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I would love to have had a course similar to this in my 20's - level-headed, enjoyable, detailed without being excessively academic or polemical - a great handbook for may one wondering what it's like to be gay -, Admittedly, there is lots of repetition in this very thick guide. But if you can overlook that (or simply fast forward every now and then) you will be rewarded with many thought provoking observations. Regarding me, personally, a direct result of reading this guide was to embrace to 'camp' and 'gay' aspect of my personality more, instead of trying to look/appear 'normal' and 'fit in' with the rest of society. Because, as Halperine describes, just wanting to be 'normal' throws away the unique gift that has to many gay people. His account of a lesbian activist who would like to get married to her girlfriend, only so she can dress upward for the wedding like everyone else and enjoy the normal joys of run-of-the-mill-heteros, was truly shocking. (Is that what the LGBT community is fighting for: boring normality? ) You certainly come out of reading this book needing to watch your old Joan Crwaford movies again! Instead of being ashamed of liking such films, Broadway musicals etc ., one should celebrate the fact that various things speak to homosexual men, or men with a gay sensitity (which heteors can also have). Hughly enjoyable, on the whole., Since this counselor knows of my work with gay males - he thought this guide would be helpful. I have not finished it as of yet because it is long and says a bit like a textual content. Of what I have read so far - I agree with Halperin - you can see some of these issues manifesting in the gay community. We would admit most every gay man needs to read this book to get in touch with his inner gay man - Halperin believes homosexual men are losing their identities because they have worked so hard to be " normal" and straight - except for the sex issue. We believe there is a lot of truth to what he claims and am anxious in order to complete the book., Really an excellent view on how it is to grow up in a ?r normative environment regardless of how that environment view homosexuality. Also how we gays re-interpret straight representations. Nevertheless, too much focus on 2 movies., Halperin's book is a tour de push. He's making an important contribution to new ways of thinking about what it means to be homosexual in America. With this guide, Halperin works from the premise that there is a recognizable gay man culture (e. g., Broadway, drag, camp, love of certain female icons, new restoration) that was created initially to provide a way of self-expression when no explicit representations, at least no stigmatizing ones, were available. Although the details change over time, and post-Stonewall freedom has afforded a bevvy of positive gay man cultural objects, Halperin argues this practice of appropriating straight cultural objects still continues. His question is: issue practice continues, then why? What might it say about the experience of being gay in a society that is still culturally straight (i. e., heteronormative), no matter what personal or legislative inroads have been made? He also wants to know how we can describe and account for the way it feels to be homosexual without resorting to mindset or essentialist ideas (i. e., that we are "born this way. "). Halperin isn't considering whether or not people are given birth to this way, or the way they get gay, but the way they engage with gay culture (which may be to not engage it) and why. Some gays usually are very gay, to say it differently.

Halperin is clear that the homosexual culture he describes in this book is American, white gay male culture. Beyond the scope of this book, he promotes others to get this job, if they are so inclined, and utilize it for other aspects of homosexual culture (e. g., while he uses a picture from _Mildred Pierce_, and discusses the cult of Joan Crawford, he appreciates that examining the interest gay men have of Bette Davis may produce different insights) and with other gay populations (e. g., gay men of color, non-American gays, lesbians, trans people). He is not making totalizing statements about gay experience--or positing that gay men have some kind of innately superior experience or presence. In fact , he notes that many gay men, or men who are attracted to other men, don't "do" gay as well as some straight men and women. Gay, in the way Halperin discusses it, is a cultural practice, not a sex-object choice, therefore anybody can do or not do homosexual, regardless of their libido.

Halperin asserts that, if it's true that being homosexual in a straight dominated world produces a certain kind of subjectivity, then gay people do by themselves a disservice by question and underplaying that distinction. Gay culture makes a contribution--understanding the world differently, gay-ly (whether one is homosexual or heterosexual), provides a way of undoing limiting and harmful rules that will remain in place (and are still in place) no matter how many equality gains are made on a political or legal level. Understanding gay subjectivity through cultural appropriation may open freedoms not available through the lens of identity.

I find this work masterful and a necessary intervention in andersrum (umgangssprachlich) studies. As a homosexual man (and a homosexual nerd), I find it compelling and a delightful reply to modern homosexual identity politics. This is an inventive, rigorous item of academic work, although Halperin's language is very accessible. Readers will profit, however, from some familiarity with lesbigay or queer studies, particularly Michael Warner's _The Trouble with Normal_. We strongly recommend this to anyone who has ever felt andersrum (umgangssprachlich), or different (regardless of your sexuality), from the rest of society. Halperin's methodology doesn't have to be limited to homosexual men, but following his lead, one can think differently about the social objects one picks upward and what they might say about how precisely you feel to be queer., We don't necessarily agree with some (or even most) of Halperin's arguments, but you cannot deny actually provocative and make you think. This book will challenge your preconceived notions of homosexuality and what it means TO BE gay. A very accessible and enjoyable read.

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