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This book was far better than I expected it to be. It's not merely a tale of hiking 2000 miles, its a adventure of a man's revival, too. Unlike many other books about one individual's adventure, this book never bogs down in mundane stuff. Stutzman keeps things moving by describing the people he meets and hikes with on the trail, their interaction, the weather and terrain. He describes how difficult the hike can be, but he doesn't dwell on the hardships. It's just part of the adventure of trekking the trail. In all, the book is a memoir, and an account of an adventure relatively few people have undertaken, aside from completed., This guide is written in a way that makes you feel you're hiking alongside Paul. He vividly explains his journey on the AT, and with God., My experience as a bereavement counselor for our local the hospice, as well as my own loses, has trained me that grief is a good thing. This is a gift from God that validates the significance of our loved ones and though often messy and uncomfortable, the journey through grief has the great potential for deepening the meaning and priorities of our lives. Paul certainly echoes these sediments. I was also touched and encouraged by Paul's insight into his comprehension of the difference between religion and spirituality. Certainly our religion often " frames" our spirituality... but as the expressing goes... " not everyone is religious, but everyone is spiritual whether they acknowledge it or not". Loved Paul sharing his experiences on the trek. I have a new appreciation for the phrase " moist and cold"! Hoping to section hike a portion of the Only at that year with my son., I have only read the first 80 pages or so. This is an amazing book. I actually recommend this to anyone. Very low powerful message for all of humanity. And for anyone with a desire to hike the IN, excellent book to illustrate situations you will be facing. When I started out the trail years ago I faced rain and more rain and cold and strong winds. Paul the Apostle clearly explains the conditions and impact on his body and gear. I got the kindle edition so I could highlight important passages and information for later glare. Thank you Paul for sharing the intimate details of Mary's transition. Your current words are like poetry., I actually almost finished this guide several weeks ago, but stopped reading it until tonight because I didn't want it to conclusion. I walked along part Paul as I read his book. I received wet in the rainwater and feel down in the mud with him or her. I struggled with him or her as he walked along his journey, it became my journey. We each have a journey our company is on and aren't very good at sharing that quest with others. Paul discussed his journey well. I actually thank him for allowing me to walk alongside him in this guide., Presented an extremely realistic strategy to how to achieve this considerable achievement. As a vicarious reader, found it mentioned a lot of things that make the quest believable, both positive and negative, and helped learn how he did it. Would like to undertake it personally, but at least this account gives a practical explanation of the 2 and donts, as well as presenting his emotional journey in a very sensitive but not overly so manner. Recommend for anyone who is thinking about an important effort of this sort, as well as those of us who like to fantasize a little..., I'm only past the second chapter and know this is the best book I'll ever read. Gripping, revealing, personal and hopeful. I'm reeling in the feeling that this book is written for me and for my spouse, for us. This is five stars twice over, and still hold the rest of the book., I actually have always been intrigued be the Appellation Trail so quickly purchased this guide when I came across it. Also it was every little as exciting as I actually hoped! A day by day very realistic account of life and classes experienced first hand on the Appellation Trail. The Great Read.

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