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As always with his books, Andrew Thomas obviously explains some concepts I thought We understood, in a way that gave me personally a more intuitive comprehension of them. These books are page-turners and worth additional re-reads. I appreciate his measured, reasoned, scientific strategy being used to establish agreed-upon groundwork, and relatively unbiased explanations of the basic theoretical concepts. We also love his simple theories about current tricks in physics, including the habits of gravity varying with the distance from the Schwarzchild radius. like the strong force does. In this particular book he shows pretty obviously why 3 spatial dimensions makes sense because it is follows Occam's razor, and explains the nature of reality.

My mind is obviously spinning (in a good way) after finishing these books., Andrew Thomas presents an outstanding overview of special and general relativity by within the fundamentals of tensor algebra and explaining Einstein's way of thinking. The question of why there are three dimensions is postponed until the final chapter.

Section 6 makes a strange digression into string theory. In that chapter, Dr. Thomas " proves" the infinite sum of natural numbers is equal to minus one twelfth, for some reason leading to the existence of 25 dimensions, which string theory then whittles down to 10 (or maybe 11). I believe all this proves is merely how foolish string theory is. Typically the proof concerning the infinite sum relies on a sleight of hand that appears in step 2, specifically the assertion that 1-1+1-1+... = 0. 5 which is false. If that assertion were true, then 0. 5 = 1 which is obviously false. Typically the infinite amount of natural figures is can be shown to equal infinity without one twelfth plus zero. String theorists simply subtract the infinity part to suit their own needs. I don't know why Doctor Thomas took this strange detour -- it adds nothing and only detracts from an otherwise sound and lucid work.

The final chapter sets out to prove why there are three dimensions as opposed to two or four. To Dr. Thomas' credit, he does not invoke the things i terrifying would be the anthropic principle. I agree with both Thomas and Shelter Smolin that anthropic quarrels can be used to prove virtually anything, and they should never be used in science. Instead, Dr. Thomas argues that space-time emerges from the properties of matter, although this argument seems circular. Typically the argument is that fermions are required to spin in order to move through space-time at light speed, as all non-zero masses are required to do per SR; however, SR itself is predicated on the presence of space-time. Placing that apparent circularity apart for the time being, the number 3 satisfies the condition that the amount of translational degrees of freedom equals the amount of rotational examples of freedom, which also happens to the same the number of sizes we observe. It isn't very exactly clear WHY that relationship must be satisfied, however. Is it because of some underlying symmetry in nature? Doctor Thomas needs to expand on that, although he definitely appears to be on the right monitor.

There are a few minor corrections that should be produced in the last chapter. Dr. Thomas says that photons do not experience time, quite true. But photons also do not experience space, because space collapses in regards to body that is approaching light speed due to relativistic aberration and Lorentz length contraction. Thus, a lichtquant is literally everywhere in the universe in the own reference frame, although it appears to be in specific locations in our reference frame. Lastly, there is the misconception that elementary particles " age" and then corrosion. Particle decay is " uncaused" and has practically nothing to do with the " age" of the particle. Half a lot more a statistical effect that people observe through the decay of many particles. Quantum aspects is quite clear that there are no hidden timers ticking away inside those particles, because these would amount to local hidden variables. Violations of Bell's inequality, as verified in several experiments, prove beyond the shadow of doubt that local hidden variables do not exist in mess mechanics. It seems as if high relative compound speeds produce local " time dilation" that holds off particle decay, but it is actually wrong to infer that. Instead, it must be thought of as a reduced probability of observing a particle decaying when the particle is moving with respect to our reference frame. Dr. Thomas' original statement was proper: in the absence of entropy, there is not any arrow of time.

I gave this book an overall score of 4 stars. It is interesting and easy to read, and gives a very simple explanation of a difficult topic of special and general relativity. I think Chapter six, dealing with string theory, should be changed or omitted entirely. If this weren't for Chapter 6, I'd have given this book 5 stars. sites. search engines. com/site/amateurscientistessays/, Once again, for the sixth time, Mister. Thomas has presented a concise, thought provoking book regarding a point of physics. I'm not bright enough to express I completely understood it, but there is plenty for the average person to ponder. Problem here is why three space dimensions. It is not something that is usually discussed. I've never seen the question raised previously but it is a basic part of the universe. It is an interesting discussion. Undoubtedly, the mathematical formulas are beyond me but that didn't keep me from enjoying this little gem., As always well written and insightful. Dr. Thomas covers the floor here from relativity, string theory, and quantum musings about space. He makes a strong case for why our world must have AT LEAST three dimensions of space and something of time. His / her assertion that there are probably not more " compactified dimensions" as described by Kaluza-Klein and string theory is also convincingly defended but not quite as well as the minimal necessity for three dimensions. His / her ending seems a bit rushed. He nails the need for three dimensions, but it leaves somewhat open the possibility that there are more. He records at one point that no person has ever observed an infinity in the physical universe, but We was disappointed he performed not go into any exploration of the possibility (or impossibility) of infinity in connection with 3d space.

An easy read, well written for the lay audience. A good addition to his series., I have read many books over the last several years regarding the subjects Andrew talks about in his books. Given that I do not have much of a college degree backdrop in either physics or math (beyond Algebra), We choose books that clarify concepts without much mathematics.

I possess learned about more about these extremely interesting subjects from Andrew than any other author I possess read! He is skilled at explaining his subjects with simplicity! I have ready everyone of his 6 books and am excited about books to come!, I was tempted to offer it three superstars but it is lots of valuable data. Stated that I think it extends so much to say that there is not an answer, also We felt like there were so many detours for things that could have needed less explanations or could have resumed with graphics as this book actually handles dimensions and space in the end.

The information We found quite amazing was the sum of the infinite of natural figures., I've found all of Andrew Thomas's books to be fascinating. Within this book (such his others) he uses powerful and understandable reasoning to make his point that there can easily be 3 dimensions of space (4 in space-time). This particular kind of logic We find to be very appealing because it undermines string theory which requires many more dimensions in space which can not be proven. String theory always made an appearance like "epicycles" in my experience but I am not at all qualified to make that assertion - still I think string theory defies common sense. Andrew Thomas does make common sense in this book and you with an interest in science should be able to follow it.

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