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In case you are a Harry Potter fan like I am (or maybe even less than the completely obsessive one like me! ), likely to love Short Stories from Hogwarts of Heroism, Problems, and Dangerous Hobbies. Whilst it is short (by far the only negative! ), it does provide some great backstory to the wizarding world! You start off with McGonagall, progress to Lupin, the Trelawney, and then Kettleburn (Hagrid's COMC predecessor). McGonagall and Lupin's stories will be the most flushed out, as you would expect. These two are much more a part of Harry's story. However it is nice to hear snippets of information from many different areas. Again, though, this is brief. It only took about an hour and a half for me to read it (with distractions! ), so it's a little disappointing in this aspect. When these were introduced I was really hoping for something of much more length.

The greatest plus for me is that you can hear JKR's voice so plainly through the entire thing. It's practically nothing like Cursed Child. This particular book (and I'm hoping the other two! ) just ooze Rowling's writing style, creativity, attention to detail, and love of the wizarding world. This particular is so refreshing after CC. I cannot hold out to read the other two! I am going to say that some of this information has been available either on Pottermore (which We do not get to that often) or from the other interviews, but it's nice to have it all together and on my kindle. My biggest hope for this is that they'll put these into print, either created together or with added information in order to add it to my HP selection!, I feel the name is somewhat misleading. These really aren't short reports, but detailed character profiles. They're very good and I enjoyed them, but it wasn't what I thought I was getting. Is actually worth a read., It was a fun little selection of stories that provided me a lttle bit more history on characters I enjoy. We particularly loved benefiting from more information on Minerva McGonagall and Remus Lupin. I enjoy both of those character types so much and it was nice to learn a lttle bit more about them. We also really enjoyed Silvaneus Ketylburns story. This is a character we never really meet, but We feel like I would have liked him. We particularly enjoyed the little about him throwing flobberworms at Death Eaters., This was such a pleasure to read about the life of Minerva McGonagall and Remus Lupin. Is actually a different perspective and entails an increased appreciation for their existence in the story. Lupin's story made me tear up and it was really unfortunate if you put yourself in his shoes. This was also cool to read about Kettleburn and how this individual had the center to battle for what is right despite his disabilities. I wish J. K. Rowling will write more short reports about the people involved in the Potter publications. Or maybe a spin off. They are really amazing., How can you not love it it is stories from the Harry Potter world. It provides you a small bit more depth on a some of the characters from the guide I wish there were a lot more of these I wish there were a lot more reports written about the Harry Potter world they were accessible through e-books because as a blind person I am restricted to what I can access., I had been a little bit afraid to read more Harry Potter stories after The Cursed Child came out. But this book was absolutely perfect.

As opposed to changing something in the Wizarding Planet that we all know and love, it added more of a back story to characters that you already thought you knew well.

This gave myself the little taste We needed to continue my love for Harry Knitter., It helped to fill up in the characters we didn't know much about during then Harry Knitter books. I am pleased I read it., This particular gets more into some of the books main character types. I thoroughly enjoyed viewing the motivations and lives of some of the best loved/most controversial character types in the Harry Knitter series pre- Hogwarts. We wish it were extended. It's a Pottermore distribution, however for those that are unfamiliar with the site, M. K Rowling publishes on there about the various character types and workings of the wizarding world, and the lady writes a spiel for every entry in this guide, so it is legitimate. It helps inform both those which may have read the Harry Potter series and those that are thinking about going into it, and We think from the good way to keep satiated until the " Fantastic Beasts" movie comes out.

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