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The woman story is so inspiring! All the individuals who had written negative comments did not necessarily even browse the book and are ignorant people. Adoptive parents, I inspire a person to read it. Females struggling with fertility, I actually hope you read this. You'll feel not because alone and isolated. As a woman who actually adopted AND a experienced a child naturally, please read it. It's worth every penny., What an incredible story this is to read about. Aly Taylor swift is such an motivation and a beautiful girl of god. I could easy read book again, but instead I will be moving it on to someone else., This book is incredible and I urge AN INDIVIDUAL to read it! Besides the fact that I know the family, it's a history of hope irrespective of your current circumstances! No I haven't struggled in these exact same ways but I possess struggled as everyone really does and this is actually a existence story that shows how powerful our God will be!, This books is a must go through! Truly inspiring!, This woman is absolutely unscrupulous when it comes to procuring other women's kids.

She has admitted to coercing her daughter's first/birth mother into putting her child with her, and is currently attempting to do the same with the particular same woman's newborn -- through prayer!

I was an adoptive parent, and have experienced having a mother change her mind about putting a child with me. More often than once. This is painful. But kids belong with their biological parents whenever possible, and those children were never ever mine, nor were they will owed to me.

I would warn any hopeful adoptive parents against reading this book, as you are usually sure to receive dishonest advice., Such a center warming, inspirational book for all women., Wonderful book!! If you require a boost…a reason to hold upon to your faith…. go through this. Beautifully and considerately written, can't await her next book!!, This book begins like an inspiration, but then we get into the particular " adoption is always wonderful" tripe. It's very clear when speaking to adult adoptees that adoption will be trauma and if a person, as an adoptive mother, can't get with that after that you're failing the child you're parenting. Also, the particular attempt to force your child's natural mother into providing you another child is basically disgusting.

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