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This is the book you need to get started creating vegetarian staples. If I could choose only one publication out of all of the books I purchased last year, this would be the book I would keep.

Miyoko's recipes are simple, require mainly standard ingredients, and create some of the most fantastic vegan food I have eaten to date. There is a reason that Miyoko's recipes for vegan cheese come away so good - she actually sells her vegetarian cheese online. With this publication you can make your own ketchup, butter, unribs, unsteak, unchicken, vegan fish sauce, and teriyaki spices! You may make vegan mozzarella that bakes, browns, and crisps up on a pizza. You can make vegan goodies and vegan yogurt. You may make a roll of vegan chocolate chip cookie batter you can cut off pieces of and use as needed.

We are sharing pictures of a pizza I made with the vegetarian mozzarella cheese from this book, a pork cut I made using the Unpork recipe, and tofu red curry I made in which the essential ingredient was Miyoko's vegan fish spices.

There are specialty ingredients that certain recipes require and I would make sure to purchase the recommended ingredients and not attempt to substitute other ingredients that may seem to be similar. For instance, the liquid soy lecithin is essential to the Glorious Butterless Chausser recipe. When tapioca is mentioned for the cheese recipes, you will need to use tapioca flour. Regarding the fermented tofu liquefied for the vegan fish sauce, purchase a bottle of fermented tofu from an Asian grocery store that appears clear - if the fermented tofu is darker or reddish, which means it has chilies in it, and you should not want to use that kind of fermented tofu for this recipe. I contacted Miyoko through her website and she was very helpful in clarifying what specific items were required and where to get them. She is incredibly kind and reactive.

When you are culturing your vegan cheese, I discovered it worked better once i waited the full two days for the cheese's ingredients to culture. In case you want to begin with a recipe that is a surefire hit, I would highly suggest the Unsteak recipe.

Should you do not drink alcohol, for recipes which may have mirin and wine included, you can find mirin and non-alcoholic wines which may have most of the alcohol removed. I used Honteri Mirin from the local Asian grocery store and Fre Alcohol Taken out Merlot. As the book implies to use mirin that only incorporates rice and koji (and this is the perfect choice if you do not have an alcohol free household), I found that the flavors were still there with the Honteri Mirin while the alcohol has not been.

While you are using this book, you will observe that a number of recipes incorporate multiple variations. The cashew cream recipe webpage alone has additional recipes for bechamel, alfredo, and mushroom sauce. The Glorious Butterless Butter recipe has four variations you can try after trying the main recipe. I love how comprehensive this book is. After the recipe for flax seed egg whites, Miyoko includes recipes for flax seed omelets, frittata, and quiche. You may make snow cream or gelato or sorbet, homemade jam, mustard, and mayonnaise, bread, crackers and cakes - the set of different recipes this guide incorporates can really stock your whole vegan pantry. There is a recipe for cinnamon rolls. I made the ketchup recipe in about 5 mins with ingredients I already had in my fridge and kitchen. It was worlds a lot better than the corn syrup centered ketchup you can typically find at the store.

If you are a fan of seafoods but are vegan and haven't found good recipes that incorporate the flavors you have been missing, Miyoko has a whole part of this book dedicated to vegan seafood. You can make vegan fish, crab cakes, chowder - even vegan fish sauce! The vegan fish sauce needs to be my favorite addition to Thai dishes. It brings back all of the subtleties of flavor I missed in the food I used to love before I was vegetarian. It's so good that I will probably make use of it the next time I order Thai food takeout - there is nothing like having the essential flavors and nuances of Thai food on my palate again.

This guide is absolutely the most comprehensive and detailed recipe guide I have found to vegan cooking. Miyoko knows vegan cooking and everything I have made using this book has been absolutely delectable. It would be the first book I would recommend to a friend who had been newly vegetarian., This is not a " quick fix" publication BUT - if you like slow food, homemade food or cooking from scratch (especially if it's easy) this is your publication. Most of the recipes are straightforward and made with ingredients a vegetarian who likes to cook will have on palm.

Up to now, I've tried the almond milk and soy milk - both tasty, both easy but the resulting milks were quite different. I've tried the yogurt (I made mine with the chia seedling variation) and it was really good - and easy! I don't normally like yogurt but I got some for lunch with berries and it was really good. I've also made the rejuvelac (and can't wait to make use of it to crank out some cheese) and the cashew feta. The almond feta recipe alone is worth the expense of the book. It's SO GOOD! I haven't got dairy cheese in years and these cheese recipes are an excellent alternative. I also made the " Well crafted Mac and Cheese" - was really dubious on this but it actually thickened up and tasted out-of-this-world good! Items be keeping a container of this mix on hand all the time for " junk food days" I don't have to feel guilty about later.

I'm pumped up about making the rechausser, the cheeses and the condensed soups to freeze ahead of time.

It is really an amazing book - I've threatened to cook all the recipes in a book before but this time - I believe I'm going to do it., I've become a vegan book hoarder and all of them are beautifully designed and interesting. But quite a few I rarely use because they have either light printing - difficult to read unless in the best of light - or dust covers that keep falling off and recipes/ingredients too complicated for each day food preparation. The first thing I noticed about Miyoko's publication was the print. With my eyesight that's important. Even the smallest printing can be read in the worst light (which is often the time I'm cooking) and the lovely rustic image is on the hard cover - no dust cover falling off or getting in the way in which. The recipes are uncomplicated and easy to follow from basic ketchup, creme fraiche, yuba bacon, unsausage, custard, preparing mix, and much more. I didn't realize how easy it is to make your own staples, it can save me a ton pounds and searching round the shops. Try finding yuba where I live (you won't. ) It takes minutes to make and all you need is 4 glasses of soy whole milk! Already I'm stocked with pancake mix, butter, crackers, pizza dough, ranch outfitting and fresh (handmade) pasta. None were difficult to make. Tonight I'll try the italian meatballs - very interesting recipe. Up to now, I've not had to get one ingredient - I've found them all in my usual vegan pantry stock. I couldn't become more delighted.

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