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As a young lad in Philippines, Peter Wohlleben loved nature. He went to forestry school, and became a wood ranger. At this job, he was likely to produce as many high quality saw logs as possible, with maximum efficiency, by any means necessary. His tool kit integrated heavy machinery and insect poison. This was forest mining, an enterprise that emaciated the forest ecosystem and had no long-term future. He oversaw a plantation of trees lined upwards in straight rows, consistently spaced. It was a degree camp for tree people.

Wohlleben is a smart and sensitive man, and over the course of many years he got to know the tree people very well. Eventually, his job became unbearable. Luckily, he made friends in the community of Hü mmel, and was given permission to manage their forest in a less destructive manner. There is no more clear-cutting, and logs are removed by horse teams, not machines. In one portion of the forest, old trees are leased as living gravestones, where families can hide the ashes of kin. In this way, the forest generates income without murdering trees.

Wohlleben had written The Hidden Life of Trees, a smash strike in Germany. It will be translated into nineteen languages. The book is made on a foundation of reputable science, but it reads like grandpa talking at fireside. He’s a gentle old storyteller describing the wondrous magic of beautiful forests to befuddled space aliens from a crazy planet named Take in. He teaches readers about the family of life, a subject typically neglected in schools.

Evergreen trees have been around for 170 million years, and trees with leaves are 100 million years old. Until recently, trees lived very well with no assistance of a single professional woodland manager. I’m serious! Forests are communities of woods people. Their root systems intermingle, allowing them to send nutrients to their hungry children, and to suffering neighbors. Each time a Douglas fir is struck by lightning, several of its near neighbors might also pass away, because of their subway connections. A tribe of tree people can create a beneficial local weather for the community.

Also underground are mycelium, the largest organisms yet found out. One out of Oregon weighs 660 tons, covers 2, 1000 acres (800 ha), and is 2, 400 years old. They are disease that send threads through the forest soil. The particular threads penetrate and cover around tree roots. They provide trees with water, nitrogen, and phosphorus, in trade for sugar and other carbohydrates. They discourage attacks from harmful fungi and bacteria, and they filtration out heavy metals.

When a limb breaks off, unwelcome fungal spores appear minutes later. If the tree can close off the open wound in less than five years, the fungi won’t survive. If the wound is too large, the disease can cause destructive corrosion, possibly killing the woods. When a gang of badass beetles invades, the tree secretes harmful toxins, and sends warnings some other trees via scent messages, and underground electrical signals. Woodpeckers and friendly beetles attack the troublemakers.

Forests exist in a state of continuous change, but this is hard for all of us to see, because trees live much slower than we do. They almost appear to be frozen in time. Humans zoom through life like hamsters frantically galloping on treadmill machine, and we blink out there in simply a few many years. In Sweden, scientists studied a spruce that made an appearance to be about 500 years old. They were surprised to learn that it was growing from a root system that has been 9, 550 years old.

In Switzerland, construction employees uncovered stumps of trees that didn’t look very old. Scientists examined them and found out that they belonged to pines that lived 14, 000 years ago. Analyzing the bands of their trunks, they learned that the pines that survived a climate that warmed 42°F, and then cooled about the same amount — in a period of just 3 decades! This is the equal of our worst-case predictions today.

Dinosaurs remain in existence in the form of birds, winged creatures that can quickly escape from aggressive conditions. Trees can’t travel, but they can migrate, gradually. When the climate lowers, they move south. In order to warms, they go to the north, like they are today — because of global warming, and because they continue to adapt to the end of the last ice age. A strong wind can hold winged seeds a mile. Wild birds can carry seeds several miles. A beech woods tribe can advance about a quarter mile each year (0. 4 km).

Compared to trees, the human genome has little variation. We are like seven-point-something billion Barbie and Ken dolls. Tree genomes are incredibly diverse, and this is key for your survival. Some trees tend to be more drought tolerant, others are better with cold or moisture. So change that kills some is less likely to kill all. Wohlleben suspects that his beech forest will survive, as long as forest miners don’t wreck its ground or microclimate. (Far more questionable is the future of corn, wheat, and rice, whose genetic range has been sharply reduced by the seed vendors of professional agriculture. )

Trees have amazing adaptations to avoid inbreeding. Gusts of wind and bees deliver pollen from distant trees. The particular ovaries of bird cherry trees reject pollen from male blossoms on the same tree. Willows have separate male trees and feminine trees. Spruces have male and female blossoms, but they open several days aside.

Boars and deer love to devour acorns and beechnuts. Feasting on nuts allows those to put on body fat for the wintertime. To avoid turning these animals into habitual parasites, nuts are not produced every 12 months. This limits the populace of chubby nutters, and ensures that some seed products will survive and germinate. If a beech lives 400 years, it will drop 1. 8 , 000, 000 nuts.

