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Fantastic read!, Excellent read. Very good insight about how to be motivated to exercise. Very real and down to earth. Pumped up about reading more of his books!, A great amazing book!! i cherished it and recommend it!!, Great!, I'm very happy with my purchase, Very easy read and a lot of good information, This is the 3rd book I have read by Matn Meadows. His style appears to be logically showing off your options, setting the parameters, and then guiding one to make decisions. I like the concise format and the end-of-chapter reviews for when I want a refresher.

Matn has a couple of underlying beliefs when it comes to exercise that I noticed. He or she states while a ‘7-minute workout’ (or something similar) is great if that is at all times you have, it isn’t sufficient by itself. He feels highly we should exercise for at least 25 minutes a day or make up for the time doing a longer stretch of exercise on the weekend. He or she also states if you don’t take pleasure in the exercise you are doing, find something different to do; if you don’t look forward to it, you aren’t doing it right. Find a way to make it fun.

He or she gives a several illustrations of certain exercises that work in different situations ~ at different times of the day, in different seasons, exercises that work when you only have a quick bit of time, exercises to do with friends, etc. He also feels in simply being lively for fun and has nine recommendations for playful ‘non-exercise activity. ’ The book discusses not simply start a habit of exercise, but additionally addresses some of the issues you will come across once you are doing start exercising regularly and ideas for how to policy for these common pitfalls.

A few sections of the guide would not appeal to myself. For example, the very first section is about finding the motivation to exercise regularly and yet I didn’t feel motivated to exercise after reading the section. (The beginning of the second chapter was much more motivating for myself. ) Instead of explaining the several types of motivation, I would have preferred helpful information for help me determine out what motives ME PERSONALLY. I also didn’t get much out of the section about how to prevent or decrease soreness from exercise. Possibly that information will be more useful later one, once I find an exercise I do intensely enough to get sore.

The largest failing for me with this book is it doesn’t address a defieicency of exercise within a family. We are homeschooling three of my children and so have children with myself all day, every day. Exercising with children takes a different game plan than exercising alone, so I was wishing for some of Martin’s clear thinking on the issue to give me ideas for how to address that.

General, this is a good little book that provides many insights, reasons and helpful recommendations for a daily exercise habit. I do believe Martin should create his next book on getting sufficient sleep., Author matn Meadows has crafted an excellent, logical and easy-to-follow guide in order to get over procrastination and have better workouts and we can get into great shape. I like the structure of the book and how it starts of with beating your lack of motivation and procrastination. I like the explanation between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and how each has an impact about how we approach exercise. As always with Martin Meadows’ books this book is we’ll-resasertched and saved with solid case studies that proves the author has authority to write about what he instructs.

Oe of my biggest difficulties un earlier times ten years has recently been both motivation and finding the time to exercise. Martin covers all of that here and in chapter two offers up good strategies ad tips for carving your time for getting to the gym or crating a gym at home. By making health a priority we can discipline ourself to enjoy exercise and drive that motivation to do something about it.

Chapter 3, stay motivated to exercise, offers great tips such as:

- Don’t think in conditions of “all or nothing” on your very lazy days.
- Keep records of your workouts.
- Begin a chain in your calendar and cross off days with a huge red X
- Choose your goals Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound

Chapter 4 tackles a huge problem for me, especially after tears of training when I hit a plateau and didn’t enjoy exercise anymore. I went from a few exercises per week to doing some pushups to nothing. This particular chapter gives awesome recommendations such as get into a structured fitness school and the nine ways to move your body that are not related to picking up weight load or doing heavy sporting activities.

Among the worst things can happen while training is getting injured. In section 5 it gives all of us great techniques for keeping away from this: stretching before a workout, post-workout foam moving and even what you eat can prevent getting hurt.

The book gloves up nicely with an overview of what was covered and getting into the workout habit, self-efficacy, and building a positive atmosphere for training. This guide has some great motivational tactics and offers the ways we can get into exercise without feeling totally overwhelmed.
Another solid read from Martin Meadows that I highly recommend!

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