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Previously two weeks I read Concealed Plain Sight and Concealed Plain Sight 2. I have an MS diploma in solid state physics from Purdue (1969). I actually worked my entire career in the quartz very field (mostly for messfühler applications). I am not really conversant within the education Cosmology, but I have recently had an interest in it, especially with the attention being given to the new breakthroughs in recent times.

Nevertheless, just like Thomas, I have always been troubled by String Theory and any theory that involves multiverses (a nearly infinite quantity of universes being “created” every second—give me a split! ). His two books present a very thoughtful, logically progressive, and easy to understand development of his theory of almost everything. Not being conversant in cosmology, I am unable to find problem in his work. I actually await the consensus of his peers. But I actually must say, WELL COMPLETED!

I made notes of comments and questions as I read book 2:

1. On page 74 of Hidden in Plain Sight 2 you overlooked the c2 term in Friedmann’s Acceleration equation. Otherwise, the density term cannot be extra to the pressure term because the units do not correspond. The equation should have (ρ + 3P/c2).

2. Why isn’t there a “hole” at the “center” of the galaxy caused by the Huge Bang, if the best Boom caused all of the mass-energy to “fly” away? Because of inflation, or your modified gravity theory? The reason why is the complete universe more-or-less uniform? Is it “spherical”?

3. One simplified explanation of the Big Boom I have heard is to think of galaxies being represented by raisins in the rising dough of a loaf of raisin bread—as the dough increases all of the raisin move far from each other. If that were the situation, all the obvious things in the universe should be red-shifted. But, if the Andromeda Galaxy will probably collide with the Milky Way Galaxy in a few billion years, and other galaxies have mixed (e. g. the Topic galaxy), then that simple view is obviously not correct, but how then is it explained that some galaxies are approaching each other?

4. On page eighty five you have a value for the mass of a dark hole to be “as much as 450 times the mass of the Sun. ” Then, on page 87 you hold the mass of a supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy “of about 4. 3 million photo voltaic masses. ” Why make the distinction? It’s puzzling.

5. On page fifth there’s 89 you state “If one corner of an item is hot, then that heat will spread through the object so that the complete object becomes one temperature. ” This is merely true if the item is thermally isolated (including being isolated from black-body influences).

Thank you for two brilliant books that make simpler through adding a fundamentally new look at most complicated topics in physics., Loved this book. It takes you on the scenic tour of the problems in the modern cosmology and then offers an interesting hypothesis to make clear them. The concept is as simple as it is unorthodox.

Whether it will hold up under the of substantial observations and mathematical tests is uncertain. But it seems to follow realistically from the idea that the total energy in the universe (mass, action, etc. - potential energy) sums to zero. With some simple (really) math, he derives solutions to many of the current vexing problems in physics and cosmology.

The book did have a few minimal typos, as well as in spots was a little dry. But given the topic it is hard to describe in a "sexy" way. This book really does much better than most in making the topic intriguing and understandable

Whether these ideas turn out to be true is also a question. In order to its credit it really does propose some possible tests to prove it true or false. Ultimately, only trial by observation and evidence will make or break it. But at least for now, the ideas in this publication seem convincing.

Read it and opt for yourself., I actually am not going to execute a long review and for this Dr Jones is responsible. If not, my stupidity is.
All I would like to know is: how good a physicist is he? Is his work peer reviewed? Once that's known, I feel more confident in increasing or condemning his books. At this time, I am very boosting inclined but am a tad nervous to do so. This is due to the undeniable fact that I am not a properly trained physicist.
No matter what optimised search words I did previously try and establish the answer to people two crucial questions, the same non-committal websites emerged up.
Not to belabour the point, but due to paucity in my physics, I am not in a position to judge his work authoritatively.
Nevertheless, with the tiny physics I actually do have, aided with many books I've read by renowned authors like Brian Greene, Victor Stenger, Michio Kaku, Stephen Hawking, Paul Davis, Stephen Weinberg, Alan Guth... to checklist but a very few on the subject, Dr Thomas sounds legit. Even his formulas makes sense to lay me.
Considering those credentials, I find for Dr Thomas.
There is certainly another characteristic his writing displays, which I actually much admire.
Having been a lecturer myself, I know how difficult it is to make clear the inclusion of of a complex matter, simply, oddly enough, concisely, lucidly and easily understandable.
This Jones does brilliantly. He really does it so damn well, it makes me, despite becoming a great fan of Occham, suspicious. IT WILL BE TOO EASY, TOO EVIDENT.
Could Thomas' hypotheses be correct? The reason why the thundering silence from academia while Thomas' work has been available since 2013?
However, in my limited thoughts and opinions, Dr Thomas poses highly likely hypotheses even though the facts he uses, supported by properly established theories, makes for articulate reading. He proficiently clarifies concepts which previously, I actually had difficulty to understand.
Thank you, Dr Thomas. If your speculations/ hypotheses are one day peer reviewed and debunked, I shall nevertheless be grateful for having red your books. You make clear things so well, that I find myself all attremble to read another one: on a issue I most heartily disliked at university. For the first time physics and specifically quantum mechanis now make far more sense. You might have managed to ameliorate the self doubt, which used to feed an inferiority complex at how ridiculous I am. Most importantly, I actually suspect that I'm with a very large margin, not alone in this.
If this means anything at all, of the many lots -- I don't know precisely how many -- Kindle books I've read, the Hidden In Plain Sight are the first ones I've gone to the problem to have rated and reviewed.

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