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One of the most high-profile victims of Stalin’s purges, namely, those who as privileged party members, were accommodated in the House of Government - the huge, forbidding apartment obstruct opened in 1931, on the Moscow River’s bar - were able, once Khrushchev sanctioned de-Stalinization, to have plaques erected there in memory of their loved ones. Some even sought to have the relevant family apartments changed into museums, as secular shrines to the departed, although Moscow’s housing lack, which remains a continuous whatever the changes in ideological climate, militated against this outcome.

Now, however, in Yuri Slezkine’s ‘The House of Government: A Saga of the Ruskies Revolution’ the families who comprised the Bolshevik high level before the revolution commenced devouring its children have received a superb literary memorial service, which vividly brings them back to life in the mind’s eye of its readers.

The transfer of the capital to Moscow justified the creation of a building near the Kremlin to house the Bolshevik apparatchiks and other worthies but egalitarian Bolshevik ideology could never justify the creation of such luxurious living quarters.

Thus in the 550 fully supplied family apartments in the greatest residential building in Europe the new Soviet aristocracy enjoyed high ceiling and core heating as standard, whilst also enjoying access to amenities including a hairdressing salon, kindergarten, gymnasium, tennis court, library, laundry washing, movie theatre, and a cafeteria from which meals could be ordered for collection, at a time when most Muscovites had to make do with dilapidated and overcrowded communal apartments in which the stale smell of cabbage soup competed with the overall smell of despair.

Slezkine states that the Bolsheviks were millenarian sectarians who have been pushed to face the disappointment of their prophecies in the privacy of their apartments and thus failed to raise their children as future Communists, making them in at least one sense guilty as billed of betraying the reason once brought before Stalin’s prosecutors. The blueprints, bricks and mortar of the Home of Government were, however, themselves a standing indictment of the betrayal of the Bolshevik dream.

Indeed, Bolshevism itself represents an admission of Marxism’s fundamental downside – false ‘trade union’ consciousness on the part of the proletarian public inhibiting their development of a true revolutionary consciousness obliging Lenin to develop an elitist part of seize energy in their name; the dictatorship of the proletariat legitimising the dictatorship of the Bolshevik party.

Slezkine’s book is a combination between Jung Chang’s ‘Wild Swans’; and Robert Conquest’s ‘The Great Terror’, providing as it can a multi-generational portrait of the lives and loves of a fascinating group of people, roughly one third of whom finally found their residency at the Authorities House to be basically a staging post before the non-person oblivion of either incarceration or liquidation. Slezkine’s book is carefully researched and beautifully made and written so as to permit him to shed new light on the period of Soviet historical past which we might feel ourselves familiar. Not the least of his accomplishments is his managing to chronicle epic events while never losing his focus on the human beings influenced., An amazing achievement! Spectacular story of the Ruskies Revolution., This is the most effective books about the people who ended up at the helm of Russia's revolution, a surreal and a tragic tale, a book of factual history that reads like a book., This is a fantastic book and well worth the time it requires to read. The reviews that complain about the profuseness of coverage skip the point, which is to allow the reader to become deeply immersed in the lives and perceptions of the Bolshevik high level of true believers. They will thus come across as real human beings, in spite of their inhuman ideologically driven behavior. This book will give the reader a depth of understanding of the terrible disaster that ensued upon the eventual triumph in 1917 of the millenarian politics of the Russian oppositional intelligentsia of the overdue 19th century. Mcdougal has penetrated the dry facts of history and a new compelling saga of one of the very horrible chapters of human history, and done so in a way that brings about deep expression on the part of thoughtful readers. Typically the book is a non-fiction War and Peace. Highest possible recommendation., The October Revolution of 1917 brought the Bolsheviks to energy in Russia. Marxists with all the dedication of the very idealistic and committed religious fanatics, the men and women who followed Vladimir Ilyich Lenin into energy were decided on bring a new world of complete freedom and equality into being. Yuri Slezkine's substantial history tells the story of the people " Old Bolsheviks, " as they came to be known, who went from holding huge power and privilege to being denounced, imprisoned, exiled, and executed as a result of Lenin's successor Stalin. The construction for Slezkine's account is the so-called House of Government or House on the Embankment, a huge apartment building across the Moskva River from the Kremlin, the location where the Bolshevik high level lived and worked before finding themselves dragged into exile or worse.

Creating a utopia requires sang froid of the chilliest kind. The Bolshevik managers and commissars who established out to build the reds in Russia were well suited for the task. They oversaw forced collectivization and the liquidation of the kulaks in the 1920s, applied the Five Year Plans, and built the Soviet Union into a mighty military and professional energy, at the cost of untold thousands of lives. In 1931 the greatest apartment building in Europe was built for the most preferred of these functionaries. It had room for thousands of people, including a vast number of maids, nannies, governesses, chauffeurs, guards, and other servants as well as the leading officials and their families. The apartments were roomier and more comfortable than most Muscovites could imagine, though they were still crowded and inadequate. The inhabitants of the home of Government had access to better food and clothing and were often allowed to travel abroad. Their children attended high level schools and enjoyed piano lessons.

Then it all came crashing down. After the Kirov assassination in 1934 Stalin's paranoia directed him to suspect even his closest associates of disloyalty and treachery. A series of show studies and a vast number of sudden arrests and disappearances cleaned out most of the House of Government's human population, to be replaced with new residents and functionaries who would themselves then be placed on trial or simply disappeared. By the time the show studies came to an finish Ww ii was about to break out. The House of Government, though it remained standing, would never again be at the middle of Soviet power.

Slezkine's massive work has recently been likened to a 19th century Russian novel, and indeed it is as sprawling and heavily filled as War and Peacefulness or maybe the Brothers Karamazov. Slezkine the actual point that Bolshevism was a religious movement, and he would go to great lengths to liken it to the spread of Christianity, the Protestant Reformation, and millennialism. In the end, The Home Of Government turns away to be not merely the chronicle of the residents of one building, but of an entire society. You will need not be a student of Karl Marx to fully appreciate Typically the House Of Government, but familiarity with George Orwell's 1984 and especially Animal Farm will certainly help readers to grasp the irony.

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