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A very simple yet elegant and deep explanation of hermetic wisdom., The subject of Hermeticism is certainly controversial among different scholars. This pre-Christian variant of Gnostic ideas both encompasses and exceed Monotheism, Pantheism, Panentheism, Deism and Henotheism. This book performed a good job revealing the readers of different strains of Hermetic ideas. If one understand the writings of Hermetic texts one can understand why through the Age of Technology, many scientists of the 1700s read Hermetic texts whose alchemical ideas and " As above so below" philosophy became the precursor of recent science. Really cool book., I have to confess it was the best three dollars I've actually spent in my whole life! This book is a real treasure and should never be lost from your library., Awesome book for all people searching for the truth!, Excellent writing and explanations for higher understanding of Hermetic texts. Thank you for discussing this knowledge., Good. Publication., Makes a great Christmas present for individuals who are rising up to their traditions., Everyone interested in the background of religions, or anyone on the road of personal unfoldment, will see the Hermetic literature a treasure. Through history these writings have sparked genius and renaissance. This book gives a quick historical introduction and some simplified interpretations.

All readers would benefit by having a more accurate translation on palm. Comparing passages of different translations is always a good approach when learning works of genius that took form in foreign languages, especially dead dialects. There is a place for such popularizations of holy texts, for example numerous wonderful translations of Rumi that betray the context of the original work yet convey some of the beauty and wisdom.

The Hermetica: Lost Wisdom of the Pharoahs makes accessible to any reader a form of wisdom that, as Leon Marvell has pointed out in the monograph Transfigured Light, in many ways provided and provides the theoretic foundation of our modern world. More serious students of the Hermetic will find nothing new here, but some may find these simple poetic expressions of Hermetic wisdom uplifting none the less.

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