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We are a senior and in my 70s I have been into physical fitness all my life. Lately Plus researching various types of fitness programs being marketed today. I have purchased numerous books on fitness including this 229 web page soft cover volume (HIIT Intensity Interval Training Described by James Driver). We am familiar with most physical fitness programs as We have tried many (Circuit training routines, WOD programs, U. S. Navy SEAL Fitness programs, Army Physical fitness programs, Boxing aerobics, Punch boxing aerobics, Tactical aerobic exercise, PACE etc . ) of them over the years.

I have always believed in challenging myself and We love the approach to fitness of this HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING program. I enjoy the reality that you can achieve optimum fitness without having to spend hours at the gym. I was also very thrilled to read about the research being done lately on the effectiveness of doing high intensity interval training. This fantastic book covers some of the latest research evaluating HIIT workouts to other types of cardiovascular training. This text is organized into three parts.

Part one gives an intro to the HIIT philosophy and why it works perfectly to achieve high levels of fitness. The second part covers why HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING is superior to continuous training methods when it comes to exercise pleasure, weight loss, exercise length and other factors. The ultimate part explains how to implement HIIT programs. This particular part goes into the required HIIT intensity, HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING frequency, HIIT protocols, nutrition and other topics. We was especially fascinated with the wide variety of HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING programs one can practice and get great results. I also loved doing it “Tabata” routine but I did it for 12 cycles rather than the eight circles and found it to be fantastic. I also do numerous stretching and yoga asanas to balance my workout routine.

In case you are into physical fitness or sports this is a must read book on the HIIT exercise philosophy. I loved it.

Ranking: 5 Stars. Joseph J. Truncale (Author: Samurai Aerobics for Fitness), James adopts the physiology of cardiovascular training, and explains in great detail how high intensity training compares to other methods. This is a high-impact, high result method, which does take you to your limits, pushes you further, and is extremely satisfying. You are encouraged to make full use of your heart's ability to cope with explosive exercise. James's message is that the better you train, the better your heart will adapt. Other methods are also described, and you are invited to try them as well. This is a great book for anyone thinking about pushing themselves that little bit further, and seeing amazing results., Like other reviewers have said, the writing style isn't the highest, but it doesn't take away from all the helpful information this book provides. The book discusses research findings on the benefits associated with HIIT (fat loss, better endurance, lower resting center rate, etc), different types of HIIT methods, and comprehensive information on how to do HIIT, including advice for warm up and cool-down. It is fun and despite the occasional awkward writing easy to read. We would definitely recommend to Everyone who is thinking about developing an exercise regimen., After reading this book I have a lot better understanding of the importance of exercising the right way. Mcdougal explains the whole procedure in this clear way that it inspires you to exercise and it doesn't feel like a chore. I reside in a place where I have lots of stairs to climb down to get to the beach which will take my breath away but after learning the tips in this book I will be able to handle those stairs much easier. It also made me recognize that I could use HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING on my bicycle. It has some good guidelines and is a book We would like to recommend to others., I really enjoyed reading this publication. Last year I became intrigued with the " Fast Diet", an eating plan where you eat normally for 5 days, then reduce your calories to 500 for just two non-consecutive days. Both my sister and I lost substantial weight, mostly body fat and its ease and simplicity still keep us motivated. The author of the book began checking out at a way to do the same with Exercise, and enthusiastically embraced High Intensity Interval Training.

I read reviews of the existing HIIT books out there and luckily chosen this one. Mr. Motorist is concise, interesting, inspiring and laid out the fundamentals of why HIIT works. What I really liked was your supporting documentation and the many studies that demonstrated how and why HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING worked.

I highly recommend this book for everyone thinking about HIIT. Currently, I'm on my sixth HIIT exercise routine and feel great. I personally use a treadmill with cardiovascular monitor. I still walk with my sister and will continue to do other forms of exercise but now I don't worry about the time I need to devote for my health -- I can just enjoy it. Great Job Mr. Driver. Thanks!, Plus wanting to try HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING for awhile, but was unsure of its safety, and how to begin it. This book provided myself with the confidence to give it a try and the knowledge to work., Great book for learning more about HIIT. It discusses a lot or research and has a nice section on the types of exercises to try., Short to the point advice!

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