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This specific nifty little book provides you with some basics about Hinduism. It isn’t much, but since a basic guide bringing out the topic it will do nicely. Hinduism is a vast subject, however the publication made it work. It shows you:
1) what Hinduism is with all its thinking, holidays and festivals.
2) how to convert to Hinduism, however „convert“ is not really a good term, as one simply does not convert to Hinduism, one just follows the guidelines, studies the Vedas and joins the society he or she sees it.
3) a little about the basic Indio rituals, that follow a person throughout his current life.
4) some tips in connection with practices and things that one should follow.

There are some discrepancies in connection with formatting, but nothing to major and nothing that cannot be solved in matter of secs. Overall, I quite loved the book., Surprisingly good overview & introduction to Hinduism. Hinduism is one of those traditions that many people tend not to know enough about even to really start doing basic research on it, but this book starts off at the basics and contextualises everything in order to give an overview of the diversity of the religion(s). It's a very informative read. The way the information has been organized into descriptively titled chapters, helps to enter into the book by going to the chapter directly. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn about Hinduism., A Fascinating Guideline To Hinduism! Author Reena George takes you inside the world of the Hindus. First you learn the basic beliefs and methods of the world's earliest religion, 6500 B. D. E. Then you get to the fun part all their holidays and celebrations in Hinduism, Since there are many versions with this religion holidays and celebrations are numerous. Fun, performing, dancing and great food. Some sects are vegetarian as well as others eat meat but none eat beef.

The next area is very interesting. Author Reena George covers converting to Hinduism. The conversion process will go to a very consistent study of the textual content while working together with a teacher to simply declaring yourself a Hindus and, of course , follow the principals of the religion.
Author George also even comes close Hinduism to Christianity, Judaism and Muslim. The similarities and differences are interesting.

You might not have an interest in learning to be a Hindus but this book is a powerful short read to broaden your understanding of other folks.
Recommended!, It's great to read a book that touches on the basic principles of Hinduism and is actually origin. It possesses a clear understanding of it's practices, thinking, rituals and holidays. It can also great to learn about the 7 key Hindu scriptures.

For people who want to know the specific of Hinduism, this publication can be a great resource., This guide gave me personally the basics of Hinduism as well as a practical guide for how to practice it. Initially I thought that Hinduism was a complex religion that was difficult to understand but this book gave me the proper understanding that no other book was able to provide in a quick amount of time. This specific book is quite simple to understand and I would recommend it to anyone that is buying basic understanding of Hinduism and even to people who will be looking for more superior concepts relating to Hinduism., For the last yr, I've been traveling in Indonesia, from where I would visit India and visit Goa quite often. Hinduism has intrigued me, as I'd usually see indio traditions and so called " holy men" in the streets. While experiencing them first hand is definitely better, some issues left me asking yourself. This is why this book is a great addition to getting to know Hinduism better, and goes a little deeper than the skin which is a delightful addition!, A very quick book (56 pages) that contain almost no important information. Looks to be that it was written from a Vaishanava perspective. Plenty of quick entries and not anything at all substantial. If you NEED TO have this guide, I would buy it digitally as the hard-copy isn't really worth the paper it is written on. I am very disappointed with this purchase., Hinduism is one of the oldest faith. I read this book because I am fascinated by it. Also, this book failed to disappoint me. I get to learn something new despite the fact that We are an avid reader of this religion. I get to learn about the rituals and customs that believers observe. I feel like I used to be able to observe someone who get to participate on all of the festivities of Hindus.

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