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Being a long time fan and diy-enthusiast, I knew the Mr. Kate brand going in when I first purchased the book. Thus I wasn't surprised to see the combo of familiar and unexpected when reading AHGGM. The acquainted comes from the signature bank Mr. Kate diy tasks, each of the wonderful ideas are unique and quirky and absolutely doable. I love that with every project there are recommendations or Do it Elsewhere's, maybe I don't require a new coffee table right now but I could certain use a creative vase for my own home or as a gift!

The new comes from the remembrances Kate has shared within the book, they are hilarious and sad and hopeful a lot. I really enjoy that even when sharing stories that might be painful or embarrassing, Kate appears to find the best outcome out of these life shaping moments. Jointly story comes a DIY project that was inspired or influenced by it. These types of projects are unique - no, my memories of my first period and introduction into womanhood failed to immediately lead to a stylish idea for curtains, but that is simply the magic that comes from Mr. Kate. You don't know what's coming next or what you're about to learn but one thing is for certain, you're going to have a blast the whole way through.

Overall, A Hot Glue Gun Mess is a terrific combo of feel great stories and DIY tasks that leave you motivated and ready show off your creativity., If you are anything like me, I search the racks at my local book store and discover myself empty given because of the lack of creativity that comes within the newest reading releases. Each DIY book contains the same projects, follows the same format, including times feels like I'm reading the same text in each book. When branching out to autobiographies, the same exact story of loss and triumph are usually given with the exception of a new face plastered on the cover. Sometimes I feel as though with these categories, content has become unoriginal and the " true self" of people are lost between the lines of text they try to provide their audience for a positive and inspiring reaction. If you've discovered in this same " reading rut" as I actually have, i quickly definitely recommend reading Mr. Kate's newest book release, " A new Hot Glue Gun Mess".

Kate goes on a journey through short stories of her life in real events that helped defining who the girl with in her life today. This specific amazing, uncensored book gives a sign of relief that unoriginal content has not been lost and you truly feel as if you are talking to your closest, best friend with the stories Kate selflessly tells providing laughter, humiliation, love, separation, and even those that make you want to blush yourself just hearing about! This new take on an autobiography is very refreshing and unlike any other autobiography I've read in the previous.

What also separates this release from others is that Kate puts the woman fashion, interior decorating, and DIY professionalism spin on each short story provided for a fun new project you can try at home yourself. Each story helped in offering Kate the inspiration for creating these new items and she helps in telling the reader each step of just how about how to create their very own masterpiece of design just like hers. You'll see fun pieces such as unique furniture pieces, beautiful home decor items, fashionable clothing & accessories, and even some makeup & hair styles within this DIY and autobiography mix! Not only are these DIY projects fun to re-create also, they are original pieces that are not found within the same DIY novels that keep being produced in higher quantities each year.

In all honesty, there is something about Mr. Kate that you feel a relationship with that inspires you to be yourself and live life to the maximum. I applaud Kate for being able to make this happen with the sharing of each story & DIY project. As a long time fan of hers through her website blog & YouTube channel, I would expect nothing less from the queen of the bedazzled jeweled glue firearm., I thoroughly enjoyed this book, especially loving how honest the author was ready personal life as she described how each craft pertained to a story in her life. This book was as much entertaining as it was a craft book. The crafts are fairly great I would add! One thing that is important to me in craft books is that their be a vast majority of different projects and she definitely hit the nail on the head with this! Mr. Kate has lived up to her expectations we've all come to have and love from her online blog. The crafts range from quite simple to those more difficult. Nothing would take you longer than the usual weekend to complete however. I highly recommend " A Hot Glue Weapon Mess" to crafters of all stages!, Im such a fan of all things Mr. Kate!! Thus spunky and clever and definitely not afraid to be herself!! Im an interior design nut and crafter and diy spaz!! I initially was so into getting this book for the diys!! I actually have to boost the comfort these chapters are addicting!!! Mr. Kate has written this so vividly!! It maintains your attention and am have laughed out loud greater than a dozen times!!! I will be so sad when I finish my last page, hey but at least I can do-it-yourself it up!!!! Way togo Mr. Kate, you are one out of a billion and from crazy chicka to. the next you hit the nail on the head with this!!!, I received this book and then went on a camping trip and didn't get a possiblity to really read too much. Since then I have read several stories, and examined several of the awesome DIY's. I am really enjoying it so far and can't wait to try some of the DIY's. However I preordered the book and was expecting Kate's gem tattoos and did not receive them. I still had the box and checked it, just in case, and nope, not there. Etc that note I was disappointed that I performed not get them. I was under the impression that they were included when you preordered. Overall I actually am really enjoying the book itself and have had LOL moments!, already been following Mr. kate since the beginning of the day, huge huge fan. ordered the book to know more about kate., This book is the perfect combo of DIY projects and hilarious stories. Kate found a way to incorporate her life stories into all these tasks, which makes the book THAT much better. The lady tells you that you can take any life experience and turn it into something even more beautiful with a project! Definitely recommend to anyone who likes funny stories/DIY tasks... What am i not even expressing? I recommend this guide to everyone! Sooo good.

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