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What should you do when you're trapped in space, not keen on adventure, and desperately trying to stay off the radar of some very bad aliens? If you're Indi, you finish up smack-dab in the center of the action when you see patterns in the transmissions from a apparently dead planet.

Because when the intimidating commander requires for her help, Indi can't see a way out from it. Even though her help involves room suits and one-on-one time spent with the brilliant chief engineer. (Spoiler: The particular more time she spends with Hierax, the less she hates it. Pitting their brains against one another is its own type of foreplay. )

On his end, Hierax has pretty much disregarded the Earth women since their rescue. Indi's different way of processing information interests him. And may We say Hierax is very focused when things interest him.

I mean, this individual stumbles a little during the play, in an adorably awkward way.

Since far as the situation the crew found themselves in at the finish of the last book, everything is looking up. Things aren't completely rosy yet, however they are moving in the right direction.

Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal, Fourth in the Celebrity Guardians series delves into one of the more eccentric members of the Falcon 8 crew : the ship's engineer Hierax. Who knew that a man who never results in the bowels of the ship would meet his soulmate among a bunch of stranded women?

These characters appeal to the geeks among us : the ones who find computers, math, and puzzles more interesting than trail meets and football :. Those of us who feel a little insecure about some part of our own appearance. Alright, I use a lot of words, which points me out as one of these people – and that's great.

Hierax contains quite a little of excitement, though it's not jump out of your seat type of excitement, and a lot of humor. Throughout this book, it is the brainiacs of both the crew and the group of women who save the day. I am a fan of this whole series, but Need to say I may like this fourth book best. For sure, I'm looking forward to #5., 2 geeks from different galaxies along with love, it's perfect!! another couples in the previous books have recently been either opposites and have absolutely maybe a few similar interests, but in this one they are perfectly combined.. hierax loves his machines and inventing things and indi is computery.. i like how we received to see more of the new planet we were holding stuck by and it was cool to see other " life" as well.. i like how the author describes the worlds and creates thing so well that i would ever guess it easily.. indi is super eager to learn new pleasures and hierax is willing to educate her how his world works, they mesh well.. can't wait to get started on the 5th book, i am hoping everyone is mentioned again.., I love Ruby's male characters where they are so smart or brave or attractive or strong or all of the above and yet so clueless of the appeal to women and sometimes just clueless about women. So much better then the typical " player" that many writers use. Players and man whores just don't do it to me, which is one of the causes Ruby's reports do make me sigh in happiness. As well as the heroine, she's funny and smart all on her own and can even save the day a few times even though she'd rather be reading a book in the world and in a much safer place than winging it across space... so very not safe. The H/h had wonderful chemistry., We finished this book days in the past, but am now just getting to writing a little of a review as I'm reading the previous book in the series--Zakota.
I really enjoy this series it is a nice light read that isn't heavy in one way or another and gifts the reader with a little of all things.
I < 3 how smart is sexy--because it so is.
I loved the insight on the Wanderers, We wonder if they will actually get to meet one of the mysterious race. I had a hard time picturing the twelve sided stuff all over—but I thought the language/science stuff being based on music and math was truly awesome., Ruby poured a lot of creative juices all over this book. It was a really enjoyable read. Very research fiction. The action packed trip through the entrance and then down on the dark planet surface was so plainly comprehensive. The fun banter between crewmates and then between Hierax and Indi put enough humor in to the tale so that it was not all harrowing experiences - one after another. As far as Im concerned, Ruby keeps recovering with each book in this series. Like spud chips, I couldn’t stop after one., Ruby has done it again! Just when you wondered how she could possibly make use of this journey much farther, the lady seamlessly has begun enticing the backdrop members of our Earthly group out of the shadows to amazingly enhance the talents of our other Star Guardians crew. Much better, she has managed to show precisely how capable her strong women characters in rising to any occasion, with the capacity to stand their surface with wit, determination, speed in adjusting to new & strange situations, compassion, and the will to put their own wishes & needs second to those of a higher good for all humankind. I use already recommended Ruby's works to many other viewers who appreciate all manner of different genres. More often than not they have found Ruby's subjects, style, characters, action, and amazing ability to breathlessly hold the readers to the last web page, to also make them desperate with anticipation for her next offering. We humbly and with great joy congratulate her on this latest triumphant offering., Ruby has been doing it again. Apart from an appealing cover, the story in the book did not let myself down. The way Indi is portrayed is superb and her interaction with Hierax is excellent fun to read. The book has more depth than the previous ones since the writer is completely comfortable moving around in the world she has created. If you like Ruby's work, ensure you don't miss that one.

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