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Thanks to writing this emotional tale. It should be required reading for everyone..., If an individual are looking for a new book that poignantly captures one of the greatest humanitarian crises of our own time from the lens of one young Syrian refugee's experience - this can be the book for you. A strong story of both damage and hope, it's since heart wrenching as it is uplifting. Also a page turner, I couldn't place it down. Beautiful book., This book does a new lot of things really well: impart empathy on to the reader, tell the story of somebody who suffered incredible loss with amazing bravery, and allow the viewer to step inside someone else's shoes and consider what they would've done within their situation. Though the prose is a tiny bit clunky, the plot is usually so astounding that I actually still tore through this specific book in under a 7 days., Told from the point of view of one loved ones, this book beautifully paints a picture of Syria before and during the protests that threatened the Bashaar regime. These protests, though peaceful to start with, became violent when the Syrian military killed peaceful protesters began using rip gas, and then bullets, to deter protesters. Since an all out war out of cash out in Syria, many became refugees.
This is the tale of one such family. Since you read, you learn what a typical Syrian is like--an insight into the family organization and values.
Their journey to Egypt is one of the earlier ones and is also in stark contrast to those that came later. Reading through about Doaa and the girl fiancé and their wish to build a far better future is a tale everyone can connect with--and the lengths they go in order to to get you will find measures many of us would certainly go to as well. To be free, in order to leave a war ripped country behind, to locate work and make a new good and honest living, to support an expanded family.... these are honorable dreams.
What happens next is horrific and no one deserves the massacre that employs. I finished this book after reading several they will books (mostly focusing upon refugee camps) and was now, more than ever before, moved to do more for refugees within my country in addition to abroad. My heart will go out to Doaa in addition to millions like her. I actually am thankful for this specific book and the way it was written--a story informed to open hearts in addition to minds., Highly recommend. Doaa's story is wonderfully informed in a way that will keep an individual turning pages while attaining a better knowledge of what was really going upon in Syria to guide to this kind of refugee problems. Buy this book, read it, then transfer to a new friend., This story really helped to bring the humanity of the Syrian refugee crisis into viewpoint. It helped me in order to understand how the problems came to be in addition to why it was necessary for so many to flee... and to keep moving once they were within nearby countries. This woman's story is incredible. I'm amazed at the resiliency of so many political refugees., I'm halfway through this specific book. It is from the point of view of a young girl in addition to then the same lady as a young woman. This shows so clearly that her family as so many others just needed to make a living and purchase food and consider care of their families. Nevertheless the government totally annihilated everything. The government brought tanks and started in order to demolish building that people were still living in. This family did not want to leave Syria yet if they stayed they will were afraid that they will can be killed or even worse. It is heartbreaking but informed in a way that is very effortless to read. I'm understanding a lot from this specific book. About how this never ever ending war started in addition to why it continues in addition to how all the political refugees want nothing more as compared to to go home yet it's all been ruined. At least their home towns are actually destroyed. I'm at the reason for the book where the heroine is just getting upon the boat in an attempt to get to Europe. Very anxious about this., The writing was obviously a very dry, documented style, but it is usually a story that everyone should read as it is so relevant in our world right now. Everyone needs to understand what is occurring to people in the region.

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