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Orwell joined the leftists fighting Franco in 1930s The country and his straightforward, fact-filled prose sets you in the middle of the action--often bleak vistas of mud and manure. The book is personal but never self absorbed, dramatic but never pretentious. He admired the working courses of Spain who were devoted to developing a classless democracy, and he shows how their dreams were shredded by a surrealistic conglomeration (never an deliberate alliance) of the feudal church, the bourgeoisie, Fascists, and, ironically, the Russian communist party.

What stays together with you are the details of surviving in trenches, queries for tobacco, and moments of grim humor. I am advised that the " National Review" (hardly a paradigm for leftist sympathies) once called " Homage" one of the about three most important books of the 20th century. It might not exactly be quite that good, but it will do until we physique out three better., George Orwell must be an excellent writer because, in all honesty, I wasn't overwhelmingly thinking about reading about the Spanish Civil War. Nonetheless, I really, really liked this book.

Understanding the background behind the war isn't very a necessity, but I definitely recommend bringing yourself up to speed via wikipedia before starting. That will way, Orwell's personal recollections, which are the various meats of the book, will be more highly relevant to you.

Orwell presents a refreshingly honest account of the war and his own evolving take on it. Spain's resulting chaos is a prescient warning for those who take too passionately and seriously partisan politics. Orwell shows that it never takes too much time before ideals are trashed the window to get replaced by the hundreds of years repeated same old mission for power.

I recommend this book to anyone thinking about the Spanish Civil Conflict, human nature's struggle for power, or Orwell's insightful, often humorous observations., Not long ago i started reading all the Orwell I could get my hands on. I have read 1984 and Animal Farm numerous times but somehow missed his other works. Homage to Catalonia is witty, fascinating and powerful. The disillusion Orwell commences to feel certainly shaped his later views of revolution and Marxism. This book is a great spot to get to know Orwell and will encourage you to read his other works, I guarantee you., This is an important book, and it is key to understanding Orwell's world view.

Though sales of 1984, another important book, spiked after the 2016 election, I believe this was what should have been widely read. A new fascinating insight to the Anarcho-syndicalist efforts in The country., A good description of Catalonia durng the Spanish Civil War and his part in it. I can see that even then Catalonians wanted to be independent from The country., HOMAGE TO CATALONIA has two narratives. The first discusses the encounters of Orwell from December 1936 through June 1937, when he fought as a common soldier in a socialist (POUM) brigade from the Fascists, recuperated from a nearly fatal sniper's topic, and then fled The country as a British hooligan tourist as POUM military were arrested and jailed in Barcelona in a Communist-led purge.

This narrative of first-hand experience is absolutely first rate, with Orwell's writing properly clear, beautifully paced, and completely riveting. Within this narrative, highlights are Chapter 7, where Orwell participates in an assault on a Fascist redoubt in front; Section 12, where he describes being shot in the neck and its post occurences; and Chapters 13 and 14, where Orwell activities a nightmare-world of purges, when idealistic men who fought bravely for the Republican cause are caught and imprisoned for the political affiliations of their military units.

Meanwhile, the second narrative of HtC analyzes the contending, but long-dead, politics of PSUC, POUM, FAI, CNT, UGT, and so on. In this case, the thoughtful Orwell concentrates his research in two long chapters (five and eleven). And, he advises readers without interest in the war's labyrinth politics to by pass this material, which may be done without diminishing the power of Orwell's story. However in general, what he delivers about this war's politics appears nearby the start of Chapter 5: "As a militiaman one was a soldier against Franco, but one was also a pawn in an enormous challenge that was being fought against between two political theories. "

HtC also is effective as a historical record. On page 2, Orwell makes an observation that initially struck me as unpersuasive: "I had come to Spain with some notion of writing newspapers articles, but I got joined the militia almost immediately, because in those days and in that atmosphere it seemed the only conceivable thing to do. " But afterwards, Orwell communicates the great benefit of the Republican cause--its transformation of Spain from a feudal to an egalitarian society--as well as the desire of the adherents to finally restrict the spread of persistent Fascism.

And a previous thought: Three cheers for Georges Kopp!, eye terme conseillé for and almost forgotten war, Book is a little dry to start. However the book was in good condition and I appreciate the chance to read it at such a great price. George Orwell is an excellent writer.

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