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I had been not prepared to like this book. I’ve never met the writer or noticed him speak, but I actually admit to having a prejudice against the premise that is at the center of all consulting—that everything can be taught. It’s not a false assumption; it may be just not a complete one. Context is everything, which is why historical past often has less to show us than we may think.

Too many books of this genre are written by people who have been drinking the Kool-Aid and come to believe they have learned the true essence of water. Burchard, thankfully, is not that author. You might not exactly agree with everything he writes, but you will finally conclude that he is authentic, and that’s about the greatest compliment I can pay a person.

Every good consultant will start their session with their aim. Brendon is no exception. “This book is about how precisely people become extraordinary, and why others block themselves from that possibility. It will show evidently and unmistakably why some excel, others fall short, and far too many never even try. ” Several pages later he adds, “It will reveal what must be done to become not just an achiever but a high performer—someone who creates ever-increasing levels of both well-being and external success over the long expression. ”

Then comes the hook. Every consultant knows the old saying, “Them that can, do; those that can’t, teach. ” That’s why they always give you the piè ce de ré sistance, the handful of words that describes why their idea is different. It could normally be shown as a geometric condition or simple graph. In this situation, it is, “High performance is not achieved by a specific kind of person, but rather a specific group of practices, which I call high end habits. ”

At this point, I admit, my anticipation were being met. And then things went from bad to worse. “Taken with each other, the six habits you will learn here won’t just get you to superiority, they’ll make you happier—and the data proves it. The positive feelings of engagement, joy, and assurance that define the high performer’s emotional state can be yours. ”

More happy? I am a sexagenarian who has known humble success and far less modest failure. If there is one thing I’ve learned it is that happiness will not give your life meaning or you contentment. Having the world by the tail is not the way to a purposeful life.

But I actually persevered through the guide. I am a inquisitive person and do not quit easily. And the author has achieved more success in high performance coaching than the majority of all of us will ever achieve in much of anything. He or she has a Rolodex (an outdated term, for sure) of the most powerful and influential people in the world, from Oprah to past presidents and Olympians.

I actually read the book pretty much straight-through although I actually have long practiced one of the tidbits of advice the author offers. I refuse to multi-task and believe it is the scourge of inefficiency and incomprehension. But I do believe in taking breaks, in transforming the scene, and enhancing the primary objective (in this case, reading) with the indulgence of a good coffee or a piece of chocolate.

I actually won’t share the 6 habits of high performance (HP6) that are the heart of the guide. And the reason is that we don’t learn if we don’t learn in context. And that task is about the author, not me, a reader.

I will tell you that certain thing all 6 habits have in common is that they are deliberate. They require mindful effort. There are no little green pills. The guide, in fact, has been called The Power of Being Deliberate.

Burchard is also not really a therapist. “I’ll remind you, I am not a psychologist, psychiatrist, neuroscientist, biologist, or any other title I’m aware of that ends in ‘-ist. ’ I will be a professional high performance coach and trainer who is paid for results, not dialogue or theory. ” Reasonable enough. That’s probably what most people who will consider this book are looking for. Otherwise you’d be in the religion or philosophy sections.

There exists some jargon but it’s of course modest for a book of the genre. There exists speak of prolific quality output (PQO, of course), and “performance necessity, ” and you may have to get your head around, “They [high performers] remember that the primary thing is to keep the primary thing the primary thing. ” It’s a key theme.

The HP6, as I was reading the book, did remind me of a version of cognitive behavioral therapy but that’s not a criticism. It’s a function of the very strategic nature of the process and practices described. In the end, high end, as Brendon describes it, is a verb, rather than an success. “Connection [for example] is less about comfort than about challenge. ” (I personally think it’s about trust. ) And, “…it’s so thoroughly evident that high artists are creating the feelings they want more often that taking the feelings that land on them. ”

My biggest pause came with the quote: “The that means of life is whatever you ascribe to it. ” It’s a quote from Joseph Campbell, an American writer known for his operate comparative mythology. He’s probably most often appreciated for the counsel, “Follow your bliss. ” It’s a quote that is often misinterpreted but is a little too nihilistic for my taste.

And when he writes, “There are only two narratives in the human history: struggle and progress, ” my first thought is that Camus would disagree. But that’s too much of a digression to get into here.

The money line for me was, “Superiority draws us off track one fourth inch at a time. ” It is a man who believes in his mission. It is a quality that resonates throughout the book and is, perhaps, the book’s greatest contribution. Too many “successful” people, in my experience, talk humility, but walk superiority. Humility is not an attitude. This is a way of living.

This was here that the author earned my 4 rating. The book is most likely longer than it needs to be but, in the end, I came across it worth the journey. It’s an ambitious work by a man that obviously believes in what he does. And that is undoubtedly why he's known such success., I noticed Brendon for the first time on " The School of Greatness", and was very intrigued by his book. All the habits make sense to me and I can see how they would be beneficial to anyone. I believe by following his performance prompts that anyone has the probability of be a high performer. The challenge is being able to regularly follow through with the prompts and being intentional in all that we do. Individuals don't just happen in to success (in all aspects of life not just financial), but it comes through work. I have finished the book, but have only finished the prompts from the first few habits. I look forward to finishing the rest of the requests and reviewing them frequently so i can also become a high performer., I'll be honest, I actually haven't read this whole book yet. I even acquired the audible version so I could get through it fast. But after getting so many beautiful reviews I've been disappointed so far. You buzz up and set my expectations really at high level that I'm going to expect magic.

Your intro chapter was waaaay too long. May be summed up as " I've been presented on Oprah"... " Our 6 habits are wonderful. They are also wonderful. Also you should do these things and they are awesome. So let's get started, but before we do more fluff about these habits being important and awesome. Studies indicate you need to do these habits, because they are importat. "

Obtain to the point. Less fluff. I don't have time to read nonsense. I'm hoping it will get better. I'll review again when I finish with my honest assessment versus other books I've read about self improvement., I adored this book. I'm usually attracted to self improvement books that are more outwardly " woo-woo" or feminine, and may never have already been attracted to this book if it weren't for his interview with Marie Forleo. After that I seriously could not get the concept of this book out there of my mind. Reading through it did not dissatisfy. The great thing about it is that it applies to everyone. Bosses, coaches, employees, be home more moms, dog breeders, obsessive toy collectors, you name it. There is no lifestyle that I can think of that High Efficiency Habits can't be put on. As an aspiring dream author, writing/mindset coach, mom, employee, and entrepreneur, I actually found myself thinking about all different ways I actually could apply these concepts. This is definitely going to be re-read by me often!, People in the world have the capacity and the relevant skills to write a book that really changes and impacts individuals lives. Brendon is one of those people. His hard work, his determination transcend, his willingness to serve with excellence make this book one of the best in the world. I hope one day this book could maintain every house in the world, since that is the way nowadays that folks will know how to leave a life with more clarity, how to gain productivity every day and have the bravery to adhere to their dreams by influencing people for good so that they can reach their needs with contagious energy that they could generated. Thanks Brendon, for your effort with this book only boosts and make me the person without a doubt.
Marchesani, I do believe we often underestimate what simple practices can do to bring mindfulness and excellence into our lives -- our work, our relationships and our purposes. Brendon continues to highlight the depths we all aspire to live into with the HP6.

Master them and you may transform your life. Ignore them, but it will surely be like holding the keys to the life but choosing never to unlock your potential behind the door.

Top rated Habits is a much needed volume to help you enhance your Personal Effectiveness and ability to actually Survive into the person you know you can be. Put the teachings into practice.

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