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A person want to miss that one. The Netherworld books seem to be to get better and better. If you haven't read Pleasure Model and Blood-Stained Man, Money Shot is reason enough to do this, though thanks to Rowley's straight-forward reminders, it includes enough history to stand on its own - it just won't be quite as fulfilling as if you'd been with Rook, Plesur and Miss Julia from the start.

After having a page or two of an intriguing spiritual opening, the heart-gripping action starts and doesn't stop. This is so real, so obviously seen, heard, felt and smelled that you can't get out of it ever again than Rook Venner can. You're trapped till it's over. There's no time to catch your breath. Every single minute of the fight is made up; you might as well be in it. And things are never all right. Is actually one nightmare after another. The weaponry is shocking - among them, robotic armies of Thunderclaws that look like seven-foot-tall praying mantises, and ten-ton steel enemies with feet the size of cars. Miss Julia the Dominatrix, might be the most frightening system of all, if most likely a man. Plesur is a pleasure to watch, assailing the enemy on the strength of a military "ex-plant".

Through it all, the human component is always there - individuals passions, regrets, loves and hates.

And the root story, not revealed until the very end, is so all-encompassing, frightening, horrifying and relevant that it will keep you forever on the look-out for indications of it in our own version of netherworld. Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty., Read the first book and thought it was pretty darned good. I kept going through the next two books and it was a non stop ride! Loved it!!!, I have read the two previous volumes in this series. The entire series (and I hope there are more volumes coming) is worth reading. A whole lot of interesting concepts and of course the nice thought of a world full of Pamela Anderson copies running around. There is a lot of action and the story has a nice flow to it.

Some minor irritants are there. These books have a number of tiny images in them but I fail to see how they increase the story. The Drawings are certainly not particularly good and if you are searching for Pamela Anderson you will not see her. The pleasure model does in truth not look like her at all. You also would expect that a guide filled up with the existence of moving sex toys would contain a lot of sex? No, almost nothing and when there are some ranges it is nothing like you would expect from Rock. You could in truth replace the pleasure models with refugees from a battle thorn country and the story would be the same.

But, it is not bad, just not what at least I expected., ok, I loved this series of books, quick fun read, great private investigator Sci-Fi! I hope Weighty Metal continues this collection of novels., " Funds Shot" is the 3rd book in the Netherworld trilogy. Reading this guide, just like the first two, is akin to watching an action-packed research fiction movie.

Only this time it is all/out battle with troops, bombs, robots, missiles and more. Great science fiction fight scenes featuring a small team of desperate battle-hardened players and " mods" against a while army battalion of soldiers and robots.

The main characters of this series include a policeman-Rook Venner, a dominatrix- Julia, and a pleasure mod who is so fresh out of the box that she is merely called Pleasur. The mod is a kind of genetically engineered, manufacturer grown person but in this case, the mod has crazy battle skills and has secrets embedded in her mind that can help you what's left of the free world.

This specific is a quick-reading, action-packed, futuristic story pitting a tiny band of independence fighters against a despotic government. It's definitely a good read.

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