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absolutely wonderful. She researches the woman books like nobody otherwise. It was such an in depth and honest story. You seemed you were there. Each of the characters was completely drawn. Mom was so awesome and her role in her son's life. I love her publications the stories are based on a difficult and challenging subject which the lady presents with an knowledgeable and gripping life modifying question., This is a classic Jodi Picoult book in the best sense. She has a unique capacity to present a seamless novel but the one that is told from the points of views of multiple characters. Inside this book, Emma is the parent of two teenage boys, Jacob and Theo. Jacob has Asperger's Syndrome, a disorder on the autism spectrum, and the Hunts' entire life is organized around handling Jacob's disorder and getting the order and routine to his life that he needs. Of course, this has consequences for all involved. When Jacob's special skills tutor goes missing, questions are raised about Jacob's potential involvement. Emma is forced to consider that her son is capable of much more (and much worse) than the lady ever anticipated. As with all Jodi Picoult publications, this one is full of raw emotion and honest and genuine characters. Inside addition, classic issues of parenting are raised, including the impact on the "normal" child when a parent has to devote an unusual amount of time and energy to a special-needs child. For myself, the ending was obviously a little abrupt and leaves a lot to the creativity, particularly from a legal standpoint. That said, I really enjoyed the book and, as usual, it helped me think about all types of things in a new way., You will learn a great package about Asberger's Syndrome and autism if you haven't known much before reading this book. This viewer appreciates the education, enjoyed the first part of the book where there were some hilarious passages more than the tender' much more serious second half. The plot is excellent, the figures engaging and the end result... Well, I don't wNr to spoil it for you. A unique story., Permit me preface this by saying I love Jodi Picoult's books and will carry on and read her work. I give this book a 3-star rating, but it would oftimes be more of a 3. 5 and would have recently been a 4 if the ending didn't feel so rushed and open-ended.

As someone who doesn't know much about Asperger's, I actually can't comment how practical Jacob is or how he handles things. But, I will say that Picoult has woven a good story, an interesting storyline and a decent (albeit predictable) twist for the book.

As with most of her books, I wanted to cruise through it as I wanted to see how the story unfolded. She does a wonderful job at building characters and getting the reader to link to each. A single can be sympathetic with Emma and Theo. Jacob is an interesting figure and the side figures are interested.

Some things avoid always feel complete, however. Such as the police officer who used some interesting techniques to interrogate Jacob. The ending, too, though predictable on the one hand feels incomplete on the other. What is the last ruling? Incarceration for anyone? Is this all accidental? What happened once the truth came out? It seems we rush too fast to Jacob's thoughts adopting the turn and don't put anything to bed in regard to what happens to everyone else.

It is apparently a way for books to end now... a lot of open-ended thinking for the reader to try and decide what they think happens. Nevertheless I pay for a book, I want three parts -- a new, a middle and an end. It would be nice to know how the author saw the full finishing -- even if it can a quick epilogue.

I'll continue to read Picoult, but the last two publications of hers I have read have left myself wanting to chuck the book across the room with the ending in that they've been too open-ended.

Overall, it's a solid story, well through out and well crafted. There are some things that just make myself scratch my head and make me have too many questions., It truly opens your eyes on people that have Autism and other forms.
Basically see a " normal " child having a complete meltdown -I now understand that there may be very many causes recover and so many challenges for the child and their parents forever.
I couldn't stop listening to the story, I actually had to get to the end. It one of those type reports, If your heart has have you ever been touched by that of a kid on the Autism spectrum, be prepared to just love Jacob.
I love the writing style in first person from 5 different characters' perspectives.
This is unquestionably a page-turner that will hook you from the start., Well written. My 15 yr old child, who does not enjoy reading really liked this guide and used it for his book talk at school (" It's great for helping people understand more about Autism and how it might feel, how it might influence family members as well as others in the community. It's really interesting too if you like crime fiction drama. " ), I really enjoyed the book. Specifically since i have work with autistic children. Nonetheless it was a little unbelievable in that I actually don't see why the sibling wouldn't have given some information that this individual knew. I feel that that was unrealistic because this individual would've at least informed the lawyer. I avoid want to give anything away but I feel like parts of it were very silly.

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