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Hardly ever will you find a book that is so useful yet so straightforward--page after page of simple, easy-to-implement tips that will improve your life without having to break your bank. Looking over this book feels like discussing to a friend--Laura gives stories about clients she's worked with, so it's easy to imagine how changes can be made within your own home. By providing the reader a clear understanding of Feng Shui, Laura explains the significance of the design recommendations the lady shares throughout this cherish of a book. Typically the photographs are stunning and inspiring, yet the overall feeling is one of peaceful acceptance--like there are no hard and fast " right" or " wrong" answers, but here are the directions to help get the energy flowing openly of our own living space, so why not try moving this over here or there, and find out if things learn to feel a lot better once you do? I cleared away so much clutter after reading this book, it was like a weight raised off me! You'll be amazed at how much small changes might have massive impacts! This book is my go-to gift idea for the people I love--no matter how big or small your house is, this guide is a must-have to make the nearly all of your space., Merely finished reading this informative, easy reading, non stop textbook of knowledge. Typically the Holistic Home: Feng Shui for Mind, Body, Soul and Space has changed my life. Sounds like a classic cliché, but this feel great book has definitely changed my outlook as I see my home, sense my spirit, and listen to my mind. The fire in me is again! The glow in my eyes see how beautiful our lives are ever changing; just trust your instincts. We have highlighted key recommendations so I can guide it within my quest of each new tomorrow. We will be having a garage sale in my community this month; perfect time to get rid of my remorse saving tchotchkes; stopping the clutter! This author discussed her most trying medical moments to the reader; toward today's running a successful business while still being a lecturer, spouse and mother. This wounderful woman has included her life's journey into each chapter and lets the reader into the girl space. I especially enjoyed the follow up moments when this author discussed her clients most recent life style changes. We are only a speck in this universe; why not carry on and feel good about ourselves while learning and loving life. This author has accomplished an ongoing plan in this book. A must read and useful reference tool.

Katherine Lee of Chandler, Arizona ( az ), It is a great book. We used to think Feng Shui was nearly what direction your bed/chair/couch should face. It's much more, makes so much sense, and really adds valuable perspective to everyday life. How Laura covers the burden that " stuff" puts on you is so clear, and her tips to deal with it are actionable. It's a fairly easy fun read, and makes a great gift!, If you have ever felt that the energy in your house or business is not as good as it could be, this is a good guide to help you put into action change. I think this book is a modern and clear representation of feng shui principles. I like how the author included all aspects of a person's life - your room is a reflection of your state of mind and state of extramarital relationships. She writes easily and fluidly and I especially enjoyed reading about the real-life examples of the girl client's situations. It was easy to see me personally in many of these examples. The " fixes" in the book are easy to follow also to implement. We highly recommend this guide for anyone trying to change the energy in your house or business., Hadn't read a feng shui book in a long time, but this one is well written--gives you information simply--woman authors are so much better at this than men., Enough detail to make positive changes. Not too detailed to get bogged down. A good easy to understand read that you can assimilate and employ immediately, Wow, this book is just what I thought it would be, very helpful info and ideas! I am currently altering my home into a holistic home, and how peaceful and stress-free it is! Thank you!, Make simpler your mind and create an energy in your house.

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