. Violet is the only one brave enough to peel those levels away.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Zeke transform into the person both Violet and Coach saw concealing below the surface. He is not perfect and still a lttle bit too blunt, but he is a good guy in the end. He’s a work in progress and it is excelling.

I am thoroughly enjoying the How To Day A Douchebag series by Sara Ney. The witty dialogue, snarky attitudes, and creative pickup lines before each chapter are a bonus that produces this series stand out., To be a total douche or not to be a total douche, that is the hottest question. I mean at first glimpse Ezekiel Daniels is HOT, muscular and totally wistful... And hen he talks. He's like that enigma or the total verbal train wreck you can't seem to look way from or shield your ears from. Because you seriously can't believe the crap coming out of his mouth. Que the vision roll. I mean seriously, who buys into that? Well there is one little lady that has ambitions of one Ezekiel, or Zeke, Daniels having some redeeming qualities and she's set on finding them.

Sweet, shy Violet would give anything to be observed for more than her white brunette hair or stutter. The lady is almost finished with university and knows exactly where her lonely heart needs to go. Simply one problem... While babysitting she runs into the one man she day ambitions about and he is not all peaches and cream like she believes. This individual gruff and absolutely self centered, something she's not used to. Can he see the woman inner beauty and discover her sweetness? Can the lady see past his douchebaggery and understand the real front he's putting on? These two will be the minimum likely to succeed with each other and the most rooted for. Love conquers all, but is it enough to bitch slap some sense into a self absorbed ass?

I loved this guide for its laughter and realism. I suggest who can't be behind the damsel and the douche? I was rooting for Zeke to draw his go out of his arse right away. Even tho is front was completely gruff, I desired Violet to be able to melt him into the goo he so fondly made fun of! Cute, endearing, funny and sarcastically excellent, this book had it all. I was a fan of all the words Sara gave me and couldn't read fast enough. Great story and completely recommend! 4. 5 stars-FMR Book Grind

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