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Typically I don't blog-style cookbooks as they are too chatty and all that chat gets in the way of recipes. If you are serious, or a bit short on time, long-winded chatty cookbooks get in the way of food preparation.

The book A Homemade Life is an exception.

Author Molly Wizenberg drags off writing a blog-style cookbook with aplomb. The girl writing pull you in as you want to learn about her family: Her mother who was petite and was brought up in a perfectly measured house with a flagstone patio sidewalk; her father who made the best France Toast or her gay and lesbian Uncle Jerry who once took Molly to a knick-knack store the the Sweet Potato. Additionally, you will learn about how precisely her family treated with close deaths of relatives and how food played such an important part of these lives.

Within between the family background you will find quality recipes. Lots of good sounding recipes. Recipes family-tested and the kind you would want to serve at your family table.

Some of the recipes you can find in her cookbook include:

Burg's Potato Salad
Friesse with Pork, Eggs, and Mustard Vinaigrette
Coeur a La Creme with Raspberry Puree (thank you for this recipe ?nternet site still love white chocolate)
Hoosier Pie


MR, I found the beginning of A Homemade Life challenging to get into. I thought it started pretty slow, and the private accounts were very brief, giving a high-level synopsis about a memory from her life and finishing with a complimentary recipe. As the book developed, her stories continued to be brief however they contributed more of Molly's emotions and comprehensive facets of her life outside of only the food. For example, we discovered some of her dating experiences and courtship with her now husband. Hearing about these facets of her life gave me an improved understanding of who she was, which made me more thinking about what she was cooking and how it made her feel. As I got about a 3 rd of the way in, I could not put the guide down. Plus, the quality recipes all sounded amazing, and am cannot wait to try them!, This is a wonderful book for so many reasons! Molly's quality recipes are extremely tasty and her directions are easy to follow. I enjoy Burg's Potato Salad and the Ivresse a La Creme. The best recipe is the Impotence Fretwell Soup, inspired by an Italian vegetable soup my own father made years back for Molly and her father. My hardback copy of this guide is hopelessly splattered and stained.

But as much as I love the food, the stories are the best part of this book. Essentially it's the history of Molly's father, their family and their contributed love of food. The girl father, Moe Wizenburg, was obviously a wonderful man, and this individual really comes alive in this book. I lost my father a long period after Moe passed away, but every time I read this guide, it reminds me of my father, our kitchen and his zest for life. There's a piece of everyone's family and their kitchen table in this book and that's part of its magic., Lovely history, felt a kinship with the author. Food and family are synonymous, sometimes we forget that tough times make you hungry. I actually went thru similar with my mom, first time I ever cried whilst reading a cook guide.
Oh the recipes are fantastic and simple, big hit with my non foodie friends.
Thank you for this book Molly look forward to the new book., But more important, the recipes are wonderful!!! Everything I've made so far has been outstanding. The directions are also very helpful for many who are not accomplished bakers., Nicely written and honest book about food, love, family, life. I really enjoyed reading it, mostly due Molly's enjoyable writing style. I actually don't follow Molly's blog, together no expectations when I started reading it. However, I ended up purchasing it, since it is an outstanding book. To my amaze, the recipes are excellent as well., Molly Wizenberg is a really, really good writer. She puts sentences together that are worthy of reading multiple times just for the sheer joy of savoring the imagery. She pulls you in and makes you care about her life. She composes a compelling story of her more youthful life in Oklahoma with her parents and as well as food, and later takes you into her whirlwind young adult Seattle world of scrumptious as well as relationship. Her recipes are great, but it is her warm and compelling way with words that makes this book an intense page turner., I adore this guide and this woman. A friend of mine linked me to her blog using one fateful day and I spent the next few weeks reading all her posts backwards. Indeed, that might have spoiled the ending, but I actually loved every minute of it. Her father's france toast recipe is becoming my standard, as well as her waffles.

The second time I read this guide I realized how truly brilliant it is. The girl writing is light, easy, but nonetheless deeply touching. This links life to food and shows how the two can truly be inseparable in some lives. All the recipes just Make Sense after the stories she tells, and the narrative moves ahead so smoothly.

Please read this. Please check away her blog. It has enriched my life therefore i hope it does the one you have. (Her second one should be released late 2013, and her baby overdue 2012! )

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