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Coming from all the rapturous reviews I was expecting a little bit more. The primary message of this book -- be honest (even if it hurts) in real estate -- is great. Nowadays, clients know too much from the internet to try to pull the wool over their eyes.

However, I felt this book fell short in the nuts and mounting bolts department. It calls itself a training guide for the first year, but there is not a lot of specific details/plans/paths about what to do. He speaks generally about how precisely to do a lot of different things: find a advisor, marketing, presentations, dealing with buyers, etc. But I felt the actual breakdown of what/when/how to do these things was missing.

You will find near to 30 chapters in this book, and the vast majority are under 5 pages, which should tell you a lot. He or she tackles a wide path of topics, but without great detail. Most of it is common sense: be honest, work hard, believe in yourself, don't give up.

I think it may be a really good book upon it's second edition, if he requires the time to really flesh out his chapters with specific game strategies to truly boost your first year is real property., I had listened to Mario's podcasts and have recently been considering whether real property will be a good option for me or not. I actually started to read the book after a few chapters I emailed Mario with a question. He very promptly got back to me and really answered the questions about my main concerns. Mario is very down to earth and you can tell when speaking to him that he understands what he is speaking about. It was very stimulating reading a property book that wasn't exactly about pushy selling. I appreciate the way Mario has built his real estate career and I feel any agent could learn a lot from this book., I highly recommend this book to anyone either thinking of taking the Real Estate course to test for a property Broker's License or anyone who just received their license! First of all, I ordered the Amazon kindle version of this book and even though I don't have a Kindle, I was able to download kindle application for free on my iphone and read the book instantly, no waiting. I chose to get this book after observing some youtube videos by Mario Jannatpour. I feel like he really shattered down step by step the ways to succeed and the things that you as a new Genuine Estate Agent you have to do INSIDE YOUR FIRST 30 TIMES as a Broker. Mario Jannatpour is very comprehensive with his advice and he helps with a business plan and a plan for videos and social media. Also, Mario recommends starting on a team or as a Potential buyer's Agent. So, I as a brand new Broker have decided to take this path and I start this week with a Potential buyer's Team in Lakewood, CO! I am so excited with this new career! Say thanks to you Mario Jannatpour for your videos and for your book!, I might highly recommend this book to anyone beginning in real estate or looking to refocus the way they do business as a real estate agent. Mario gives real advice and associated with this book. A lot of other books offer too much fluff with little practical knowledge to apply to your daily career. This is not the case with Mario's book. He is offering valuable information here. Large praise for this book as well as Mario's podcast, where he also gives excellent content and many interviews with agents across the country, all free of charge! His podcast has the same name as his book so it's easy to find. Keep upwards the fantastic work Mario!, This particular book is must read for each and every real estate real estate agent who is merely starting out or still considering the real estate as a career. I enjoyed looking over this book. it's a simple read and it's not sugars coated. Mr. Jannatpour performed really a good job on talking about what is expected from the real property agent as far as honesty, expertise, guidance, market knowledge, ethical conduct, ongoing education and especially looking after the client's best interest. Mr. Jannatpour discussions from experience while offering his sincere and honest thoughts and opinions about what it requires to achieve success in the real estate business. His menu for success is very basic and simple: Treat your clients right and you'll have a lot of repeat business and referrals from past clients, friends and family. I think his approach in the book is very natural and logical. Reading this article book is like listening to your older brother offering you an honest advice how to succeed in the business. Also check out Mr. Mario Jannatpour's YouTube videos. He's amazing., If you are starting out as a new Real Estate Agent, I actually would recommend this guide, over others. It stresses, being an honest and honest Real Estate Agent. This teaches you about patient more for your clients than just your commission checks and it allows you really know what real customer really think of Genuine Estate Agents.

If you want to last in Real Estate and keep return clients, be an honest Real Estate Broker. I know I will.

KJ, Nice balance of functional information for those seeking a career in Ur. E. The writers personality came through nicely. Being somewhat shorter in duration than any other books, time is spent mostly discussing ones approach rather than a step by step sales manual., I am discovering the chance to become a real estate agent. This particular book helped produce a clearer picture of what that life would look like and could be in this new career. In addition to the book Mario has a video clip blog [... ] look it over. Jumping into an industry with a +80% failure rate should give anyone pause. This is a good book for you if you are thinking about or are in the process of taking that step. Upon a side note I used to be lucky enough to work in the same city as Mario and I actually emailed him, and had lunch a few times later. Mario was available and honest with me he gave me much to think about and I actually am grateful for his time.

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