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Now i'm always on the lookout for good queer textbooks, and when I noticed a deal breaker to snag this one--honestly, I wasn't positive. I wavered, and finally gave into the allure of that totally awesome cover.

What I expected was--well, I expected the "sad queers" cliche. I expected a wimpy guy and an "alpha" for him or her to drool over. I actually expected to either put it down two chapters in, or slog through pointless sex scenes searching for plot, and come to a disappointing ending that was really simply a hook for the series.

What I got was a snarky, kick butt child who stole my center almost instantly. Dex shop lifts the show, without sidelining the plot or background and side characters. The author skillfully delivers the pasts of the figures in bite-sized pieces, falling information into the ideal places, building world and figures in a pleasantly organic fashion. The only "info dump" worldbuilding is a very short prologue, and then you're with Dex, and it's wonderful. The romance is sudden but not instant, and it doesn't feel forced. Dex and Sloane are both wonderfully clever, strong those who stabs on their own two feet. The cast is stuffed out with characters who feel 3D, that have individuality and hobbies and not necessarily just background. There are brings up of lesbians and it is neither pointed nor too blase; it doesn't feel like they're there just so the author can point at them and say they're there. There's women in here, and they might not be center stage, but they matter.

This book is funny, and it bills the heaviness of the plot with lighthearted badinage, persiflage, with Dex being a warm and caring guy, with people being jerks for a reason, not simply because the plot needed some jerks. There's no doormat characters, and no one is a wimp, actually, without it being unreasonably packed with unreasonably physically strong individuals.

Like a person who doesn't much worry about sex scenes (I know, what the heck feel I doing in this genre? ) the scenes are good, "steamy, inches but they don't take over the book.

Is this a hook for the series? Absolutely, but only because it's interesting enough to make you want more. You can read this and stay done, without it grinding on you. This leaves you wanting more without removing from the book.

A fun read I'd recommend to anyone who likes action, romance, and gay bundled together with a lot of humor and jokes that are both filthy and goofy, at just the right moments.

Truthfully, I'd read this just for Dex. He's wonderful. But the rest of the characters are wonderful too., This series emerged highly recommended to me by multiple people so I decided to check it out. This was the first book by Charlie Cuisinier that I've gotten to read, and I really loved it. I will still be reading more from this author. I'm a major fan of shifter book, suspense, and kick butt agents, so I could not put this one down. I ended up having to read all of it in one sitting. I avoid want to give too much away from the plot so I will not go into that too much, nevertheless the story relocated at a great rate and I was never bored.

I really love both of the MCs, but I can't manage how much I loved Dex! Having been a flutter everywhere he went. He or she brought a lot of much needed positivity and laughter to the Destructive Delta unit. He's witty comments and banter with not only Sloane but every other character got me smiling and laughing out loud many times. Sloane was your typical brooding alpha male type. He was the leader of Destructive Delta and was still healing after struggling the loss of his partner. Dex drove him or her absolutely crazy at times but he also increased on him since the story went one. There were only a couple steamy scenes between two of them, but I loved the chemistry together.

The big issue I had with this one was the mystery aspect. I ended up taking away a whole star just for that. Unhealthy guy was way too obvious the complete time and was in basic sight. I like a great mystery so I actually was a little let down. Other than that I really enjoyed this one a lot... Despite the fact that I have to confess that I had no idea that there were so many books in the series (9 so far! ), and that the first 4 textbooks are mostly about Sloane and Dex and their building relationship before it finally progresses the some of the secondary character's stories. Siggghhh... so essentially I will probably have to buy the relax of the series because I need to really know what happens. lol! There is still a lot of mystery surrounding Sloane's character that I can't wait around to find out., I'd been looking for more serious fiction--especially detective and sci fi--and I read the preview pages before I purchased this book, which was well written and appeared like a serious, detective/fantasy novel. When I received into the novel, the characters, who were adult men in their 30s and in serious/dangerous jobs, acted like 15 year olds: irresponsible, immature jerks, sex-obsessed teenage boys. In comparison to the public pages, the characters were now totally implausible. How discouraging. This author has the probability of do so much more--to give to us some good adult fiction--and later on, I actually hope she will.

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