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I enjoy this series and We can't wait for a next one. This one was loooooong. Maybe too long? But then again I hated to see it ending just because I am gonna have to wait around for the next sequel lol.

Martin, our very human and emotional MC... I felt bad for him but at the same time he frustrated me with his hot and cold attitude with poor Ian. 600+ webpages and am didn't start viewing progress til 70 pct into the book. Yeah, a long wait. Honestly, even though I offered this 4 stars, We don't think Martin well deserved Ian. But I want both to be happy.

Ian, snarky, sarcastic and lovable. We wish Martin was a stronger person. Sure he started to come out his cover but that was towards the end. Very end. I wanted to read more of him blossoming. All his negativity made me feel a bit negative towards him and am may wanna feel that way. I read his weakest occasions for 600 long pages and now We wanna read his best after he and Ian met up.

I just want to see him grow into a stronger person.

Anywho, can't wait for the next one. Is Albert next? I had to smile and possess " A-ha! " Moments whenever the author references previous figures like Ray in publication 1 and the imp and his representative in the collections book.

Great job in putting such human emotions in a supernatural book R cooper. Very powerful., This is a follow to L. Cooper's Treasure for Treasure. I highly recommend you read that first.
His Mossy Boy is another lengthy publication following the loves and difficulties of citizens in Long lasting. Martin, a barista, has troubles with his family that make him vulnerable and seriously anxious. He is teetering on the advantage of acknowledging (to himself) his attraction to men, his long lasting crush has found true love elsewhere and he repeatedly embarrasses himself in front of a local deputy. Ian Forrester (said deputy) is a cynical jerk, but has tips for keep and rules this individual shouldn't break.... and this individual is so tempted to break all the rules for Martin.

This is another charming installment in Cooper's Beings in Love books. Magical beings (fairies, dragons, elves, werewolves, etc . ) and humans finding honest love is the main thread across these books. Together with Treasure for Treasure and His Mossy Boy, the stories are set against a backdrop of a small town (with all the small mindedness and filter points of view) in a beautiful natural setting, by the sea near redwood jungles. Cooper plays on styles of prejudice, racism and sexism, sometimes using the attitudes towards Beings to highlight, since the Beings tend to have fluid or varied gender roles and sexual orientation (dragons, fairies, elves, werewolves, etc. ). Above it all, His / her Mossy Boy is uncomfortable wooing, longing for love, loneliness and triumphant good feels.
Well edited, professionally written, easy dialogue. Chapters switch point of views between the two MCs. A workable amount of interesting and likable secondary characters enhance the story. Some substantial time is also invested with Joe and his dragon from Treasure for Treasure, and municipal events impact Everlasting's magical status.
Things We consider re mm books
Sexy level 1-5: 4
This is a long slow burn book, and wends its way through several explicit mm displays (some thru sexting, some in person).
Angst scale 1-5: 3
Martin is an anxious guy, and really winds himself upward (or grinds himself down) on several occasions. Uncertainness and fear over lovemaking orientation. Unpleasant family landscape or two, and somewhat endless rain. Heavy alcoholic beverages use, marijuana use in apparent self medication of anxiety.
Nice MCs: 4
I really like Matn, awkward sweet goof he is. He is a great character, and L. Cooper makes him much more than the usual bland love interest, together with his hobbies, and friendships and clumsiness. Ian turns out to be great, too, which we know because we see things from his point of view. He really hides himself from the other characters. Together, they clicked to me. Ian's gratitude of Martin is warm and sincere.
Humor scale 1-5: 3
Clever snark, some prat falls, sarcasm as a primary way of communication. Chuckles and huge smiles, but not necessarily having a laugh out loud.

Like the sound of the Creatures in Love books?
I actually do recommend the whole series, particularly Treasure for Treasure and the shorter stories
A Boy and his Dragon and
A Flower for Tulip
I also recommend (for mm love with alternative beings)
T. J. Klune's Wolfsong.
Amy Lane's Truth in the Dark, Mossy Boy

By R Cooper


This specific (as always for me) my go to read when my spirit needs food.

As an author am i not jealous…. oh yes. L never disappoints and her strength is in characterization. In this see the figures are a complex produce of small town figures. But the tales centers on the heart of an undefined forests Getting Ian Forrester a Mouthpiece.

Treasure for Treasure is the intro to this delightful fable that kept myself reading well into the wee hours. Like a soap, I couldn’t move my eyes away from struggles of the lost one Martin.

As in nearly all of the Beings series that I’ve eagerly digested, the main characters always have the submerged personality, “call to duty identity”. Strong quiet and suddenly not so silent types that always turn out to be complicated, loving big men looking for his or her turn to love and be loved. In this installment it may be the Being Ian Forrester.

I assume what I liked most about Ian is that his supernatural nature is amorphous yet is the supreme caregiver. The particular author manages to effectively create a male that is both natural, growing, in your face impolite, loving, caregiver and big…nice. He is my kind of wife.

There’s miracle in the blend of the Were mating theme blended with the notion that every beings have that wonderful person meant only for them. In this situation, Ian believes his shrub has brought him what he needs and desires most… Martin Dyer

Committed fans of R Cooper perhaps already enjoy the infusion of her other characterization into her Creatures series of works. I love it when beloved figures pop up in new storylines. In Treasure for Treasure it’s Marie Greenleaf, famous M/M romance creator of the strong old Were wolf family name Greenleaf. In this offering it’s Albert Greenleaf, the youngster hailing from the city called Wolf’s Paw.

His / her existence is established but not the connection as to why Marie arrived in Everlasting before him. The new work? Or have I missed one.


Martin Dyer and Ian Forrester are characters from the previous work from R Cooper Treasure for Treasure.

Martin is a coming of age man fighting his sexuality and a genuinely unkind and inappropriate unbalanced mother. The emotional abuse at home has taken its toll on Martin. Coming at a time of beginnings in his sexual and adult life. The fear that haunts is being doomed to everlasting failings and never being worthy of love. The particular beautiful porcelain faced redhead wants love but finds that men may hold the key to accomplishing it. But where do you go in a small town called Everlasting populated by homophobes.

Life becomes interesting when he notices the regular familiar town deputy has become his regular savior. Ian Forrester is gorgeous. Although, unbeknownst to Martin, Ian (a forest Being) fell in love with Martin in the past in a chance meeting curled up under a beloved tree.

Will Martin run away his abusive parent and allow the love he should get? Will Ian wait for Martin to embrace what he wants most…. love.


Ian Forrester, is Ray Brannigan, Nate Neri to name a few of the personalities in R Cooper’s other works sharing common traits. Ian is strong, loving, caregiving and completely male. They will are meant for the Alpha lovers in all people.

Ian Martin, is a male struggling to find love about what this individual thinks is all the incorrect places. Thing is those wrong places turns out to become his solution and the ending of his search.

Critique: The good read and a very strong storyline and characterization. It’s a wonderful tale of requited love. The well-crafted story of self-discovery and love found… for keeps.

M/M romance, LGBTQ, young romance

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