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Police officer Chase Kelly can police arrest me ANY DAY. VIRTUALLY ANY TIME. IN WHATEVER WAY he desires! I loved Hot Cop so much! It's dirty, it's fun, it's sexayyyyy and HOT. And it also gave me the FEELS. HUGE feels! Arrest me police officer. Handcuffs NOT optional!

I am SO IN LOVE with Chase and Livia's story, We cannot even. I devoured this book and never wanted it to finish! If you love a filthy talking, tattooed alpha with a heart of precious metal, then you MUST meet Officer Kelly. This man is at the top of my list of JUST ABOUT ALL OF THE THINGS. Aannnd he is a dirty talker. OH. GOD. YES. My weakness. Seriously. He or she doesn't just talk the talk, he walks the walk. He definitely lived up to the name Officer Good Times. RAWR. I'd definitely play Cover the Nightstick with your pet. Multiple times.

Talking about multiples....

The sexy times were off the charts freaking HOT. Like. WHOA. These two. The chemistry. I needed a fan and never for my face. I mayyyy have read nearly all of the sexy scenes multiple times actually. Just sayin'. They may be THAT WILL achingly good. There is this one scene though... I believe I got pregnant from reading it. *moans* Not that I'm complaining.

This specific love story had my heart doing EVERYTHING. Almost everything!!! It beat, hard. That fluttered, a lot. Plus man, did it MELT. Chase and Livia's love journey gave me the seems. BIG FEELS. I did not expect to experience so many emotions! I cried. I swooned. I clutched my heart! And the banter between Chase and Livia was so fun! We laughed so much my face literally hurt. Both of these were so, so perfect for each and every other! PERFECT! The particular sexy librarian and the #HAF officer. YES. YOU SHOULD.

Laurelin Paige and Macizo Simone created magic. We loved everything about Warm Cop! If you are looking for a hot summer romance that will make your ovaries explode, then you must one read Warm Cop!, This book!!! We LOVE this guide so much!!

It has all of the best things:
~Super hot, cocky alpha. And he's a man in uniform at that!
~Awesome banter
~LUST at first sight
~Tons and tons of frantic hot sex
~A couple that TRIES to fight it.
~Cheesy one-liners that make me giggle.
~More hot sex. (No pants necessary for this book. Or underwear. )
~Feelings that just sneak upwards on you!!! I did not anticipate for my chest muscles to squeeze or my stomach to drop.
~Did I mention Chase is a policeman? Because... handcuffs...

I read this book in one day, then attacked my husband during daylight hours. (We have kids, this is actually rare. )

Main point here: MUST STUDY!! ONE CLICK NOW!!, Maybe I came into this with too high of expectations. I'd been reading teasers and blurbs and couldn't wait to get my hands on this book. (Plus I ADORED Porn Star). I then desperately started this book and.... blah. It was just fine. Nothing new or exciting. Extremely predictable. We liked the characters fine. The steamy scenes were fine. I simply felt like this had all already been done before. So like I said.. good, but not great., This was a very cute story stuffed with determination and need and lots of obduracy, pigheadedness! Liv thought she experienced all the answers so that she needed to prevent being left alone. Chase had his career and no plans what do ever for Liv other then sleeping with her! After all he was " hot cop" when the lady told him her plans he was on board because he got what this individual wanted and so do she. The ups and downs twist and becomes and realization was written really well. You won't be disappointed in this guide, We went into " Warm Cop" expecting a randy bit of rom-com fluff. All role play, miscommunication, and baby fever. The majority of of which doesn't tumble into my sweet place story-wise. I should have known better. It's Laurelin Paige and Sierra Simone FFS. I got so much more than We bargained for in the best possible way. That was poignant, filthy and a wee bit despair - precisely how I like it.
From the finish of the day, I'm not positive who I love more Chase or Livia.
Chase is a man who loves deeply and takes commitment seriously. So much so, he avoids both at any cost, wearing his less than savory reputation as a man whore like a suit of armor. You see, he doesn't want to burden anyone with the weight of loving your pet because his dedication to duty puts him in grave danger.
Livia has been battered by love and have a biological clock which ticking like a time bomb. She's absurdly committed to her plan of being a single mother, because she actually is come to the conclusion that the only way to love offered to her is the love of mother and child. She actually is fragile and strong, all at once, and absolutely heartbreaking at times.
These people meet cute and the lady decides to make a proposition to Chase, a no strings fling. " You get sex. We get knocked up. One has no responsibility. " Everyone can guess how that's proceeding to workout. It's a delicate, endearing dance as they fight their growing feelings that obliterate the defenses they've thrown upwards, as they keep showing themselves, " It's just sex. "
But it's not all angst. The banter is hilarious and crisp. The particular sex, playful and dirty, detailed with some toe styling cop fantasies that go way beyond the norm. who knew being imprisoned could cause panty incineration?
Hot Cop is the perfect summer read. Sexy, fun, a wee bit scandalous with a lot of small town heart.

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