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*** ALERT ***

If Harry Potter and the Cursed Child disappointed you and has you worried about plunking down your hard-earned cash for another book, be concerned not. This is L K Rowling in her element. Outstanding.

Quick Overview

This collection is an interesting read dedicated to the intrigue relating to Harry Potter’s world. The terrific read that will have fans scrambling for more.

Length: Print, 63 web pages.

Q - Target Audience/Genre and is it advertised as Nonfiction or Hype:
A ~ Fans of Harry Potter and fantasy.

Q - How was this book obtained?
The – Purchased on Amazon during pre-order stage.

Queen - Is a book that I can read and never have to read others first?
A ~ Not necessarily, but I uncertainty any buyer would be purchasing this without having purchased every Potter book written.

Q – In case this is a repeating character or a series, is there a cliffhanger finishing?
A ~ No cliffhanger ending. These kinds of bits and pieces help fill the gaps for fans of harry Potter. Another reviewer states that these all, other than for one, can be obtained on the internet. Personally, i am the sort that would rather have the stories in Kindle.

Q - Are usually there a lot of typos/misspellings, grammatical errors or other editing failures?
A – Zero.

Q - Is this a fast, easy read or is it more of a leisure read?
A ~ Very quick, easy read.

Q - What type of language does this writer use to amplify the points made?
A – Basic English, with no profanities.

Q – What age group group are these claims suitable for?
A ~ Young Adult and old, but it also is a terrific book parents can read aloud to their youngsters.

Q - Our biggest pleasure or dissatisfaction?
A ~ No complaints here. These kinds of bits and pieces are of special interest to Harry Potter devotees, but will interest many others, such as me.

To be able to give a feel for the editing, and the style and flow of this work, I am posting two brief excerpts below.


BY J. Nited kingdom. ROWLING

Azkaban has been with us considering that the fifteenth century and has not been formerly a prison at all. The island in the North Sea on which the first castle was built never came out on any map, Muggle or wizarding, and is believed to have been created, or enlarged, by magical means.

The fortress on it was formerly home to a little-known sorcerer who called himself Ekrizdis. Evidently extremely powerful, but of unknown nationality, Ekrizdis, who is believed to have been insane, was obviously a specialist of the worst varieties of Dark Arts. Only in the middle of the ocean, he lured, tortured and killed Muggle sailors, apparently for pleasure, and only when he died, and the concealment bracelets he had cast faded away, did the Ministry of Magic realise that either island or building existed. Those who joined to investigate refused afterwards to talk of what they had found inside, but the least frightening part of it was that the place was infested with Dementors.

Many in authority thought Azkaban an evil place that has been best destroyed. Others were afraid of what might occur to the Dementors infesting the building if they deprived them of their home. The creatures were already strong and impossible to kill; many feared a horrible vengeance if they carried off a habitat where they came out to thrive. The very walls of the building seemed steeped in agony and pain, and the Dementors were determined to cling to it. Specialists who had studied properties built with and around Dark magic contended that Azkaban might wreak…’

Rowling, L. K.. Short Stories from Hogwarts of Power, Politics and Pesky Poltergeists (Kindle Single) (Pottermore Presents) (Kindle Locations 251-262). Pottermore. Kindle fire Edition.

Excerpt 2

L. K. Rowling’s thoughts

Typically the name ‘Azkaban’ derives from a mixture of the prison ‘Alcatraz’, which is its closest Muggle equal, being set on an island, and ‘Abaddon’, which is a Hebrew term meaning ‘place of destruction’ or ‘depths of hell’.

Rowling, J. K.. Brief Stories from Hogwarts of Power, Politics and Annoying Poltergeists (Kindle Single) (Pottermore Presents) (Kindle Locations 292-294). Pottermore. Kindle Edition.

Base Line:

Five enthusiastic celebrities out of five.

Feedback regarding your viewpoint of this book or of my review, whether favorable or unfavorable, are always welcome. In case you buy the book based on my review and be disappointed, especially, I do need to know that and I want to understand how I could improve as a book reviewer. Just please be polite.

Thanks., Honestly, this is merely a bunch of Pottermore articles mushed into a book. It's nice to possess them in one place, though, especially since some articles get taken down without notice, and the subject matter was interesting! If anything, you can point to this book as definitive guide material for whatever if you're writing. And it HAS BEEN well-written.

However, I have one complaint - this publication was an opportunity to expand on a few already-established articles. I could think of one often-forgotten poltergeist who could use some more canon expansion... On the surface, we hardly know the guy! In a book with nice personality development for minor figures like Slughorn and Umbridge, why did Peeves get the short finish of the stick?!, This book is a fun read if you are thinking about the 'behind the scenes' history and how the author thought as she created the Harry Potter world.

Ms. Rowling gives with us her thoughts about creating characters and names for the places and some of the characters in the textbooks. She shares the historical past of the politics of the Magical world as well as the history of Hogwarts. I found it fun, and got a further knowledge of the world that she created that has captivated so many in the world. Youthful and old both enjoy this epic tale of good vs evil.

These textbooks put out by Pottermore. com are a great addition to her world if you are still having withdraws after the Deathly Hollows 2 was over. Five stars for the great writing., Typically the 3rd and final short stories from Hogwarts! From least for me, because I read them away of order. I think this was actually the second release. And who knows, maybe there will be more. I kind of hope so, because I love reading about the wizarding universe. I soak up every little detail J. K. Rowling divulges, and I don't treatment if she is merely coming up with some of this stuff now. Show me everything about my favorite characters and their world. And in the situation of this book, tell me about the scary, less favorite figures! In this book we have to learn more about the lives of Umbridge, Slughorn, Quirrell, and a few other characters. There's also a chapter that contains the complete listing of witches and wizards who held the position of Minister of Magic from the 1700's up through present day. Very cool., Backstory to the Harry Potter series. Really interesting stories about the characters we grew to love (and hate) at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. These short stories go deep into the history and inspirations of many of the characters, giving us much information we were not offered in the books. Then, Rowling also adds her personal thoughts about her development of these characters. I found this addendum to the book series very interesting and a joy to see. Brief, sweet and insightful, I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoyed the novels. The writing is merely as fun and playful as we've come to expect from Rowling; however, it would really assistance to have read the novels. If Deathly Hallows left you wanting more, THIS is the more you've been wanting., Our husband told about all these new short stories on the pottermore website and you could read them for free. However I like to read before your bed and don't feel like having my laptop in bed with me plus reading of any screen gives me headaches really bad. So this was ideal for me and my kindle, yes if you're paying for something you can get free in other places but I paid for the convenience and I think the price is very just.
Now about the book, I am loving all these smaller side stories/back stories to details a lot of fans were wondering since the first publications of the original Potter textbooks, brings back that sense of childhood and creativeness we all had when the books were new and feels magical each and every time a fresh addition joins the Potter series., This has one story that wasn't previously on Pottermore - other than that read them all on Pottermore for free.

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