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The storyline starts as interesting and well written to keep on as rushed, immature, smooth, ignorant for the subject and borderline offensive to the particular medical professionals. Let me personally explain: we have a couple of excellent, hard working and very dedicated professionals : a female nurse and also a male doctor - they meet in ER for the first time and they part ways using a disagreement about their particular skills using an appeal to each other. The particular nurse goes home and takes off her hospital scrubs and places these people with her everyday washing!!! and that could have been a small unintented omission by the writer, if we had not be treated to a half page description and analysis about it!
The following day (SPOILERS) the doctor has a seven year old lady as a patient and he is suspecting that the child is a target of negligence and mistreatment. Here comes the health professional to help him out and she starts talking to the little girl. The physician is staring at the particular nurse full of admiration for her interaction with the child, while he or she is thinking about her shapely and soft lips and how perfect they would certainly be around his..... GENUINELY??? REALLY??? He is in front of an essential, really moving, very sacred and agonizing moment and also this extremely good doctor - a victim of severe mistreatment himself - all he is able to think of is a bl**job??? Is a approach to make the readers feel attracted and connected and sympathetic towards a great MC? by describing him or her being an insensitive, self centered and heartless creep?
It took me personally some time to recuperate and resume reading because We really wanted to consider that it was a really, very, very unfortunate second in the story yet things were getting more serious rapidly. (SPOILERS) The a couple of MCs meet again in private and they commence talking about things and then - without constructing, without escalating passion, without the real connection, even a sexual one - they are having impersonal, clinical sex and even more shockingly unguaranteed sex because apparently which what two responsible and knowledgeable medical proffessionals : completely strangers to every other - do! To finish the most turn away sex scene I have got ever read, someone will be knocking at the door, the doctor pulls away, they are getting dressed swiftly, they agree to proceed in different directions any time they walk out of the room and might be they can finish this another time! That's this - no emotion, no acknowledgment of the discussed moments, not even a goodbye smile or glimpse, nothing. I do think a meeting with a tax police officer to talk about challenging would be more interesting and passionate and emotional fullfilling and romantic than this scene.
So, that was the finish of my reading experience using this story. I am really sorry but any time I read a love is to feel anything more than what We am feeling when We am reading a healthcare prescription and I truly believe sensitive subjects such as child abuse, if to be contained in a love or any kind of story, should be completed with extreme care, respect and proper research. I DFN and I will delete this one from the library., Blurb:
Evan is a physician, Tessa is a health professional, both work at the same hospital. The two turn out have feelings but are usually scared of breaking hospital guidelines of being together.

This short story was okay. We loved the plot yet didn't connect too very much with the hero, Evan. He was just bland to me. Now the particular heroine, Tessa, she had been amazing. Strong and capable best describe her.
The two of them needed more connection emotionally. Plus, it would not hurt to have a few more passionate displays between the two. The particular title is "His Kinky Nurse" and there really wasn't a whole whole lot of naughty., Ok We didn't really like this. No depth and not funny. Why was this individual a poor boy doctor? Medical center romance sex I get but... she was weird, one time sex and the girl thought she deserved just what answers. He didn't guarantee her anything. Sorry this wasn't for me personally., I loved the fast pace of this story and the character types are well defined and incredible together. Really pleased with all the quality of the particular book. Very good sharing this with us., OH OUR GOODNESS GRACIOUS LOVED THAT!!!!!!!!!!! WOW WHIRLWIND CRAZINESS ROMANCE GOING ON THERE PHYSICIAN AND NURSE BEING NAUGHTY LOVE IT LOL, We enjoyed reading about Nurse Tessa and Dr. Evan and exactly how two damage spirits found love and joy with one another., His Naughty Nurse is a great read.
Love Tessa and Evan. Maybe they will have got another story. You will certainly enjoy it, This will be my first book by simply Ms. Elliot. It had been a very quick, hot, and hot book. Love the characters. It had been a simple read that did not disappoint. A should read.

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