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I can tell you how giddy I used to be when this struck my eReader, just as I was going to take off for NYC. I read the book the whole flight, even though I was running on little to no sleep. I had to know what was proceeding on with Noah and Peyton!

Noah and Peyton have been the best of friends their entire life. Having a special bond, that others in their group hadn't experienced to the amount these too have. Although Noah's feelings for Peyton changed when he was a young, the age difference between them and knowing that Peyton's dad would probably pound him to the earth, kept Noah away.

Peyton was tired of waiting around for Noah's eyes to finally open and see that she loved him or her. Now that he's a pro football player, they have the eye candy on his arm and Peyton feels like there is not any way she can compete. This may finally be time to go on. So the lady needs a chance on a cute guy asking the girl out. Little did the lady know it would change her life forever.

Noah doesn't want to think about a life without Peyton in it. But as she's keeping life, he's seeking to figure out ways to make her stay. He is finally realized that the lady is his true love. But could it all be a little too overdue?

The Beaumont gang holds a special place in my heart. And to see Peyton, Noah, and all the youngsters, grown was so very special. There were times I wanted to shout and shout at Noah to OPEN HIS EYE. And Peyton, oh my heart was breaking. This particular is unquestionably an emotional read. Plus we get all the characters we know and love from the Beaumont Series. I want to make it clear that you don't have to read the Beaumont Series in order to start out the newly released... but I highly recommend reading the series. I can't await more!
1 like, Oh my heart. I'm going to need some time to recover using this one.

I was hit full push with the latest book of the Beaumont Collection, Holding Onto Forever. I really like that Noah and Peyton finally get their tale told. As the children of 4225 West, I’ve grown to care about these characters and they hold a special place in my heart.

I used to be on the verge of tears for the majority of the book - I can only describe it was the face-numbing fear and just heartache. I actually wasn’t sure if I was going to make it through with my center intact because I was feeling all of the feelings. Why must Heidi cause me to feel cry like this? I really wanted someone to hold my palm and comfort me telling me it was proceeding to get better also it was all going to exercise. AND I am NOT NECESSARILY being overly dramatic. BUT this is why I really like this series.

I have some much love for this book. Right now there are many highs and lows and so much love that it’s stocked full. We get to see vulnerable characters - Liam and Harrison in dad mode. We get to be in on the joke of the long names of Powell-James family. We get to experience the friendship and love between Noah and Peyton which we knew been around all along. And then there is Mason. Oh Mason.

With every book of the Beaumont series, my feelings get all tangled up and i also become invested in these tales. It’s a testament to Heidi’s craft and what she’s created with this course. I can’t wait to read more books of Beaumont - The Next Generation.

I loved it!!, Permit me start by expressing that Heidi did SOOOO GOOD!! This guide! Guys I mean it, there just aren't words sufficient enough to describe the range of feelings brought by this story! It was heartbreaking and hopeful and angsty in a way that I recently couldn't stop reading. I've always loved this Beaumont Series from the first time I read Forever My Lady, so to now experience Noah and Peyton as adults? Well let me say there have been a lot of tears! A GREAT DEAL! And I might have yelled at the author while reading a time or 10, but it was simply perfection. I'm so totally in love with Noah Westbury as a grown man! He was everything and more that I hoped for, just like this book! HOLDING ONTO FOREVER just became my new favorite Heidi McLaughlin read up to now!! Just beautiful and wonderful and amazing!, Since I first read the Beaumont series four years ago, I desperately wanted Peyton and Noah’s story to be told. I can honestly say, this is completely my favorite book of Heidi’s, and one of her best works to date. I can not even put into words exactly how phenomenal this tale was. Holding Onto Permanently is one of my top reads this coming year, and I can’t wait for who’s love story we get next., I love, love, love the whole gang from Beaumont. And today, I get to love on the grown up kids. This guide can be read as a standalone, but you would be doing yourself a disservice by not starting with these families from the starting of the series. Noah and Payton have a past and a connection that cannot be broken even through time they are apart. And this is their story of how they overcome all life throws their way and find their love is merely as strong as ever before. Plenty of tear jerker times and a few impresses. If you are a Beaumont fan, this is a must read!, Heidi has written another beautiful addition to the Beaumont series. I've loved Noah, Peyton, Elle and Quinn from the beginning and I can't wait to see their tales. Noah and Peyton were destined to be together, I always thought they had a special connection. Heidi gave us a beautiful story of FOREVER love. Is genuinely a should have buy it you may not be let down. I hope the newly released book is Elle's story, but the question is who is her FOREVER love? OMG I'm excited Heidi., I so love this series! Peyton and Noah's tale was so critical and useful to this series. I am beyond overwhelmed with Heidi and her writing! She did a great job at showcasing their love and history. I am so happy she included a wonderful shock. I did get frustrated with Noah, but it was evident that he was raised by some exceptional individuals who allowed him to be loyal and worthy and a stand up human being. Just sensational!!!!, I have read and thoroughly enjoyed the whole Beaumont series. I didn't understand how those could be topped. Holding Onto Forever simply blew the lid off! His passion story is perfect!! Noah is the Man! As a male viewer there is no way I could avoid dropping in love with Peyton! I look forward to what comes next! I give Holding Onto Permanently and the whole Beaumont series my highest recommendation.

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