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His UnBearable Feel by Reina Torres is book two in the Orsino Security book series. This book is a paranormal bear shifter Romance. This can be the second book of Riena’s I have read and like the first I loved it. Allegra Rossetti lost her vision due to a aggresive attack that she survived. She has finally got the courage to start out playing her cello again so that she can play the music that lives in her heart. When of her careless co-workers sets her in danger once more when he does watch her closely. All of a sudden Allegra locates herself being saved and pulled into a safety embrace. Valerio Orsino moved to America ten years in the past hoping to find his mate. Thanks to destiny Valerio ends up in the right place at the right moment to save a woman who he knows is his mate immediately. Will destiny allow these two to be together or will a vengeful heart draw them apart? You will have to read it to learn. I LOVED this book and I love the fact that you get updates on all the other characters. I suggest it this book if you love shifter friendships., This book contains on-screen sex and some mild cursing (no f-bombs) so if those things will make you leave a bad review, you should skip this one.

I do not read shifter books in general, but Ms. Torres has a method with writing amazing character-driven stories that I just can't avoid, and this one is no different. From the start, Valerio and Allegra have a connection that was undeniable. And although the story has a very serious thread running through it and there is drama, the primary designs of the story are love, hope and loyalty. The relationship between Allegra and Valerio was so wonderful, but the connection between those two and Valerio's brothers and Natale was just like sweet. Individuals types of private connections are what make any publication by Ms. Torres a must-read to me.

If you enjoy a sweet and sexy shifter book with a ton of center and personality, you should read this book.

I requested and was amply granted an ARC of this book, I was under no obligation to write this review, I did so because I loved this book., The importance of family loyalty and the concept, even the need, of having a soulmate, are great driving forces right behind the storyline, the characters, and the passion so richly presented in this second novel of the Orsino Security series by Reina Torres. Valerio, the second brother, has been searching for his soulmate in NYC the past 10 years. He not only finds her on the NYC subway but he or she rescue her from an assailant. Allegra, is a talented cellist who is blind from the viscious strike by a former boyfriends/jelous colleague. The attraction between Valerio and Allegra is immediate, it is powerful, and it is passionate. Because the relationship between the two quickly escalates, so do attacks on Allegra. Valerio and his siblings are determined to keep her safe and eliminate the threat. They do not hesitate to use their skills and instincts as bear form shifters to protect and save those they love.
If you haven't read paranormal romance novels, this series is a great summary of the genre. You will not be disappointed., “He just might be the light in her night after all these years. ”
An intensive, emotional romance read with passion and suspense. Typically the instant connection and chemistry between the two main characters light up the pages. Allegra, the heroine, was written so that you felt her self-reliance and bravery as well as her limitations and vulnerabilities that a window blind person might encounter. Valerio is a sexy hot bear shifter hero who is understanding, protective, and supportive. He really shines as Allegra past comes back to cause more trouble. This is the second book of the Orsino Security series. Valerio is the middle buddy. I love the connection between the three siblings and the tightness of the family bond. These people are devoted brothers and heroes who love and protect deeply. I’m desperately waiting for the most youthful brother bear story. Pleasurable!, Valerio is the other buddy in this series. Allegra is smart and very brave young woman. The girl went through an unthinkable event with her past boyfriend. Valerio is the light in her darkness. Allegra has a beautiful center. Valerio is her mate and very protective of Allegra. Valerio is not proceeding to let anyone damage her again. It was wonderful to see Redentore, Natale and Uberto again. I enjoy interaction between these three brothers. I feel very excited for Uberto's story. This really is wonderful series particularly when you love totally devoted brothers and heroes., Psychologically thrilling, action packed and enthralling paranormal romantic experience filled with danger, secret and intrigue.

Valerio Orsino is strong, charming and a sexy alpha bear looking for his destined mate and feels so close when he first came to America only to be denied until years later fate strikes a second time. Allegra Rossetti has lived in the dark for almost an entire decade and left her with a fear of intimacy until one fateful experience finds her in Valerio's arms and her world changes yet again. Loving the Orsino siblings., Salvatore and Allegra. Amazing! Allegra, blinded after a terrible incident, is merely now finding her through the world. Salvatore has been searching for his mate for some time. When they meet there is an instant relationship. I loved their chemistry and Allegra's brave nature. There is a lttle bit of suspense and lots of fun, naughty time. I aren't wait for the third book in this series!, An amazing story of triumph over tragedy! A real lesson that regardless of what you’ve faced in the earlier, you can make a future for yourself that includes love, laughter and happiness! Well worth reading!

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