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Superb book for baking. Clear, concise directions. Also, he or she not only tells you what to do, but why you are doing it. Nevertheless , he uses the Western way of measuring. Flour is measured in grms, not cups. Temperatures are in Centigrade not Farenhiet. I actually used a temperature conversion calculator on the Web to make-up a set of temperature conversions and taped the paper in the front cover. Another checklist shows the conversions of grams of butter, etc to tbsp. and a set of British nomenclature to American i. e.: Strong wholemeal bread flour = wholewheat flour. Also purchased a little inexpensive scale to weigh out the flour. The results are better than most of the Us recipes I've got. Plenty of pictures on what the last product should look like and an justification of various techniques. I actually highly recommend this book., If you haven't noticed of Paul Hollywood, it's not going to be long before you do. The 47-year old Hollywood started working as a baker in his father's bakery as a teenager. Baking and training others to bake has been his life since. I first came across him watching The Excellent British Bakeoff, but he or she has since expanded his horizons and is appearing as a judge within the American Baking Competition 2013 (CBS). I liked  Paul Hollywood's Bread   so much that I acquired a duplicate of  How to Bake   and am I ever glad that I actually did! Let me inform you about a few of the best recipes from the book.

Hollywood's interest is bread baking (he is said to bake the most expensive loaf of artisan bread in Britain, an almond and roquefort sourdough) and that comes shining through in  How to Bake , with about 2/3 of the book devoted to bread in various guises, with chapters on Basic Bread, Flavored Breads, Sourdough, and Croissants, Danish & Brioche. Hollywood spent some time living & working in Cyprus and you should see that experience reflected in many the breads featured available. I've made several of his recipes (his Ciabatta from  Paul Hollywood's Breads   is stunning and an unusual shaping technique makes it dead-easy) so I chose something somewhat different for a test recipe.


This is a simple recipe which utilizes bread flour, entire wheat bread flour and malted bread flour full of pumpkin seeds. (If you can't find malted bread flour you could use a 7 or 12 materials flour. ) The bread is divided into 10 portions, then each portion is rolled out into a stick about a foot long, brushed with water and then scattered with a generous amount of poppy seeds. The particular sticks are scrumptious with a rich, nutty flavor - excellent with parmesan cheese or maybe the Carlton Pate that I recently made from  Mary Berry's Holiday Collection .

This recipe could easily be cooked as a single loaf, created into dinner rolls instead of the sticks, or reduce into 20 portions instead of 10 for a leaner, less filling nosh. I actually cut several sticks on the bias, brushed them with a tiny few drops of good olive oil and baked them at 250 to make small toasts or crackers to serve with cheese or that pate.

Where most preparing books spend a lot of time on bread and cookies, Hollywood brings together Biscuits, Puddings & Cakes all into one chapter. Remember that in the UNITED KINGDOM biscuits are cookies and puddings can be any dessert. Look in this chapter for stunning recipe for traditional Shortbread he claims will keep 3-4 days (not in my house! ), cheesecake, muffins, clafoutis and more. I was sorely torn between a flour-less Chocolate Almond Cake covered in Chocolate Ignorant that uses ground almonds to provide a "cake" texture and a lime cake. Lemon won.


A variation on Orange Marmalade Cake, this makes a little loaf that is flavored with lemon curd, then soaked with a mixture of lemon juice, lemon zest and granulated sugar while hot from the oven. One dish, no mixer required. Beautiful with a cup of tea, the cake is moist, very light distinctive and keeps for several days. It quite reminds me of my mother's favorite lemon cake - without the cake blend.

● One note - when making this or Orange Marmalade Cake (recipe not included in this book) do not "eyeball" the quantity of marmalade or curd required. Too much will throw off the biochemistry of the cake and you'll end up with an ugly, though consumable, dip in the midsection of the loaf.

The last chapter in  How to Bake   is Tarts & Pies, which also includes Puff Paste. That is this chapter that thoroughly made the book for me. Our English cousins are much more prone to savory pies than we are here in the US plus its here that Hollywood's non-bread baking really shines. Possessing uncovered Chicken & Manga Chutney Pasties inspired by the flavors of the British Raj in  The Great British Bake Off: How to Bake: The Perfect Victoria Sponge and Other Baking Techniques , Hollywood's recipe for larger but similar Moroccan Pasties caught my attention straight off.


Shortcrust pastry colored brilliant yellow with turmeric is cut into 7" groups, then filled with raw ground lamb and a mixture of potato or sweet potato, red red onion and chopped fresh cilantro (coriander) flavored with cinnamon and spiced with a pinch of chile flakes. I used sweet spud since that was the things i happened to have handy. Hollywood's Shortcrust Pastry recipe is somewhat different than you see with this aspect of the pond. I actually make a mean pastry thanks to my Grandma - light and flaky. Hollywood's recipe is, however, not merely a really good pie dough. It is exceptional, the flakiest I've ever come across this side of puff pastry.

Grandma's [ARTICLE_BODY]. 02 - If you acquire  How to Bake   for the shortcrust pastry alone, it is well worth every penny! My duplicate came from the UNITED KINGDOM and it is in metrics. Other books by Paul Showmanship that I've purchased here at Amazon have not been "translated" so you will require a digital scale. You'll find volume measurements on the side of your pyrex measuring pitcher. Teaspoons and tablespoons are the same., This particular book is fantastic, even for an American baker. This was my very first attempt for the first recipe in the book, for Basic White Container Bread. It came out there of the oven absolutely perfect, and I claim I have never made yeast bread before. The particular quality of explanations, tips, and step by step photos in this book is amazing, by any standard., great, Easy to follow recipes. A great conjunction with my cookbook collection., Excellent instructions. Love this cookbook., This was a surprise for my hubby, who watches The English Baking Show beside me. He or she LOVES it. From the beautiful book. The recipes and instructions are really thorough, and everything my hubby made so far has been top notch. Highly recommend!, Great book and I wish I had had it years ago when I actually first commenced baking.

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