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In case you are trying to build the next big app, you need user engagement. This book lays down a model building engagement by having users constantly return to your app. In the beginning this is caused, but eventually it'll become instinct. This is how viral loops are created.

It lays out the "Hook Model", a construction of the 4 key stages of each loop:

1. Trigger: How does the loop initiate? Inside the beginning this might be through external triggers (such as an email, notification, image badge, etc) but through successive loops the user eventually creates internal causes in which a particular thought or emotion will send them back to your product.

2. Action: After the user is aware they need to occurs product (through the trigger), what it the simplest action they can perform to get some kind of prize. For example a Myspace "Like".

3. Variable prize: How are they rewarded for this behavior? This could be social validation (e. g. "my friends accept! "), collection of materials resources (e. g. add a picture to a collection) or personal gratification (e. g. inbox zero). The "variable" part is important - rewards should not continually be predictable, encouraging users to repeat the period.

4. Investment: Finally, the user needs to put something back in to improve the chance of repeating the loop. This could be content (e. g. a book in your Kindle), user entered data (e. g. profile information or linked accounts), reputation (e. g. something to achieve a 5 star seller review), or a learned talent (e. g. I'm now really good at this software program). The investment also sets up the trigger to for the next cycle of the loop.

This book is an extremely easy read. We wanted something that would get to the heart of the problem and established out a practical construction of how to utilize it with examples, without having to be excessively verbose on history and research. It delivered., I absolutely loved Hooked on a pair of different levels.

Since a consumer and someone who's intensely interested in how much our world is changing with technology, the idea of engineering products based on psychology (and even Neurology) is very cool. It also puts an entire different viewpoint on the apps, online games and products that we see every day - do they understand the Hooked model, which ones work, which of them don't, and so forth.

The other aspect that I found really interesting and useful was the clear and concise model. I don't currently do any product design but the concepts apply a few level to any type of advertising could be used (at least in part) for promoting a service business, a tangible product or even just ideas. Certainly those kinds of marketing efforts or products and services aren't likely to create new habits but it's still helpful to think of them in some other ways.

It's a quick, easy read and one that I think most will get value from., Nir's book is one that dives into the all important psychology of shoppers to notify software designers and programmers on how to use this knowledge as a lever towards reaching the ultimate goal of repeat consumption of your app. Nir utilizes notable examples of success stories in the technology ecosystem and deconstructs techniques that proved successful across different product verticals to keep users engaged and fulfilled. It's a must read for startup founders, advisors, and investors alike., We enjoyed reading  Connected: How to Build Habit-Forming Products . It was a fun and fast read. It portrays a lean model for pondering about product development.

We believe it a good read for startups and individuals seeking to start framework out their initial models for product development.

In reading many of the other reviews, that were critical of the book, and its message, I do not find it to be offensive or attempting to peddle “addiction” attitude to capture customers. It does point out the difference between the value of understanding internal (i. e. and more sustainable motivation) and external motivation (which often is not sustainable for a business).

Yet the bottom line is that there are causes, actions, rewards, and investment in companies they will be different for different individuals.
The book also has an extensive reference section, and the author constitutes a link with other research including David Skok, John Gourville, B. J. Fogg, Charles Duhigg, Erika Hall, Eric Ries, Paul Graham and many others.

While I loved the book, We would also add that business masters and product managers (could be many other stakeholders) should also spend considerable time focusing on their business model and determining who the paying customers are! A concentrate on a business model does not mean that you need paying customers on day one (the timing will depend on your business model), but you need to have a model that decides your earnings streams and how they will be achieved., Good book using real world examples and situation studies to compliment the classes learned.

The action steps at the finish of each chapter helped to solidify the message to make this book more functional in conditions of real use.

Worth the read especially when you are working on the buyer internet area and are attempting to brainstorm impressive new ways to upgrade your ux/ui or use the core of your product. @walkeen

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