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This particular thought provoking book is a compilation of works from people who are criminal defense lawyers. Each essay writer has a different reason for why they defend people accused of crimes. No matter what they say, it seemed to myself that each was excited about them. I enjoyed reading this book., We didn't read it, but my daughter, a lawyer, really like it., This selection is a great reference for renewing inspiration for those already involved with this work, introducing anyone to the world of defending people accused of crimes, or seeking to convert the suspicious.

The essays range from personal storytelling to philosophical argument. The editors maintained to gather several subject matter within the broader field of criminal defense: defending children in juvenile court, defending grown ups accused of lesser offenses (the small thefts and possession charges that flood the courts), defending grown ups accused of seemingly unexplainable unforgivable acts, terrorists, sex offenders, and death penalty cases.

Each of the authors draw in one way or another about the same basic sources of motivation, but you may be wondering what is most impressive about the amount is that almost all of the authors find a way to move past the more common responses to the book's question and quickly get into more nuanced and interesting explanations of their work. The authors have used this book as an opportunity to put down on paper and preserve in one place lifetimes of thought, not only on the court system but on the state of American culture as seen through the eyes and tragedies of its most desperate, vulnerable, and misunderstood people.

I am a general public defender and reading this book over the past few weeks after coming home from a hostile environment at the courthouse has been a great prompt of why the job is worthwhile even when it feels like there is no way to earn the day to day battle: part of the job is to carry witness to the regular injustices of the legal system, remember them, discuss them with whoever will listen, and the ones who won't listen - until we outnumber them. The editors and writers of this volume have done just that., In case anyone is thinking of going to law college, then this book is a must-read beforehand. If you are sitting on the fence, this book will help you get off the fence. If you are committed to becoming a lawyer to be of service,, this book will motivate you even more than you already are!

if you are not a lawyer and never even considering being one, this book will help you understand what makes some legal professionals beat.

Strongly suggested!, I am a law student interested in studying white collar criminal law. The perspectives in this book were fascinating, and I definitely recommend it to anybody interested in exercising criminal law. Also, We heartily recommend this publication to non-lawyers as well - usually, nobody requests defense attorneys for their side of the story. Before you bash these lawyers, you should read what they have to say. An individual might just convince you., This particular collection of essays is written by some of the best criminal protection legal professionals representing the poor and accused. The writings provide keen insight and understanding of their shared passion. More important, someone learns or is told of the value of human life, freedom from imprisonment, and the great importance of constitutional legal rights. You will also learn about the egregiously broken "justice" system. Now viewers will know the legacy of John Adams, who defended the British in Colonial America, and Clarence Darrow remains strong and has standard-bearers. Buy it now. Every lawyer and student who wants to do more than shuffle papers and help the rich get more will be aware of they're right., Because a law student, it was a unique read and great reading for down time. It shows a different perspective of the criminal justice system We haven't heard about., This is straightforward to see one side of the coin, but this book helps present the other side of the coin. It shows why public defenders are necessary to the felony justice system.

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