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Very detailed papers about various topics related to mess physics; some of them describe connections with the metaphysical and paranormal phenomena from a scientific standpoint and a lot include descriptions of associations with consciousness. There's the lot of mind-blowing products in these papers time and how quantum physics necessarily means there can be future events influencing the present and the past and the observer's role with time perspectives, and so on. I certainly did not necessarily understand everything but I did read it just about all and several of the scientific explanations are intriguing. Right now there are conflicting theories and many present redundant opinions; one very lengthy document was admittedly quite circuitous and the author kept repeating himself, which can have been edited down to a much reduced version. This book is a collection by numerous authors, who all current numerous references. We would not necessarily classify this as light reading and many visitors may not enjoy this specific sort of book. This was obviously written for other than the layperson so be prepared to be able to not understand a lot of this specific if you are not necessarily a not a classical physicist but I don't think you have to realize all the physics completely within order to take pleasure in the implications of many of the theories. Maybe some of this actually narrows the span between individual and the cosmos, between metaphysical and the scientific, between material and the spiritual. Maybe, if even a few of this is correct, we may possibly, in fact, be linked to everything else, to be able to something bigger than ourselves, and maybe there is anywhere to be found the elusive theory of every thing that Einstein while others possess quested for for therefore long., Offers clear succinct overview and more unknown essays as well. This is thus far probably the most comprehensible book I possess yet found on the subject with clear lines drawn between the scientific area, the theoretical as well as the metaphysical that are usually smashed together in the mess., Chopra is to be able to be applauded for bringing together a diverse group of thinkers and scientists to be able to tackle the main topic of consciousness as the ground for that beginning of the universe. Regrettably the arguments both for and against that idea are actually getting worn. Just what the proponents of mind as the ground of all being tend to be able to do is pick and choose the elements and findings of quantum physics that correlate with their views about the location of consciousness inside the galaxy. The opponents likewise pick and choose the arguments of those physicists that militate against consciousness being something besides an epiphenomenon of brain function. In this specific 31 chapter book there are also plenty of chapters that do a few toe-dipping into either science or logic, but are usually not really serious chapters at all, and lengthy expositions of the authors' opinions that don't surge much over a level of thoughtful drivel. Probably the most disappointing shortcomings were that: 1) there was no effort to unify these varied chapters, or give the type of consensus statement or even even a summary; 2) Not one of the chapters created detailed models of the relationship between consciousness and the world that might be explained mathematically. With regard to be able to the latter it is disappointing and puzzling that Chopra (I assume as editor) did not include a section from Donald D. Hoffman., Wonderful book, Contributing to the commendable review here, " Detailed and long but interesting", I would note that the terminology in the 30 separate papers is not entirely consistent, which adds to any misunderstandings about the different views and arguments expressed. This is unfortunate that a few final chapter was not necessarily assembled by a few of the most prominent authors, including in particular Roger Penrose, to be able to integrate and summarize the principal parts of consensus., This is a really good book which explains the lot about consciousness and quantum physics. I acquired this book being a gift idea and it is fascinating. Its divided into different sections on different topics. It begins with a couple of chapters written by Deepak Chopra and his colleagues, and they give a fantastic introduction to his philosophy concerning the spooky world of quantum physics. The chapters that follow are actually good and describe exactly how consciousness, the act of observing can change fact, and how consciousness may possibly be linked to the universe; the cosmology of consciousness. The next Section will go into evolution of mind and the brain, and there are chapters about cave works of art from the Paleolithic and how the cave works of art represent the constellations and the stars of the galaxy. Roger Penrose explains exactly how the brain acts just like a quantum computer and is connected to the universe. Right now there are also really interesting chapters which explain how different areas of the brain are linked to different types of consciousness. The truly spooky stuff is exactly how time might be the circle where the long term can effect the current, through entanglement, where every thing is connected. There are numerous fascinating chapters about paranormal experiences and the connections to be able to multiple universe and seite an seite universes. The second fifty percent of the book is more difficult that the first, but its really worth the read. I think, if you want to be able to understanding consciousness, and mess physics, this might be the finest book out there., It is very misleading. Associated with the things i have read -- about 10% of the book, it is not necessarily a conversation of the Physical Universe and Consciousness., Not from all hard to understand, very interesting abd enlightening.

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