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It is a very entertaining read for that skeptically inclined. I downloaded this into my Kindle fire to read while We was on holiday and finished up reading it two times in one week. I've gone back several periods to re-read the elements about Adam and Event and Noah's Ark. We think I keep re-reading it because it is usually astonishing that THIS is usually what the fuss is usually about. The Bible really doesn't make a whole lot of sense and Mister. Ebling is probably the few to admit it and shells it up by going through it chapter by chapter. It is so stimulating to read the Scriptures and see it contested from a source of which doesn't be serious about it. While this specific is not a reference book or an respected one, it is created in a entertaining style in addition to reads quickly, unlike the particular heavy-handed tome it's criticizing. I'd recommend it because a stepping stone with regard to anyone who wishes to obtain deeper into Bible critique.

To give an illustration of Mr. Ebling's 'tell it like it is' style, this is the particular opening line of the guide. "The Bible is Not the Word of Lord. It is an ancient library of books, created over a span regarding 2, 000 years, by different authors, in diverse places, with different theologies, and conceptions of Lord, that plagiarizes myths, legends, stories that occur inside a "world" that will not can be found. "

Write it straight down and memorize it. That is the truest factor that anyone has actually said about The Scriptures.

Here's to Mr. Ebling continuing and finishing his / her ambitious and heretical job. I hope to someday use a complete set regarding The Holy Bible-Best Lord Damned Version., Effectively details out the silliness regarding the beginning of the particular Bible - those manifest bits of nonsense or even inconsistencies you can see if you are paying attention : but from the bit vulgar and crude, sort regarding like a shock jock using vulgar language. Perhaps he does this to offend those of an overly religious mind set, or just shock all of them and offend them around they often offend others by insisting their matters of religion are instead matters of fact. In any kind of event, I'm not sure the particular vulgar language is essential. Wow, one can overlook this, I suppose, but I'd rather see the ideas than the crude language.

Alas, it only will take us up to the particular alleged enslavement from the Jewish people by the Egyptians (so, before Moses units them free). Therefore, it's too short. There's possibly more to come, nevertheless the title say the Scriptures - not just the tiny part of this, so it's a lttle bit deceiving.

Anyway, this shines lighting on some aspects the particular faithful would rather shine over or overlook completely - if those devoted were those who believe the Bible is supposed to be literal fact. For those who are fine from it being figurative truth, I'm certain this might be less offensive : though it's clear the particular values of that before culture that wrote those passages are radically diverse than among our even more modern/current values.

For an atheist like me, from the reassuring read that a single is not alone in their belief the Bible is usually, on the whole, quite obviously silly if it's said to be the literal word of the almighty being. Is actually clearly not. And possibly worse, whether it were, just what a horrible and inappropriate and unjust being GOD would have to become (at least to judge Him by the known and/or given facts - there may always be hidden reasons why the innocent want to be punished or even killed, too, but such as much of the Bible, you'd have got to take that about a leap of faith as well, which defies typical sense and reason. That is your choice, naturally , nevertheless only, morally, the choice a person can make for yourself - not for others : at least without breaking the philosophy of the golden rule. After all, would a person want others to push THEIR religious beliefs about you through rule regarding law or force regarding arms? Needless to say not. Thus don't force yours about others., Enjoyed the go through and many observations comparable to my impressions when I tried to read the particular thing. Got through the particular third book from the Scriptures before I threw in the towel together with the absurdity of this all. Those authors positive were obsessive-compulsives and they will gave their gods (yes plural, since the Scriptures refers to gods coming from time and energy to time) a horrible mean spirit and someone keen of toying together with human hails from willful methods. The author brings about these types of absurdities well and might be interested in studying more from charlie. So with regard to those open-minded enough to be open to the particular craziness of the guide of Genesis, enjoy., This book is not for everyone. If your easily genuinely offended, steer clear! To Christians, this specific book will probably be labeled genuine, evil, blasphemy. To those of us who identify the bible to become merely fantastical, absurd myths, it is just a funny, yet honest look at one of the particular world's biggest mass acid trip's..., This book gives exactly what you'd anticipate through the title. It breaks down the book regarding Genesis, piece by item, and explains in details every bit that is usually untrue, contradictory, absolutely difficult, or perhaps plain crazy. On the first page, most likely already hit with the load of rubbish in addition to it only gets even more ridiculous. (God created lighting and night and time before he created the particular sun and the moon? Really, Bible? ) I am looking forward to the particular explanation for how Mandsperson and Eve populated our planet without inbreeding. It's unlucky that the people that most must read this specific book probably never will and it's only speaking to the choir, nevertheless from the great tool with regard to anyone who enjoys a good, old fashioned religious argument. I really hope there's a variation of this book available for Leviticus! So much delicious hypocrisy in a single little chapter., It might be a lot funnier, if we did not see that the path regarding humanity has been led so far off course by this stupid religion. Christians are condemning the Islamic ideology, but the Judaeo Alfredia belief system is every little bit as misogynistic and hypocritical. I laughed a great deal, nevertheless then I fell inside a heap crying over the undeniable fact that this ridiculous, disgusting book, they phone the word of lord, has set humanity about a course of hatred and fear. This guide, this bible, is definitely the most damaging factor to influence life on the planet. Steve Ebling only remarks the absurdity and the particular contradictions, and the truth that the men that wrote this garbage wherever total barbarians. It is usually soul crushing to see that people today continue to find this trash, of which being the bible, because some kind of a guide.

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