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Useful, literate, articulate look at gay culture that remains current today. Put into words ideas who have recently been on my mind for some time. Highly recommended., Bersani's *Homos* is probably the most underappreciated textual content in the academic rule of queer theory. Typically the book is not only the foundation for the "no future" turn in the field but also one of the earliest critiques of gay and lesbian visibility in American culture and governmental policies. In a twist to the conventional logic that motivates gay rights activism, Bersani contends that the drive toward visibility, portrayal, and tolerance has denuded gay identity as such from the sexually specific character (i. e., the "desire for the same"). It can like gay rights activism has had to mute their erotic lifeworld in order to gain respectability in American society. Bersani suggests the trade off isn't very worth the cost, in part because such a pact does not challenge power relations in toto, thus leaving the door open for future homophobic attacks.

In addition to mainstream gay rights activism, Bersani is concerned to identify how then-emergent trends in queer theory seemed to follow the liberal/tolerance script. Indeed the book's most insightful times attach to Bersani showing how queer concept elides the specificity of same-sex desire in courting "subversive" notions of lovemaking practice. In withering critiques of Judith Butler, *Paris Is Burning*, and S/M culture, Bersani claims that queer theory has turned a fetish of the micro-politics of performance and given up on a wholesale challenge to the buildings of power by way of same-sex desire. Bersani's readings are refreshing because they take queer governmental policies to task from a standpoint of wanting to radicalize it -- also to do so through gay erotics, not platitudes about how exactly queerness works contrary to the "system. "

*Homos* elaborates on Bersani's controversial but excellent essay "Is the Rectum a Grave? " (1988). The book is not as precise in their theoretical argument as I actually wanted it to be, which is why I'm giving it four superstars. For those who want Bersani's essential justification in a compact form, I recommend going to the essay before the book. Continue to, *Homos* deserves extended study and revisiting among college students thinking about queer theory, gay and lesbian studies, and modern social critique., This is the most reasonable, well-organized work on gay political culture in existence. Bersani delves beyaonf the rhetoric, and to the psyche of community and the gay culture, making clear why "de-gaying gayness" is a travesty to any or all parts of community. It is a must reaa for anyone grappling using their sense of community, belonging, be-ing.

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