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L. P. Lovecraft is perhaps the greatest pulp influence on the Mignolaverse, but in "The Crooked Man, " Mike Mignola takes a break from the normally cosmic goings-on to pay tribute to another writer from the classic "Weird Tales" roster: Manly Wade Wellman.

In 1958, Hellboy, still working for the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Security, sets cloven foot into the mountains of Appalachia, where the terrain may be sunnier at first glance but whose forests hide hillbilly witchcraft as black as the farthest reaches of the Old Ones' domain names. The locals, complete with corncob pipes, are convinced that a woman in an open-eyed coma has been hexed by a witch named Cora Fisher. Tom Ferrell, an ex fellow member of the community who is similar to Wellman's character Sterling silver John, has returned after twenty years and found facts of said hexing.

Hellboy and Tom head farther up into the mountains to find Cora. These people face a zeppelin-chested seductress (a longtime specialty of artist Richard Corben) and the legacy of darkish vows Tom swore as a teen to a devilish thing known as The Crooked Man, one of Corben's creepiest-looking designs. "One look at him scared all the bad thoughts right out a me. I lit out there for home, swearin all the way to be good again. " But Tom, like Cora, has been "bought an paid for, " as well as the Crooked Man is a possessive owner (no pun intended).

Mignola says he published "The Crooked Man" specifically for Corben, who "really delivered the goods. " I enthusiastically agree. I actually don't believe even Mignola themself may have nailed the fine art much better. As the company clots at Marvel and DC carry on and display their willingness to trample their own legacies for a quick buck (or 4 bucks rather) with 52 this or Ultimate that, it's heartening to see a title that's so certainly a joyful labor of love that holds the forebears in reverence while freshly renovating decades-old material. "The Crooked Man" is 1 of the all-time great Hellboy stories and one of the very most frightening horror comix since Alan Moore times on "Swamp Thing. "

The backup stories in this volume are fine but not in the same class, though "In the Chapel of Moloch" is written AND drawn by Mignola (interpreting Goya yet! ), which is always an occasion for fanboy squee. The book also appends an appreciation of Manly Wade Wellman by pulp authority John Pelan for those who might not be knowledgeable about Wellman's contributions to the weird tale., Hellboy is a long way from home for a while now. On those journeys he's run into a lot of strange fellows. Right here, we have some of those tales, along with a few tales that are shorts and haven't already been included in anything before. In person, I believed the shorts were great, and having the insight into the procedure that Mignola utilizes is also great. In one of the stories, for example, he explains how this individual uses a statue of Moloch in the story and prepares a little clay statue so this individual can see all the angles. I like that. I also like the things you find out when you read the forward this individual puts in. Inside the skin mole, for example, you find out that it must be based on an experience he got and some "itch you can't scratch. " Intersting how the mind works. Equally interesting will be the people that inspire the stories.

The Crooked Man is a tale of witchcraft and a personal trip we are witnessing, set in the backwoods of the Apps. The Crooked Man is freaky and some of the story is freaky as well, making it bizarre and interesting at the same time. When you look at it, look at the way Mignola's influences shine through in the tale - there is a location in the publication that tells you exactly about it. if you already know Manly Wade Wellman's work, you can imagine what is going on here.

They That Go Down to the Sea in Ships pits Abe and Hellboy against a certain body and head that want to be reunited and that are not exactly the friendliest throw to walk the Earth. Typically the way the art comes together with the stories of this person is great, taking all of the things that people have said over time and placing them in the storyplot. Honestly, I thought the issue of this is a good one because he's someone that people have heard odd things about - as a kid those things used to creep me out.

Within the Chapel of Moloch is a great story because it goes back to that true Hellboy feel for me. You have a painter that wants to do creepy work and that gets his own foreign studio/ chapel to work in. his partner sets him upwards and exhibition, too, and then leaves him to his work. When this individual returns, however , he locates the work undone and something built in the chapel that frightens him. and once Hellboy comes in, you know it will get worse.

The Mole is just a short that is informative in soem way because it dwells on the fears. Even Hellboy has them, that's what the story says, and we really know what he has haunting his mind.

All in all, this is a great selection. You don't have to be schooled in anything to enjoy it but you don't have to be considered a novice to walk right up and play ball. Its good stuff - and it is something to divert from the large story going on right now. Hellboy has great things inside and with any luck , people see them all. I personally think this deserves a solid 5., One of my favorite Hellboy novels. Not a whole lot of continuity here to worry about either, which is nice., I'm really impressed with the condition the publication showed up in! I actually only bought one, so I'm not sure how consistent they are, but I would definitely buy another., Although I wasn't a fan of Richard Corben's artwork from prior HB installments, the " Crooked Man" story was fresh, captivating, and flawlessly paired with Corben's style. Typically the other stories in this collection, while shorter, are a fun read too--much higher quality than the mish-mosh of stories in Vol. 7: Troll Witch & Others., Freakin' perfection in sequential story informing, written by modern day mythology master Mike Mignola, and drawn by the most effective comic book artists dwelling today. Great to have and also to hold, sheer perfection to read., Each and every one of those visual novels is worth your time and efforts. I've collected every one and love the entire series. If you are a Hellboy fan... these come HIGHLY recommended., I desire Mignola explores more Appalachian folklore!! The Crooked Guy is a fantastic story... and the others are great too.

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