On deciduous trees, leaves are solar solar panels. They unfold in the spring, capture sunlight, and for several months manufacture sugar, cellulose, and other carbohydrates. When the woods can store no more sugar, or when the first hard frost arrives, the solar panels are no longer needed. Their chlorophyll is drained, and will be recycled next spring. Simply leaves fall to the floor and return to humus. The tree goes into hibernation, spending the winter surviving on stored sugar. Now, with bare twigs, the tree is significantly less vulnerable to damage from strong winds, heavy wet snows, and glaciers storms.

In addition to rotting leaves, a outrageous forest also transforms dropped branches and trunks into carbon rich humus. 12 months after year, the top soil becomes deeper, healthier, plus more fertile. Tree plantations, on the other hand, send the trunks to saw mills. So , every year, tons of important biomass are transported away, to planet Take in. This depletes soil male fertility, and encourages erosion. Planting trees tend to be more vulnerable to insects and diseases. Due to the fact their root systems never develop normally, the trees are more likely to blow down.

From cover to cover, the guide presents fascinating observations. By the end, readers are likely to imagine that uninterrupted forests are vastly more intelligent than severely disturbed communities of radicalized consumers. More and more, researchers are muttering and snarling, because the imaginary gulf between the plant and creature worlds fades away. Wohlleben is not just a vegetarian, because experience has taught your pet that plants are no less alive, intelligent, and sacred than animals. It is a wonderful book. I’m serious!, Review The Concealed Life of Trees Philip Wohlleben

The Hidden Lifestyle of Trees” is an amazing book presenting trees as sentient, purposeful creatures residing in dynamic relationship with each other. It is a new aspect for the majority of all of us, but apparently has already been part of the magic formula familiarity with foresters since the early 1990’s. Trees, have a sense of time, have memories, taste, smell, feel, explore, see, and hear, but not like we do. Trees even move, from generation to generation just not as individuals. Trees live on a far slower time program than we do. This single fact has hidden the real life of the trees from us.

“The Hidden Life of Trees” is carefully and well offered humor, with meekness, with compassion, with happiness, despite having love. The guide is not a technological, heavy fact laden tome. It is a very readable presentation of the last two decades of research into the lives of our follow creatures on Earth, the Trees. The author is a German forester, environmentalist who obviously cares very much for his topic of choice.

The book was formerly published in German born in 2015 as “Das geheime Leben der Vitesse. ” The translation is beautiful prose. Granted many of the examples are of the Central European forest. But there are many examples from our US forests as well.

I recommend this guide to the one with a love for trees. Nevertheless be prepared to revise your view of trees from objects to follow beings here at Earth., The particular excellent
We heard Peter Wohlleben on a radio interview relating to this book, and found his discourse on tree communication, community and interactions with mushrooms, so interesting that We purchased the book. Just what impressed me was that his answers were all scientific and to the point, though some of the questions were pretty whacky. The favorable part of his guide is that Peter brings together in a place a really good look at forest ecology. He describes how trees work in words of sunshine and water, their intricate relationship and co-dependence with the mushroom family. The way they communicate, how they deal with infestations and warn close by trees of danger, that they even feed and support each other. He goes into soil ecology and also that of birds, creatures and insects that live among and in the trees. I found that after reading this book, as I walked in the forest I started realizing things I had not before. That is all excellent
The particular execrable.
The particular style of the guide is readable, but not sophisticated, and occasionally repetitive. Nevertheless the issue with Peter’s style is that he likes trees so much he want them to be people, and his anthropomorphism can really grate. (I am not the only real reporter to note this problem. ) When we discuss of trees we look to ourselves to help our descriptions thus “parenting trees” is a fair metaphor. (It also works another way when we consider our “roots” or our project “bears fruit”). Nevertheless in this guide metaphor morphs into reality and could have confused mcdougal along with some of his viewers. For example Peter critically talks about trees feeling pain and trees having an emotional balance. These are incredibly human characteristics and we share them with most animals because they are necessary to stop us killing ourselves as we learn to move about our environment and also to make choices. But it is hard to see how they would be of any advantage to a sessile tree with limited options, and so there is no evident reason to think they would have evolved in plants. I can’t help feeling that in seeking to humanize trees, the sweetness of what they are and how they work becomes diminished. Nevertheless , this is not to say don’t have this book, do! Just be forewarned to take the humanization as metaphor, not reality., Wohlleben is a charming guide to magical, but very real, world. I have not been able to look at a tree the same since reading this book., Loved the book. Live on a tree-filled island in the summer and have always " felt" the companionship of the trees but thought I was insane. Not any more. Purchased it for my four children because they will " know" those same trees too.

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