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Getting read almost all of the Revernd Dr. Cynthia Bourgeault's previously published works, and having the good fortune to attend a number of the woman teaching sessions, I have awaited with eagerness and anticipation for months the arrivial of this, the woman latest book, The Ay Trintiy and the Legislation of Three. I was not disappointed. Perhaps what I have appreciated most about Cynthia Bourgeault and her writing and training is her unwavering commitment to all that is good in Christian belief, tradition, and liturgical party, while at the same time breaking new ground for those seeking a Christianity that may be embraced with intellectual, spiritual, and social integrity nowadays. In the pages of this guide, she mingles the fresh fruit of her own heavy prayer and meditiation which flourishes in her own particular creative insights, with those of Christian mystics from centuries past and the cutting edge theologians, mystics, and phlosophers of our own time to arrive at a truly new understanding and conceptualization of the centrality of the Holy Trinity to the very center of Christianity--and yet the one that harmonizes with the lived faith of Christian believers considering that the time Jesus strolled on earth as truly human being and truly God without separaton or confusion. For those who are trying to embrace traditional Christianity without reservation, but who have difficulty with some of the formulations, language, and doctrinal accretions of the centuries, this guide is a lifeline. I regard myslelf as such a seeker, and I recommend this guide with gratitude to all such seekers. Although We have purchased many excellent books and products from Amazon over time, I have never before been relocated to write a review. The particular profound nature of this offering from Cynthia Bourgeault has prompted me to share my thoughts for the very first time. Mary Ellen Jernigan, We was lucky enough to learn The Holy Trinity earlier, and so I feel ready and eager to write a quick review. I know the guide will require some work, particularly when you have no background in theology or mysticism, but it is well, well worth it. Cynthia, with her acute mind and marvelous choices of words, communicates something that can rearrange your own mind--and because of that your coronary heart might just change too! I have attempted to write my own books on non-dual consciousness and contemplation, but this moves much further into the "how" of it all and even the "why" of the "law of three". In the event you even get one third of it--and you surely will--it will allow you to see and think in a whole new way--and a way that is generative, life giving, and can only be called knowledge. Who would have thought that this "code breaker" was hidden within our Christian doctrine of the Trinity?! I think the implications with this "radical truth" could change everything from our politics, to the social relationships, to our greatest encounters with the Keen., I found this challenging reading!! It also requires an experiential approach to Christianity, or to life, experiencing the dynamic of " threeness" which just can't simply be evaluated logically, by thinking. This guide is so ground breaking that I felt as We read it that one day this is proceeding to be a Christian classic or it is going to be completely forgotten as a unsuccessful attempt to make Trinity more key the the Christian faith. Certainly with the initial thesis when the Trinity was taken off Christianity today no-one would notice; a nice idea but no real everyday significance. I've learned in the word of my own faith when some aspect of faith is similar to that then something is absent. This book helps put the Trinity back into the centre of our experience of reality... and also sits nicely beside the idea of evolution as an expression of the continuing creativity of God always creating the new thing., In her book, The particular Holy Trinity and the Law of Three: Discovering the Radical Truth at the Heart of Christianity, Cynthia Bourgeault taps a further and richer understanding of the unfolding of fact. Drawing on Gurdjiff's clever understandings of the dynamics of change, she applies his Law of 3 to the Trinity. More than a doctrinal formula of set identities standing in connection with also to the other (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), she sees the Trinity as a dynamic and creative metaphysical principal by which the world is established and sustained.
But the Law of Three is much more than an ancient code that simply needs to be unlocked. Cynthia's work represents the deep line of thinking of truth that has gone missing in our present understanding of things. Contemporary religion in general and Christianity in particular appear to possess lost the necessary imperative to dig further than doctrinal or emotional beliefs to find real life changing truth.
We recently shared an experience of utilizing the Law of Three in a challenging situation that seemed to have found a complete and utter standstill. Upon taking the quiet time to stand back from the impasse in order to think about the Law of Three, I had been led to an unsuspected opening of new possibility. In my enthusiasm I wrote upwards this experience and shared it with a small number of my colleagues. Not surprisingly, one of them wrote back: "Although We read what you wrote about the Law of Three, I'm left scratch my head in regards to what it means. I realize you gave us an summary, but I wonder how much I'll get from reading Cynthia Bourgeault's guide. Perhaps I'm selling me personally short, but this might sound as if it could be over me. "
Right here is the challenge with this material in general and this book in particular. It cannot be grasped with the ordinary mind. 1 must find a way to available to its contents that is both looser and lighter. Taking the time to quietly meditate occasionally through the reading might be one such way.
But don't give up! It truly is far too important and much too useful. Cynthia would say that it takes warn, surrendered, and supple awareness to identify third pressure. It takes that same kind of awareness to open to the Wisdom with this book. But it is eminently worth it.

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