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John Greene's previous books are exemplars of what technology writing should be: clear, wide-ranging in discussion and respectful of the intelligence of his audience. The particular Elegant Universe and The particular Fabric of the Naturel are two of my three favorite popular technology books. The third, Kip Thorne's Black Holes and Time Warps, is another superb example of science writing at its best. Now John Greene has added another masterpiece to the listing. Everything that distinguishes Greene's writing style is in facts in The Hidden Actuality. His elegant prose is enjoyable to read. His / her brilliant ability to explain difficult abstract ideas in everyday language using easily understood examples still baffles me. Wonderful use of vivid word pictures that always seem to be completely combined to the topic he is discussing propels his narrative forward so that the reader is never bored.

Sure The Hidden Reality is more accessible than his previous books. This book seems better to read and is readily understandable. Within his earlier books, I often read a section several times in order to fully comprehend what Greene was attempting to talk. That is something technology and math majors are utilized to doing when reading textbooks but difficult for those not as medically adept. Greene's first two books dealt with Portion Mechanics, String Theory and Einstein's Special and Common Theories of Relativity: vast math-intensive subjects that he was able to distill masterfully. The Hidden Actuality inhabits a more subjective world, a conceptually challenging world. I quickly found Greene's more informal method extremely helpful, even reassuring, once i felt slightly untied. The subjects he talks about commence with the angles of the universe: whether it is spherical (or positively curved), flat (with zero curvature) such as a tabletop, or negatively curved like a Pringle.

The book devotes considerable time to the critical question of whether the universe is finite or infinite in size, something which has profound scientific and philosophical implications. It is a statistical certainty that in an infinite universe, locations of local space like ours will be endlessly repeated. In other words, assuming an infinite space universe with an expanding big-bang beginning, there are only a finite amount of possible matter and energy configurations because the amount of energy and matter is finite. But there is an infinite amount of space within which those configurations will play away. Greene uses the example of a friend named Imelda whose passion for clothing has her purchasing a thousand pairs of shoes and 500 dresses. If Imelda is blessed with an infinitely long lifespan then, despite her vast closet, if she changes clothing daily, within 1400 years she will have exhausted all possible new combos. Imelda will need to repeat her sartorial choices. Philosophically, of course, all of that repetition of superstars, planets and life's building blocks suggests that there are an infinite amount of doppelgangers of each and every one of us. These infinite duplicates of ourselves would inhabit similar worlds that are forever hidden from shared observation because the rate of light is finite. As Einstein showed in his Special Theory of Relativity, light-speed (300, 000 km/sec) is the speediest rate by which information can be communicated. The base line: in an unlimited universe the overwhelming bulk of reality remains hidden from its inhabitants by vast distances or by parallel dimensions harboring realities of every possible configuration.

In a finite spherical universe, on the other hand, the light from distant objects should ultimately traverse it many times, leading to multiple images of galaxies, for example. This hasn't been seen as yet, suggesting that the universe will either be finite but huge or actually infinite in size. Although size and form of the universe remain undetermined, scientists when cornered usually believe its size is infinite. Recent data also suggests that the universe is flat like a tabletop in shape.

Greene talks about all of the current hot subjects in cosmology: brane-worlds, the multiverse, the holographic universe, unseen seite an seite worlds in dimensions separated by millimeters, our universe as a super-advanced computer program, the essentially hidden nature of reality. These are subjects which have already been discussed in other publications but seldom with the passion for communication and clearness of thought that Greene exhibits in this one. The subjects here are abstract concepts that are present at the very boundaries of human thought but Greene somehow manages to bring them down to earth. Even if you don't understand everything, the technological vistas that Greene offers in this superb book are breathtaking in their intellectual beauty. You will find your personal course exponentially expanded. The Invisible Reality is replete with excellent illustrations that light up the fabric and are fun to look at. Issue kind of science intrigues you then you will love this guide. Brian Greene has written another work of genius in a difficult genre., I rate this 5 superstars even though I have a little problem. This issue is powerful and Brian Greene is an authority.

I had been especially pleased the way footnotes and statistics were handled in the Kindle media. I was able to navigate backwards and forwards with ease. This is especially important with ideas that are so unintuitive and astonishing.

My small qualm was that throughout the book I never felt any sort of closure. This is certainly understandable given the leading edge technology and ideas being covered in the book. Yet still, I kept waiting for some sort of a satisfying feeling that I experienced reached a new degree of deep understanding.

I suppose it is the nature of the animal.

I wish I had experienced a copy of this book in 1963 when I was obviously a senior in college or university completing my last year towards my W. S. Degree in Physics. Of course hindsight never arrives in time! Nevertheless the book shed so much understanding that I lacked in 1963. I came across myself right back in my Modern Physics class with "aha"s coming left and right. Schrodinger's equation back then was an almost insurmountable windmill for me. The book brought the concepts behind it into full light to make it almost an old friend. The book however experienced no references at all to Schrodinger's cat. I guess that is simply too old school these days HAHAHA.

Should you be looking for a better understanding of black holes, seite an seite universes, what reality really is or "might" be, this book is a very good read. The particular math and science can be difficult, but Greene does a good job in providing selection of detail versus the big picture., Superb explanation of the rivalling theories surrounding parallel universes and their likelihood of existing. Delving into the outer limits of cosmology and theoretical physics, Greene always manages to help remind us how little we actually know about fact and in so doing elicits the sense of awe inhering all around us., Wow! I do believe my mind has been formally blown! I found this book, written by string theorist/physicist Brian Greene, to be an eye-opening account of the various (yes, there are SEVEN) multiverse hypotheses. Greene does a best wishes explaining these abstract speculations and the hard math concepts that supports some of them very well. The different graphs & drawings help tremendously. I am not at all a science-head (though I do program databases) but Greene's cogent explanations got me through some very heavy ideas, from the Quilted to the Bubble Universe; and from the cosmological regular to string theory. I find myself exiting the book with so much more knowledge than when I began! FYI, there is also a fantastic YouTube documentary on the multiverse in which Greene himself stars & will be able to illustrate his various examples. All in all, a tour de pressure of information!, This book was obviously a great introduction to a very conjectural area of modern physics. With regard to non-scientists I would warn that the ideas presented here and very subjective and there is a lot of uncertainty about how real they are.
Having said that, there are some ideas Green describes here that will completely blow your mind.
I really appreciated the removal of the more in depth descriptions and mathematics into notes. I have a scientific and mathematical schooling, but I feel that freeing the overall narrative from those complications help others get a better understand of the ideas.

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