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Did not know this was fiction until it came, I could not put it down. Keeps you on the advantage of your seat until the end.
I am a librarian and wish it was in every library.
Although it is a novel it teaches so much about life in the middle east.
I hope the author writes more. I actually will read everything the lady publishes., This was an interesting story but the book is in need of editing. There were several grammatical errors. Together with good editing this could be a great book., House Maid, by Indika Guruge is a sobering novel. Kamal is a Sri Lankan mommy of four who is married to a consumed. In order to provide for growing financial needs, she takes a job as a housemaid in Saudi Arabia. Though it seemed like ideal opportunity, it turned into a nightmare. Though a work of fiction, House Maid is the actual story of many migrant employees in the Middle East. Verbal, physical, and sexual mistreatment are typical. Not only is Indika’s novel entertaining but meaningful, as it awakens us to the terrible reality of many around the world., Many women have regreted the choices they have manufactured in becoming involved with other people. The main character in this tale, Kamala, goes from bad to worse in a downward spiral.
It's difficult not to feel compassion for the woman plight as she movements away from an harassing husband to a more abusive employer.
After having a lengthy and intense description of of the physical torture Kamala puts up with, the storyline abrutly ends. The more developed resolution might have worked better here.

The story moves together at a good speed drawing the reader into Kamala's distress as the author obviously defines villains and heroes. But in my opinion, the overall manuscript needed more precise editing. A good tale, and I think this was one, can get lost or even crafted to movement smoothly., Sometimes we need to stop and be thankful for the life we have. Women from other countries go through extreme terrifying experiences and some make it and several done. This was an inspirational story bc Kamala surely could make it out in existence., Excellent story!
The plight of women around the world is horrible! It is tough to earn enough money to take care of a family, work full time and have to deal with an harassing husband.

I have read in other places about the terrible, sadistic behavior towards the work staff in Saudi Arabia and the Islamic world. So I believe all that is written in this book, but the torture this poor lady gone through us totally dreadful and barbaric.

I agree with all the other reviews about how precisely the publication was written; there were quite a few problems with paragraphing, punctuation and wrong word usage. I actually tended to ignore the errors thinking that this story was written by a non-native English presenter. The story of this courageous lady over-shadowed the occasional English mistakes for me., What a strong and courageous woman who suffered greatly at the hands of cruel and also the. She is to be honored in trying to take care of her family. Now i'm sorry she lost the woman daughter. How tragic. I actually enjoyed the book and how it was written.

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