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I am amazed by the creator of this astounding memoir. My childhood was nearly the same as hers: neglect, trauma, and abuse, which led to emotional problems during my adolescence, which gave my abusive parents the opportunity to get rid of me by putting me in a mental institution when I was fourteen years of age. I was incarcerated in that horrible human warehouse for almost 2 yrs.

I have been trying to write my very own memoir since 1975. To date, I don't have been able to get past the first few chapters, because the pain of remembering is definitely too overwhelming.

But Barbara O'Hare has done it! And he or she has told her story so well, with such level and clarity, that it can almost as if you are right there with her, living in her shoes.

State Clinic No. 3, Nevada, Missouri, was the name of the institution where I spent the longest two years of my life. Built in the overdue 1800s, it was the biggest building in the state during the time of its building, more than a distance in circumference. While I was there, it was packed to overflowing with unwanted children and society's rejects. This institution was closed and torn down in the 1990s. 3 years ago, my husband and I took a drive there. Standing up on the empty, park-like grounds where the huge, imposing institution used to be, felt very unique!

Shortly after I was put in the mental hospital in early 1968, I questioned the ward psychiatrist how soon I would manage to go home. He coldly informed me that based on the data, 97% of the people admitted to that establishment were never released. " If you're here previous twelve months, the odds of you ever getting out there of this place in existence will go down to less than 1%, " he added. " Thus if you want to have a life, you need to hurry up and make yourself well. WE can't make you well, only A PERSON are able to do that. "

He or she must have seen a look of shocked disbelief on my face, because he or she informed me to ask the other patients on the ward how long that they had been there, if I doubted what he said. I did ask, and the shortest answer I remember hearing was 8 years, the average, more than twenty years. I wasn't yet old enough to drive a car, and my life was effectively over.

I do not know how to “make myself well, ” so I did the only thing I could do – I ran away. I had been quickly caught, brought back, and punished with solitary confinement. In solitary, I was secured down to a steel cot with padlocked devices that went around my waist, looped over my wrists, and encircled my ankles. They did not use strait jackets while I was there, they used these leather-wrapped metal belts, instead. I possess no idea which would be worse.

I ran away several more times, whenever I saw a opportunity to run. The last time I ran, I had been gone overnight and my escape was noted on the news. When I was found and brought back again that time, the manager of the hospital came and cursed me out there. Then he ordered me to be placed on the maximum security ward, where they kept the criminally insane. This was where I spent the majority of my time in that “hospital. ”

The doctor who was the mind of maximum security, was also keen on using the “truth serum” drug that Barbara O'Hare writes about in her memoir. This specific psychiatrist was a rapist. He or she was caught and caught, the last time he or she abused me, because I almost died that time, possibly because he had given me too much of the drug, or perhaps because I had developed an allergy to it. (I am deathly allergic to several drugs. ) 1 of the nurses noticed me “screaming bloody killing, ” as she later informed me, but she could not enter into the doctor's locked office, where he or she was in the take action of molesting me. As she tried to uncover the door, he called to her through the entrance and told her which i was under hypnosis, reliving a terrible trauma. (I have zero memory of shouting with no memory of the nurse trying to get in. I only bear in mind bits and pieces of what that evil man did to me, but what I remember is sufficient. )

After the doctor was finished with me, he woke me and told me to go back to the ward. He tried to get me to kiss your pet before I left, and I refused to do it. Then he told me that I would “never be well” until I stopped denying what I “really wanted. ” This specific was the last thing he ever said to me. (I was 15! I was his patient! He was almost fifty, married, with grown children! I DID NOT WANT IT!! )

I recall feeling like I was flying up out of my figure, as I walked back again to the ward. Abruptly, I collapsed on the floor. Two nurses found me without a heart beat. They somehow got me breathing again, and then they walked me back again and forth between them, up and down the long hallway, for what appeared like an hour or more, until the drug was out of my system enough that I could just ask to go to the restroom. One of the nurses accompanied me to the toilet, because I was still very shaky. When I pulled down my underwear, she could see by the condition of my underpants that I had been raped. She went out into the hall and called the other nurse to come and look. Then these two angels of whim reported everything to the police.

