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Beautiful illustrations and concise answers. An enjoyable and addictive introduction to Yokai, More beautiful artwork from Matthew She! It is a series of blurbs about Japanese monsters, very useful for anime followers (or those who just like Japanese culture). Would love to see this a single as a physical guide., Excellent descriptions and drawings, Another great book my Mr. Meyer!, I just like this, This book and their first, The Night March of One Hundred Demons, are just so excellent. Presently there are a number of very good books about yokai available in English now, but what sets this one apart may be the art. If you like traditional ukiyo-e images, you will love Meyer's modern take on the particular style, and naturally the subject matter matter is so much more fun than another landscape or temple! If you are interested in Japanese folklore, or any Japanese put culture that references the particular folklore, buy this guide., One more incredible exploration into Yokai Mythology from Meyer.
Much like their first book, " Evening Parade of 100 Demons", Meyer goes into excellent informative depth on the particular various creatures of Japanese, and to a greater degree, Asian folklore.

+The artwork is incredible, lots of it is modern restorations from ukiyo-e artist Toriyama Seiken's series of 18th hundreds of years bestiaries, brought to the particular modern day through contemporary art techniques coupled with symbolism and ukiyo-e stylization of which really makes the artwork come to life. Meyer could most likely take all of their Yokai drawings, put these people all together in the hardback book and sell them being an artbook, it really is that very good.

+But thats not just about all, with each image arrives a very detailed and lengthy exploration in to the roots, legends, and nature regarding each Yokai or soul featured. This is the lifesaver for would-be English Yokai-enthusiasts because so many Yokai lore and stories have little to no information inside English speaking regions regarding the entire world or even upon the Web outside regarding famous Yokai like the particular Kappa or Oni, nevertheless Meyer goes a step further and showcases unusual, little known monsters upon top of the a lot more famous ones. An example is the Ippon Datara, of which I has been only capable to get the mere sentence or two surrounding a boar god of which turned into one with out elaboration into what an Ippon Datara is, She provides a face and very thorough description regarding a very strange, very unique folkloric critter which often I am appalled in the utter lack of information that exists in regards to it in other English speaking portions of the net.

+But he doesn't stop at just Yokai, within this book also contains the lengthy portion describing the particular Japanese Shinto-Buddhist Afterlife (both Meido and Jigoku) because well as Onmyodo procedures and spells and also informative glances into Japanese Religion(s) and how the particular Sun setting and rising plays a role inside that and how Yokai are involved therein. The Onmyodo information alone will be something I could not find much else upon within the english portion regarding the internet, setting up a huge bonus for a possible reader.

+covers the " three great evil Yokai" (Tamamo-no-Mae, Shuten Doji and Sutoku) as well because the " Three Fantastic evil Onryo" and several other individuals of the two historical fact and myth and the legends of which involve them, making for a good history training of Japan on top of of the mythological element of it.

+Other common myths of Asia are also included from China, to Okinawa, to even India. Religions too from the Goryo Shinko, Koshin, and also Okinawan Shamanism.

+/-For its price (almost as much as a college textbook) its a tough sell, especially being a paper-back guide. However, coming from an artists' perspective, I understand given the particular amount of drawings and artwork Meyer has carried out himself in the again. Coming from experience, art isn't quick, easy or perhaps cheap. Its a period ingesting affair and there are usually over the hundred images inside the book the She drew and painted (digitally) himself. So while the textual content content is lacking in conditions of its price-tag, the particular art, in my thoughts and opinions more than makes up for it.

-If you are acquainted with his website, Yokai. com or his blog, you will find that a lot of the particular entries and art inside the book already exist online as well because his Yokai-a-day marathon exactly where he uploads one Yokai entry + art each day, each day in the particular month of October. Moreover, his exploration into Meido and Jigoku had previously been extensively done upon his own blog, which often he admits there of which his book won't protect much more than what this individual did there. Thus becoming a potential disadvantage in the potential buyer, however, a single misses out on their informative notes and enhancements he occasionally adds to entries like explaining exactly what " karts" has to do with a Kasha, which otherwise does not exist on his website. Some thing to keep in mind prior to you spend fifty money on a paperback guide.

All in all, when you are really committed to learning about Yokai and Japanese Folklore/History be you a hobbyist or might be student of Japanese myth, this guide is the must-buy and must-own for your digital or also physical collection. The art, the in-depth research and the quantity of content will be more than enough to justify purchasing it. However if you are not that interested in Japanese folklore, than I honestly, objectively can't justify some normal chap (especially if they will don't care for art) spending 55 dollars on the book like this, they will are best off going to his Blog or perhaps Yokai. com and sating their curiosities doing this. However, for me personally, and my very own love of Japanese folklore and frustration inside looking for more in detail information, this guide has recently been a lifesaver for myself. And I'm sure it will be so to other would-be English researchers of Yokai who can't yet speak or read Japanese. Meyer has truly done a service to the cause of improved knowledge and information regarding Yokai folklore., Meyer's job is fairly ambitious, but this individual certainly rises to the particular challenge with this particular text. Inside addition to a fantastic study of the demonic, we are given glimpses into Japanese linguistics, lifestyle, religion, and everything relating to those subjects in a concise and well-documented accounts as they pertain to the folklore, myth, and religions where these imaginary illuminations exist. Meyer's diligence is exceedingly admirable. A new demon who is comparable to another, for example, is not really compartmentalized to a generalization. Instead, focus is provided to the unique complexities of each individual agent of an entry. It's the wonderful and respectful introduction to larger Japanese lifestyle and history, and the expert reader of these subjects can certainly use these texts to great impact: as personal or class teaching tools, as properly as a source regarding reference and reacquaintance. The illustrations are vibrant and correlate wonderfully with textual articulations. The prose will be very reader friendly with out sacrificing style. Meyer's passion delightfully soaks every page.

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