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We received this book with the understanding that We could leave a non-reflex and honest review.

Inside this book we meet Mason Channing and Barbara Newman. Carrie can't take it any longer she has seen the latest eviction notice and knows that they are going to have to maneuver quickly again. The lady can't keep doing this to her little cousin though. Their parents are drunks and spend more time taking care of themselves then their children. Carrie knows a regular job just won't do she has to do something that will earn the woman some real money so she signs up on a sight call Sugar Babiez. She doesn't know very well what she will need to do but whatever it takes to take care of the woman sister she will. Can she finally get them safe or will it all blow up in her face in the end?

Mason is simply looking for some companionship this individual isn't looking for a relationship that is why he proceeded to go trolling on the Sugar Babiez site. However one look at Carrie and this individual knows he's hit gold. The thing he wonders is when they finally meet will she be anything like her account or will she be a gold digger just trying to suck a rich guy in? Just what he finds blows him away. He can't stay away from her and wonders what has this individual really gotten himself into. Can he genuinely have it all or will this individual loose it all with just one bad choice?

This specific is a super hot book that have you addicted from the first term to the very conclusion. I would really like to tell you so much about it but I worry We would damage it for other visitors. I will say this guide will have you securing the door kicking everyone out and not communicating until you reach those latter words " the end". I would highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone., Barbara Newman is definitely an eighteen year old struggling to attend institution and keep her cousin safe and fed while their parents neglect both of them. Mason Channing is a billionaire that has no moment for a relationship so he uses escorts when he has to have a date for dinner or if he desires sex. When Carrie see her parents hide an eviction notice that's when she knows that she has to do something for her and the woman sister to survive. The lady stumbles across a site online called Sugar Infants and signs up to make enough to support herself and her cousin. She never expected to have a person like Mason want her. Mason never expected to find a virgin on a site like Sugar Babies. On their first meeting the heat together sizzled in the air after dinner they went back to his place. Mason knew he had found a treasure and no matter how hard he tried to keep things professional this individual just couldn't be that way with Carrie. Points come to ahead with Carrie and her parents and she needs to get her sister away from them never once thinking that Mason stomach help her. When everything explodes around them in a scandal will their love survive the tumble out.

OMG I loved this book!!!! The characters were relatable and the chemistry between them was combustible. If you haven't check out this book do so now you won't have a single regret about buying this book.

We received a copy of this for an truthful review. I loved it so much I also bought a copy when it released., This is a steamy read without a doubt. Supporting the heavy steam is the story of Carrie, a poor young woman with alcoholic abusive parents and a dependent teenager who must find a way to make money. She turns to offering herself through an online service. Enter one billionaire, Mason, who makes use of the services on a regular basis as a means to avoid relationships. This individual sees Carries info, selections her, and off they go. The rest of the story is how they do form a relationship. But, should it withstand outside forces?
This author is so good at combining smut with good storylines. The story engaged me from the start before the finish. The particular characters are very well developed even those which have small roles like the awful parents. There parts were small but pivotal to moving the story along.
If you know this author's work, this is another great one to read. If you don't, this one is a perfect example and really should entice you to read more of the woman works. Enjoy!
(Note: I was provided an Advanced Review Duplicate of the book in swap for an honest review. )
(Note: I was provided a professional Review Copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. ), Cassandra Dee doesn’t give you a biography but from the woman output (twenty four textbooks to date) of erotica it appears she likes all manner of ‘group therapy’. Taking off on the social media ‘want ads’ or dating games Cassandra provides a story that shows both the dangers : and the possible rewards of such seeking of partnerships.

The plot is fairly straightforward and serves as a background for the erotica elements that overwhelm this book. ‘Cute, innocent girl wanted. Sugar child with all the current benefits. I shouldn’t have. I didn’t imply to. But times were hard. There is no money, no food. My younger sister was going hungry. So when I found the ad online, my finger clicked. Cute, innocent girl wanted. Sugar child with benefits. What’s a sugar baby? What benefits? My eyes only saw the five thousand dollar retainer. Because it was enough to pay my bills. In order to stay in school. In order to make sure my little sister could eat. Therefore I replied. And wow god, but my sugar daddy is gorgeous. No one said an older man could be this hot. Mr. Channing makes me burn inside. Sizzle. Tickle. This is wrong. Therefore taboo. Totally illicit. But you know very well what they say. Everything tastes better with sugar…’

And so moves the affair of Barbara and Mason. A bit of Cassandra’s comic skill comes early on in the preparation for the ‘encounter’ – ‘The Globe Wide Web has been my downfall for a long time. We can’t tell you the number of hours I’ve lost to endlessly reading random sites. Not even educational sites like the news or following the stock market. But really random things such as BuzzFeed and Bored Panda, mind candy that sucks you in, only to spit you out three hrs later, dazed and puzzled. I should find some blocking software to prevent my annoying. That would help my procrastination, for sure. ’

For those who thrive on erotica this book is a feast. For those who have not read steamy novels…better to start out with one a little less ‘frank’. Grady Harp, October 17
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