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As a possible HSP myself, reading " The Highly Sensitive Child" offered invigorating insight into the mind and heart of my oldest daughter, who is also highly sensitive. For many years, the girl and I have pressed heads over practically everything, along with reading this publication, I was both humbled and empowered to reach the girl in a new way.

Dr . Elaine Aron's functional tips in each chapter, specifically wearing down the developmental era groups, were refreshing, clear, and easy to put into action. My husband and I actually have been discussing, at length, how we can foster our daughter's gifts in a more meaningful way and reframe her sensitivity as neutral, rather than the perceived " bad" that the world defines it as.

My favorite element of the book included recognizing how highly sensitive children require lots of sleep, breaks, and sleep; that they thrive within a routine and generally need help transitioning with life changes; how to help them manage verbal or interpersonal aggression at school; and ways to facilitate discussion with older children or role play with younger ones. Our daughter was teased in preschool, and my husband and I acknowledged her teacher, to no avail. Had I read this book beforehand, I would have been able to offer concrete solutions about how to understand that help HSCs with the " teacher tips" at the conclusion of the book.

Having read " The Very Sensitive Person" before " The Highly Sensitive Youngster, " I would " highly" recommend both textbooks, especially if a parent suspects that his/her child may be highly sensitive, as well. Both together give you a full picture into understanding oneself and children who may have been labeled " shy" (which is situational), but who are actually just sensitive.

A great read for parents and teachers alike., Was almost done reading when someone was looking at it and lost it! Still upset about that. woaw. So definitely had to buy a new one and well, getting more from it reading again! Perfect publication for explaining what a highly sensitive person is. It had been like reading my own journal from years as a child and set me free of false perceptions about myself and my baby., This book is very helpful to parents/family users with a very sensitive child (I was one, back again in the 1960s, and i also wish my parents had understood this better). On the other hand, it can lead to parents saying things like, " He won't eat that... " or " He or she won't do that... " due to sensitivity, which isn't very always true--be practical!, Excellent book. Helps you understand how to be sensitive and kind to your son or daughter who may be a little more emotional and sensitive and not respond the way the world thinks he/she " should"., I don't agree with all of the author's world views, but have been enormously enlightened by her thorough treatment of a subject I was completely ignorant about. The youngsters are grown, but I actually have recommended the publication to my sister, who very definitely has a highly sensitive 11 yr old, and she ordered it right away., Amazon book for parents and those who work with children. The significance of nature is an important concept throughout., This book helped address a lot of the issues that my child was and is experiencing. In addition, it made me think about my very own highly sensitive traits and just how these were addressed when was growing up. Also, I purchased this book for my child's preschool teacher., Really informative and helpful to know that you're not only in this

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