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My family and i read this book the few months ago when I was asked for an endorsement. We had planned on skimming, but after reading for a couple of minutes, there was zero way we could position the book down. We browse the book starting in typically the early evening, continuing in to the night, until we all finished it in typically the morning. Yes, I drop tears for Rifqa - I felt like the lady was my little sister, and that she had recently been alone for many years. It was the extremes of physical, social, and emotional suffering that forged her closeness with Jesus. And am carry out mean the extremes. Rifqa suffered more than the majority us ever will, before the age of 18, for the sake of her God and Savior.

Rifqa is the real offer. My heart broke for her as she fought against for faith and mind at an age whenever many girls are thrown and torn by identification issues and consumerism. The girl needed to fight these challenges beneath the intensely critical scrutiny of international media spotlight. To get better results as you go deeper into her story, you see typically the true depths of her struggles. The curveballs retain coming, to the very last page.

Read this book! Obtain a glimpse in to Islam, immigrant life, typically the plight of many Islamic women, the dark part of Honor and Pity cultures, an incident associated with real injustice in typically the justice system, and typically the cost a young Islamic woman had to spend to obtain Jesus here within America. Ultimately and most beautifully, throughout Rifqa's history, it wasn't she who else was at the middle, but Jesus and His / her Gospel. I can't suggest it more highly., Few books have captured my attention so fast. I was certainly impressed with this young lady’s ability in order to tell her story. The must read for the glimpse into an Islamic family’s practice of their religion. The risk of leaving Islam is great and largely unknown by the associated with its consequences. I obtain the impression it does not matter why you leave Islam, but doing so puts one’s in lifestyle long danger. In this case, it’s Rifqa’s transformation to Christianity and this can be on the leading of the list for making a Muslim family typically the angriest in having their pride broken. Disrupted “honor” brings accountability and repercussions to the defector.

Because a Christian myself, I immediately found my trust so easily practiced compared to what many in typically the world must endure within proclaiming Jesus. The publication challenged me to end up being bolder in sharing my faith yet gently within words and through training. It's this that delivered Rifqa eager to her new faith and typically the many people along the way that brought her support both intentionally and unintentionally.

The book reads like an action story yet fascinating as it is done in hiding. The ride gets more intense when Rifqa is found out. With this being the true story, I experienced shame for so several people in their activities, attitudes and interactions toward Rifqa as judgments were created by others in of which that they had no clue just what was happening. You will be amazed at Rifqa’s respond to these folks.

Visitors of different faiths, or even no faith at all, will discover this book exciting as the journey associated with conflicts are treated with respect and with transparency. Rifqa’s faith and joy is clear and humanized for all. I am hoping to see this story around the movie screen one day since the target audience will be left with one big “wow”., I can't explain how I felt in reading this article publication. I thought I might feel sorry for this youthful woman, but instead I want what she has. This phenomenal relationship with God through Christ. I wasn't seeking to be challenged and inspired in my own go walking with Jesus. The bible verses, the prayers, the showing of God's perfect time was amazing. It was not a Story of which has a Hallmark finishing, that is a Story of lifestyle and its realities and how Jesus can bring joy plus peace to any or all who contact upon His name no matter the circumstances., This book surprised and encouraged me. Exactly how someone can keep her brand new found faith with so many troubles! And just when you think it will acquire better, life hits difficult but her faith within her Savior stayed sturdy. So much we could learn from her!, This publication has made be realize that so many Christians aren't hiding for concern of their life yet hiding nonetheless, steering apart from choices that could disrupt their comfortable, quiet plus peaceful life. This book provides challenged me to stage out of my comfort and ease zone and follow typically the leading of the Ay Spirit to attempt in order to walk unfamiliar ground for the glory and honor of my Lord plus Savior Jesus Christ. I possibly could not put this publication down. I pray of which my courage and trust complements that of this brave young girl who else risked everything for typically the love of her Deliverer, our Jesus., Exactly what a fairly sweet girl and how the lady loves Jesus. People dont realize that although muslims reside in the US, Britain, Canada, etc . the ladies are still under complete control of their relatives and parents. I am offered away by how much the lady loves Jesus., I found this a great read, very inspiring. I was completely not familiar with the story so this was my first introduction to it. I find RIFQA Nary an extremely strong person and was motivated by what the lady had to do to practice her religion., I rejoice within her experience as typically the Lord revealed Himself in order to her in ways of which are unmistakable. This is a wonderful testimony which needs to be shared with whomsoever will!!! Even though the world mourns typically the death of the great Muhammed Ali (a previous Christian who converted in order to Islam), I rejoice within the conversion and religious triumph of Rifqa Bary ( Who converted through Islam to Christianity).
Please continue in order to shine your light youthful lady for the glory associated with our Lord Christ!!!

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