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This particular account is not quite as engrossing as some of Bugliosi's other publications, such as "And the Sea Will Tell. " It still rates several stars, but it takes a tad bit more effort to get through, in part since there are so many names a reader has to keep straight. There were so many victims, perpetrators, witnesses, and investigators. Bugliosi does provide a Name Key at the front of the book, giving thumbnail sketches of the "cast of characters. " It's helpful to refer to this Key often.

The other reason this book is not quite as informative as Bugliosi's other true criminal offense accounts is that he or she doesn't provide as many legal insights as he or she did in his other works. There is a lot of insider information about the legal maneuvering involved in bringing Manson and three female co-defendents to trial. But Bugliosi doesn't delve sufficiently into such points as why Manson was deemed to be the most guilty of all the perpetrators, even though Manson themselves didn't personally commit any of the Tate/LaBianca murders.

It's not that Manson shouldn't have been held ultimately dependable. But I'd like to have read more about the legal theory assistance this kind of assignment of sense of guilt. Bugliosi does devote a few paragraphs to the topic, mentioning the treatment he took as prosecutor to emphasize the principles of conspiracy to the jurors. He didn't want any juror holding out to exonerate Manson just because Manson didn't physically stab or shoot any of the victims. Yet , I would like to have read an in-depth discussion of this point since it variations on so much of the high crimes which may have characterized the last a hundred 100 years - from the crimes adjudicated at the Nuremberg Trials to several of a lot more sensational matricides and patricides committed by teens recently. In several of the latter cases, the juvenile partner who did the actual killing was deemed to be much more responsible than the instigating youngster who merely provided access to the house and who stood by as the slaughter occurred. In view of the conspiracy rules applied in the Manson case, why would this be so?

This book nonetheless provides a valuable demo of the often tragic consequences of carelessness. The blurb on the back cover cites the "meticulous detective work" involved. This particular would make you believe that users of the different police divisions really exerted themselves gathering evidence. Yet , that's not true. The detective work referred to is probably so now by Bugliosi themselves wonderful staff. Bugliosi walked outside his role as prosecutor to become key homicide investigator as well - a real Perry Mason generalist. He demonstrated exemplary determination in his efforts to leave no stone unturned - literally - in order to locate evidence and accounts.

Meanwhile, many members of the several police and sheriffs' offices were notable for their failure to follow through with leads, and for their failure to communicate with each other. Inter-departmental competition and just plain indifference was often to blame. It is evident that if various individuals, from Manson's parole officers, to a whole hierarchy of officers and investigators had earnestly and smartly done their jobs, at least some of the murders might have been averted.

Thus this book provides a session in how things in law enforcement could be improved, but probably have not been since this book was first published in 1974.

Bugliosi goes beyond discovering "just the reality, ma'am. " He devotes pages to an explanation of Manson's motivating philosophy, a roiling stew of such barbaridad ingredients as songs from The Beatles' "White Album" and quotes from the Book of Revelation. Bugliosi further spends the better part of a part examining how Manson could have gained such a devoted following. He covers some of the elements that make any successful cult leader, but is left with some X-factor that he believed Manson need to have possessed in order to have had such influence. Sometimes the readers might feel that Bugliosi goes too far in affection of Manson, characterizing him as having such qualities as "Intelligence... searing information... mental deftness. "

Right now there are also several considerable sections of photographs (albeit rather grainy ones) produced here. Some have key elements whitened out to avoid personalizing the gore too much.

Finally, there's an "Afterward" in this edition that updates (as of 1994) readers on the lives of both the guilty and the innocent involved in this shocking saga., Incredibly comprehensive. Often cited among the all-time best reads of the " True Crime" genre, " Helter Skelter" is the definitive story on the Tate-LaBianca murders of 1969. Authored by Vincent Bugliosi, who was able to successfully prosecute Charles Manson and 3 other members of his " Family" for the killings, he is able to piece together for the reader the history story of what directed up to a tragic episode in American take culture -- one which signaled the ending of the free-wheeling era of the 1960's.

Over 600+ pages, Bugliosi lays out the case against Manson and his gang, who acted seemingly randomly in their homicidal spree over an August weekend in Los Angeles. Bugliosi is meticulous in detailing the reality. He was a attorney by trade, and while he became a successful author following the success of Helter Skelter, his prose does tend to be on the dry side. The book can drag in parts just because there are so many characters involved -- both at the heart of the story and on the periphery -- that at times, it's hard to keep all the names straight.

Despite those weak points, this is still the go-to book on the subject of Manson if the subject fancies you. Before reading this textual content, I was quite common with the mythical position of Manson and the fact that one of the victims of these killings was actress Sharon Tate. But in addition ,, I really did not know a lot more. I assure you this book will provide you with all the ability you wanted to know on the subject -- and then some., I actually thoroughly enjoyed this book. I actually was not well knowledgeable on the Manson murders before reading this bank account. I can now see why they are so frequently referenced. Mr. Bugliosi did a fine job of communicating the apprehension and depravity of these crimes. I suggest this book., If you never read it before it can a 4 easy... That was a re-read for me. Almost a step-by-step, but a fair amount of items that never makes it to any of the video re-hashes. It can be heading also make you ponder just how on earth they all got life phrases for it, even though they did it. In the current wimpy judicial climate the ACLU would have had them walking..., I have always a new great interest in Charles Manson, his family, and the murders. i knew only a little bit about them after watching the movie but after I read the book, I completely understood everything. I could not put the book down for even a second and I not only wanted to congragulate you on such a GREAT book, I actually wanted to also say that you must be a great lawywer to get gotten a conviction of death on all of these people. Too bad the supreme court thought the death penalty was cruel and unjust abuse. I think what Charles Mansons' family did was VERY cruel punishment to people he did not even know. He wanted to ignite Helter Skelter when all he really do was scare the crap out of the WHOLE state of California. Career well done on a great book, I was 7 when this occurred so i barely keep in mind it. I do keep in mind his face on the news although it may seem like many years later. Give thanks to heavens for the dedicated men and women that search endlessly for the reality in crime scenes. Total kudos., A classic - I really could read this over and over for Mister. Bugliosi put his whole heart and soul into this 7 plus calendar month trial of Charles Manson and his family, and then so eloquently put it down in this book. Totally engrossing. After I actually read this book, I read searching for more books by Mr. Buglioso and am now reading " Outrage" about the trial of OJ Simpson. The authors no punches, and gives the straight facts on both cases. Again, a vintage, which I read years ago, and I will definitely read it again now that I have it save on my Kindle.

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