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I choose the rating of 3 stars due to two things.
one. The editing, or perhaps just the way this authors writes irritated me at times, which is unusual as those types of issues I usually just let go.
2 . This is the most crucial reason and truly why the three stars; This specific author appears to have a fetish about people going 'pee'. She constantly mentions it, I also noticed it was mature males usually that needed to 'pee', or be reminded to 'pee'. This specific seems odd in my experience as if a male must "urinate" and it's dangerous give them some sort of bottle. However, it was not usually anything to do with danger just something the author appears to have some type of fetish about urination, or peeing as this author just randomly states, "Don't miss to go pee". Along with there is also the continuous mention of the one of the woman male characters having to rearrange his privates because of to erections at bad times. I've just never read an e book where any author references 'peeing' as much as this one, specially in a zombie guide. The rearranging of the woman characters package belonged perhaps in a romance erotic novel, but really does not seem fitting in a zombie book. I by no means am a prude I just found it annoying and a little more weird. It was usually male older people that experienced to do this all 'peeing'. Only once was it a reminder to a child and only one was it elegance situation, it was just random, and many times in my opinion. This was just plain odd. I'm surprised we failed to get a blow by blow account of the zombie dogs needing to stop biting people as they required to go 'pee' first.

I liked the concept of the history line about a virus that makes people unwell by putting them into comas and dogs becoming zombies. Seriously, how about next book you write less about body functions as it really was unwanted and frankly strange and just random, having not do with the plot., What would you do if your beloved family pet suddenly turns into a persona enemy?! Kill him in the merciless fight of survival or cave in to your emotions and function yourself as food intake to his unquenched hunger and thirst for human flesh and blood?

Savage and brutal, Hounded by Ellie Douglas is a living dead horror novel of unique excellence! A bloody mayhem of gnawed skulls, clicked bones, torn bodies, scattered intestines and ripped extremities is described to a chilling detail. A dried up stench of them and streets painted in individual gore makes you fun on a scary drive through the streets and cities populated by somebody's pets-turned-zombies.

This is the dusk of humankind, hounded by dead but very alive dogs and a virus. As we experience the gruesome destruction of just one human individual after another, it's hard to feel sympathy for the entire human species. People enjoyed dwarfism for exotic pets to have pet tigers, lions, elephants, giraffes.... But that idea came from the same laboratory as another thing with a much higher price and dire consequences.

Even when the most dominate species on the planet becomes the species facing its sudden termination, humans again showed their ugly face of taking, scavenging, praying and eradicating one another. The fragile beacon of hope lies in the hands of the few willing to sacrifice themselves for their beloved ones and the general good of complete strangers. Is that so different from our world? When will we learn the big lesson?

Typically the transformation of the beloved dog Pepper into a living dead is amazing. The finish of the book is brilliant. Zero reason to delay purchasing and reading this clentching horror story!

Bernard January
bernardjandotcom, Lots of gore and action from the onset was pretty evocative with this select bit of the horror/zombie genre. I am inclined to read all types of books to challenge myself as a watcher of what We think is mostly odious pop culture, and I watch writing styles as much as the history itself. In my thoughts and opinions, the zombie thing has had a fork in it for some years now, yet this author enticed my usually precognitive notion that this writer’s zombie dogs were nuance. They actually were in this writer’s style of annotation. Not since World War Z’s first appearance in 2007 had I read any zombie books, but have seen practically every film both wide release and indie since Romero’s NOTLD in 1967, so I know this thriller well enough. In Hounded, The rawness of the dog attacks and accidents are more than fleshed out with proficiency and are beyond the pale with anatomical descriptiveness, some readers may like, many may not. I sensed both ways about the excess ---it grossed me out and told me the author can write rather well. Though the story is overlong for the topic matter, (I am an adherent of a strong 250 page read for most works), it is long enough on action to make the pages zip and video along. The characters are adequate, and some humor that works. Dialogue is well formed and realistic enough, though leaning too heavily on some cultural cliché s and banality. However, the story is balanced well and becomes more interesting as it goes. The writing was enthusiastic and had some surprises that let me know the author is capable of some creativity beyond this well-worn style. Thank God, the author keeps the trite hot stuff to a lowest. I won’t be continuing the series, but would certainly read another guide from this writer. We would like to see your husband tell a haunted town story, or even a domestic drama of an unusual family. I discovered Hounded to be professional caliber zombie literature (minus the usual indie typos) up there with something else ever written., We liked the fact that author referred to the infected dogs, with their decaying flesh and insatiable appetite.

Ellie will not divert to another setting once the canines get started, but instead remains right there with it before the bone crushing, muscle ripping demise of the victims.

Essentially, a fatal virus has infected the complete dog population, turning them into zombies and transforming them into vicious predators of humans.

Fortunately, the book's ending leaves the door open for a sequel among the survivors confronts a new, unprecedented fear.

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