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Heir of Fire is the 3 rd book in the Throne of Glass series, therefore you will be spoiled if you have not read the first two books. I feel like there is a marked improvement in the author's writing quality in this book and it will continue to grow as she becomes more experience writing.

In this book, Celaena must finally face the truth of her past and the memories that she has tried to forget the past decade. We see her as less of the snarky assassin and more of the persistent, determined true Queen in this book. She must fight to prove herself and earn the answers from the Fae Full Maeve about the Wyrdkeys. The development that we see throughout this novel is brilliant. I adored seeing Celaena shed some of her old personal and embrace anyone she was meant to be. The Queen, Aelin Fireheart has officially made the girl debut in this novel.

Through events in this novel and flashbacks, we get a glimpse into Aelin's young life which was the perfect way to add to her character's development. Additionally, it introduced us to Aedion, her cousin, and fiercest ally, even though they haven't seen one another in a 10 years. It was so heartwarming to see his dedication, even after everything that time to the family he adored so dearly.

Dorian noesn't need a major role or experience substantial growth in this book, but he is better able to control his powers. With so many storylines and main characters, I believe like the understandable which he didn't get as much time but he still feels lost in the shuffle. He is especially lost because Celaena is sent away on a mission by the King and Chaol has essentially abandoned him, so he is on his own. The honourable Chaol struggles immensely in this book because he's so used to his worldview and is have trouble coming to grips with the changes that have rocked the foundation of everything he believes in.

My favourite addition to this book in words of characters was Rowan Whitethorn. He was the initial true Fae that we spent time with and got to watch evolve, even though having been centuries old and should have already been set in his ways. He pushed Aelin and was just what she needed to rebuild herself after the events of Top of Midnight. Both also had this back and forth that was entertaining to read.

The biggest change in viewpoint was the introduction of the Ironteeth witches and Manon's viewpoint. She actually is a tough, vicious, ruthless Blackbeak witch. At first, you might not like the switch and just be waiting for it to go back to the familiar characters we've produced to love but after a while, I believe you'll be invested. The Wyvern, Abraxos, was by much my favourite non-human (and probably my favourite character, period) in this series. I'm a sucker for animals and he or she reminds me of Toothless from How to Teach Your Dragon. He is tough, protective, loving and stubborn, despite his not so rosy life.

This book continues the world development and brings us out of Adarlan. Although we switch perspectives and see the goings-on in the castle - the concentrate is on Aelin and her journey. We get to see a demi-Fae settlement on the border of Doranelle and are introduced to more characters who worm their way into your heart.

There's not much else I will say without spoilers, but I actually definitely enjoyed this read immensely and cannot wait around to continue my re-read., Heir of Fire is the 3 rd book in the Throne of Glass Series. It starts with our hero, Celaena lost and cut adrift from her friends. She's across the seas from the girl support network and on the King's business. In reality, she's there for her own safety and find out who she is.

We meet new characters: Rowan and Manon Blackbeak. I loved both of them, especially Manon and didn't want to wait to get again to her PoV. I'm also champing at the bit for all these storylines to come collectively.

Parts of Celaena's past is revealed and what she went through as a child. It's horrifying and heartbreaking.

Our hero hits rock bottom in this one and has to fight her way back to the sunshine.

As soon as again, I can't get enough of this series. I absolutely like it and can't wait to read more.

I actually also want to say how very impressed I actually am with Sarah M. Maas. Frequently, female heroes are mounted on menfolk in order to have some sense of worth. Maas doesn't do this with Celaena. She's independent and makes her own selections, something I appreciate very much., “She was the heir of ash and fireplace, and she would bow to no-one. ”

*Beware of spoilers if you have not browse the series

The particular Good

There is an totally new setting for the book and a bunch of new character types. It's great to see this fortress for demi-fae to live and the various powers some of them possess. Celaena goes by about 3 different names and none of them seem to fit the girl until the end.

In the beginning, she's broken. She doesn't want to feel anything, just would like to complete her assure. She finally works through the grief and anxiety and emerges even more badass than she was before. Her other friends from the first two that are still alive, we have to follow what transpires to them as well. We swing back and forth watching different character types in their own situations.

I feel like the story keeps building and building. Each book is totally separate yet a full piece of the puzzle. I'm so invested in the characters, especially Celaena, and really want to see her succeed.

The particular Bad

I was a little bored with the parts that followed Manon around, but I have faith that she serves a huge purpose in the story so I'm happy to bring it all in.

The Romance

There is not any romance for Celaena in this one to speak of, though I've obtained to say I enjoy Rowan. I'm very much hoping something comes of this pair. Their bickering in the beginning becomes a solid understand and approval of one another as well as that feeling of being worthy. Everything that I actually couldn't see working out with the other two, I'm praying for with him.


Each book just builds and creates. While I'm reading, I'm right there ready, clenching my fists, and praying that she makes it through. The characters carry on growing and mysteries keep coming upward and getting solved only to convey more mysteries uncovered. Heir of Fire ends on both a heart-breaking and hope-filled note. In case you have not started this series, you absolutely should!

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