Two plain clothes detectives came by to question me the next day. They also questioned others who previously accused this doctor of raping or molesting them. Many patients had tried to report these things, but no one had believed us, until the nurses saw the post occurences of what have been done to me. (I had also previously reported to a nurse that the doctor was sexually molesting me, but I was not believed. When the abusive doctor was told about it, he wrote in my chart that I was a “pathological liar. ”)

One of the nurses told me that when the police looked the psychiatrist's office they found, locked in the desk, tape recordings that he had made of his multiple rapes, of both woman and male patients. The particular psychiatrist was arrested. A couple of years after this, I figured out that the evil doctor had committed suicide.

Is actually hard to believe these items, isn't it? Hard to think that a medical doctor, who is meant to AID people, would drug and rape his patients. Folks don't like to believe the “mentally ill” when we try to explain to how we were abused. That's what makes us the perfect victims.

Practically half a century has passed since I was set free from the asylum. Back when I was a patient there, a lot of men and women believed in creating an improved race of men and women through eugenics. It was widely believed that the “mentally ill” should never have children, because we presumably have defective genetics. I have had about three children. My oldest boy manages two motels in California. My daughter is currently attending a university, working towards a masters and then a doctorate in psychology. Her own daughter, my eldest granddaughter, will graduate this fall from the anthropology program at Harvard. And my most youthful son earns enough money selling jewellery that he or she recently bought a lovely home with an in-ground pool.

As for me, about twenty years ago, after all my children were grown, I went to nursing school and was elected class president. A new year and a 50 percent after graduating as an LPN, I published a novel. In May 2150 I was on the Oprah Winfrey Show, featured in one of her moving “Remembering Your Spirit” segments.

I have done all of these things and more, but I still have not finished my memoir. Yet Barbara O'Hare has done it. I highly recommend her book, A HEALTHCARE FACILITY. And NOW, God willing, I will follow in her inspirational footsteps and finish my memoir at long last!

Thank you, Barbara O'Hare! You are an AWESOME SURVIVOR!!!!

PLAYSTATION: I know this long review does not say a lot about the book I'm reviewing. The particular reason is because I don't want to give one of the story away. I am telling here about some similar things that I've lived through, to validate Barbara's story. The encounters were different, but similar enough, that I absolutely believe A HEALTHCARE FACILITY is completely true.

Also, I possess attached two pictures. One is a scan of a 100 year old postcard that I bought on eBay several years ago, of the mental establishment where I was incarcerated in the late 60s. (The words stamped on the front of that picture were original to the postcard. ) The particular other picture is me, with our sweet old Cattle Dog, Lady, standing where the asylum used to be. That picture was taken in Might 2014. I am standing, as near as I could figure it, to the spot where the maximum security ward was located, where I was incarcerated almost half a hundred years ago., Barbara tells the woman story in such a way that I felt angry and sad at the same time. I do wonder what became of some of the people she pointed out but maybe we'll never know. It was dreadful so what happened and it takes strength to talk about the story., This was one of those books that was hard to read. But , I'm so glad I did so. It made me understand that I had been not the only one who had terrible memories about mistreatment as a child. Not in a hospital, but by relatives. And i also also was believed by my own father.
Thank you Barbara for writing this. You are a strong women and I'm so remorseful for what you went through as a child. The heart breaks for you., Very good book and sad, but very positive! It is just a current event story. I highly recommend this book., A quick read because I wanted to see what happened next. I read before your bed to get sleepy. Nevertheless, this book had my interest to such a degree, I couldn't get tired., Great story, great read, Barbra is such a strong women. I cant believe everything the lady went through. She had to deal with such ugly people for almost all of her life.

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